Vegas - Part II

As promised here is the rest of the pics from Vegas!

30 is the New 18

Well my birthday has come and gone... I am another year older and for some odd reason I feel like 30 is the new 18. I feel like I am an adult all over again.

As I mentioned in my last post we went to Las Vegas and had one hell of a time. We went with two couple friends of ours and it was a blast! Every night we were in Vegas we went to see a show.

The first night we were there we saw Le Reve at the Wynn Casino. We were running late leaving our casino so we ended up having to take a hired limo. The dude was really nice and gave us a great deal. I was really excited to see this show as I love the Cirque de Soleil. We had some complications getting our tickets before the show with our reservation which started the night off on a bad foot. The whole time during the show I was pissy about what happened and knew I had to take care of our dinner reservations... But the show was very confusing. The story line was rather confusing and I couldn't figure it out. At first it seemed like heaven and hell... Then there were ballroom dancers followed by 4 men in white suits. Just weird. After the show we ate at the Wynn Buffet. It was excellent. The food was delicious. It was on the pricey side, but worth it.

The second night we were there we saw Blue Man Group and it was a wonderful show. We saw the late show at 10PM which was 1AM back home. I was rather tired and drunk and was having a hard time staying up until the show really started to get moving. The comedy was funny and the stuff they did was pretty neat. Hands down better than Le Reve. Before the show we ate at Canaletto at the Venetian. It is an Italian restaurant. The food wasn't the best, in my own opinion, but our waiter was awesome. He really made our experience.

The third night we were there we saw Danny Gans. Danny is an entertainer who does impersonations and comedy. He was simply amazing. I really enjoyed his show. He did well over 100 impersonations while we were there and I couldn't believe while he did the impersonations he did their respective gestures. Danny is going to be leaving the Mirage Casino to go the Wynn Casino after the New Year (per a reliable source). After seeing Danny we went to a Brazilian Steakhouse, Samba. The food was delicious. I couldn't believe how tasty everything was. The meat had great flavors. The service was impeccable. After dinner our waiter came to our table with this huge piece of banana cream pie. We are all looking at each other like what the ??? Our waiter then asks, who's birthday is it? Another round of what the ??? My girlfriend then says... Melissa! So they sing happy birthday to me and we dig in. The funny thing is no one knew it was my birthday... The best thing we could guess was when we called our concierge desk there was mention of my birthday and it was noted in their system for our dinner reservations.

My birthday in Vegas was really fun. Getting old has never felt so good.

Here's some of the pics... I will have to update with more. I didn't have all of them on my camera.