Heaven sent...

I have found my saving grace to help Em go to bed at night... She has been afraid of the dark and has had to sleep with her closet light or a hall light. I have bought "cool" night lights with no luck. Until one day I was reading my Parents magazine and saw the savior to my electric bill. It's called the Twilight Turtle. It is a plush turtle with a hard top and when you turn it on in a dark room it lights up with constellations. The hard shell lights up in shades of amber, blue and green and automatically turns off in about 30-45 minutes.

I highly recommend this item. It is a pricey night light, but worth it! I bought mine on eBay.

Fond memories...

Today there will be no Friday Funny... Today is a day of rememberence for me. Twenty-five years ago today I lost my very best friend. The most important man in my life, my father. We did everything together and in an instant he was gone and nothing but a memory.

While each passing year is very difficult for some odd reason this year has been easier for me to accept. My father has been gone for 25 years. I have out-lived my father which a child is never supposed to do. I think I may be at peace.

I think of him every day and I know he's watching over my family and I.

Love you dad.

Time Flies

WOW! I didn't realize it was so long since I last posted. I have been very busy working on a new endeavor professionally. I couldn't be more excited or busy.

Shame on me I have to pay more attention to my blog!

Piss on you Hanna Montana

I have been brewing about this topic for over a week now and it totally chaps my ass. I found out Hannah Montana the alter ego for Miley Cirus is coming locally in concert. I have been saying since my daughter, Em has fallen in love with her I would take her in a heart beat. Em is obsessed with Hannah Montana. We must watch every episode which is on my TiVo (Season Pass even) and we have her CD's now she must have her clothes... We shall see.

So back to what I was saying... Hannah Montana is coming to concert... I log onto Ticketmaster and am waiting patiently until 10:00AM. I am set and ready to pay for two tickets. I had everything all planned in my head. Santa was going to give her one of the best presents ever. Within 3 minutes, my vision of a Merry Christmas from the coolest Santa was shot. The bandwidth was crazy and Ticketmaster was running at a snail like pace. Yes you read right, at 10:03 every flipping ticket in Quicken Loan Arena was sold out!! I mean this girl is popular, but a sell out crowd within minutes? Um, no... I found out her tickets were sold out after 15 seconds. Is that possible? I mean really... I checked for tickets in Detriot, Pittsburgh and Columbus and it is all the same story, SOLD OUT.

I also found out if you paid whatever fee to her fan club you could get the code for presale tickets... Why? I am not going to pay for a fan club. I never did and never will. These artists make enough money as it is...

I sit here writing this pissed and sad because I can give my child something I really wanted to. I won't pay upwards of $3,000 for one ticket. I love my kid, but not that much.

Piss on you Hannah Montana... There's something fishy going on and it isn't pretty. I hope these lawsuits put your management in their place.

You really are getting the Best of Both Worlds and Nobody's Perfect... *sigh*

If it doesn't get any damned worse... Here are tips from ticket brokers how to get a ticket to her concert. All I have to say is WTF?!

Friday Funny (v.46)

This is a day late... The whole family has been sick.

For my friend, many thanks...

Today is a special day, but sad day to me…

Today is one of my best friends birthday. I will call her Roxie. We are only 26 days apart but we call ourselves sisters from different moms. For my birthday Roxie plotted a surprise visit. She made arrangements to fly in the day before my birthday and stay with a mutual friend of ours that was in my wedding. Then my hubby picked her up on his way home from work (he works third shift). The morning of my birthday I got several text messages saying happy birthday from my girlfriend and chitchatting back and forth as we usually do. The next thing I know I am getting the girls ready to go and the door from the garage opens and there she is, with a coffee in hand saying, “Happy Birthday! Here’s your coffee.” I was shocked. I was at a total loss of words and didn’t know what to do or say. I wanted to cry out of joy and the other part of me wanted to jump up and down. I gave her a big hug and said thank you! The weirdest thing about that moment is in all the years I have known Roxie she has always had red curly hair… And that day it was as straight as could be. She looked like a totally different person like she had an alter ego… It was pretty cool!

My hubby told me to call in “sick” and I just couldn’t do that. I can’t call off of work if I am not sick. I’d feel too guilty and if I did do it, I’d probably end up really sick and laid up for a week. I know what karma is.

I ended up leaving work at noon and I went home changed my clothes and Roxie and I went out to lunch, alone for the first time since we were in college. I can’t remember us doing anything alone in forever! Em was at school and the baby was at Grandma’s. So it was us. We were able to bullshit over memories and just enjoy each other’s company. After lunch we ran a few errands and I picked up the girls early.

We had a wonderful weekend. We went to a place to paint our own pottery. I made a piggy bank for the baby; Em made me her annual school plate with her handprint and Roxie painted a matching set of pasta bowls. The time flew by as usual.

It makes me sad we live so far away and we aren’t able to hang out and enjoy the not-so-simple life. It makes me sad that for her “forever” birthday I will not be able to return the gift she gave me other than this crummy post. I know it’s the thought that counts and believe me there is the utmost sentiment to this, but to be able to hop on a plane for a day trip would be the best gift I could give back to her. I know she won’t hold it against me if I can’t come, but to give her the same memories she gave me would be priceless.

I wish her the very best day and I know next year we will be partying in Vegas for my / our next birthday with friends so it will come full circle.

Thank you for everything… and I hope you have a wonderful day!