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Happy 200th to Me!!!

I have posted over 200 posts to date... Please join me in my celebration of being a total chatter box!! I hope all of you enjoy another 200 posts!

Flubber Buddies (v.3)

Please welcome our newest members from week two!!

Matt, Tiffany, The Crazy Girl

Well this past week has been ok for me... I have lost two pounds which is good, not great, but livable! I am thinking of going on the Fat Flush Diet... I stopped at the library to pick up the book and am going to skim it over to see if it is a fit for me and my lifestyle.

Here's a weekly recipe...

Four Fruit Smoothie
This smoothie is great because it doesn’t include any dairy products (yogurt or milk), which also keeps the calorie count down. It's a homemade recipe after experimenting and it is wonderful and nutritious.

1 cup strawberries
1 banana
1 1/2 cups of crushed ice

2 servings
10 minutes 5 minutes prep

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I'd also like to take the time to recommend a good travel read... Matt at Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta. recently had a new site design! It's AWESOME! Who ever designed it did a fabulous job! The past few days Matt explains his blog name... Go check him out!! Tell him I sent you! Give Matt some love as he is also part of the Flubber Buddy family!!

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Who'd wear these fugly things?!?!

I went online to a shoe website to check out shoes at the store before I schlepped out to there. I used to love, love, love buying shoes. Now I hate buying shoes... Ever since my daughter was born my feet are funky to buy for. So now it's a perilous task to find cute shoes...

I did a search within the site for dress shoes as I need shoes the most for work. I find a couple of cute pairs that I will end up going there to try on. Then for shits and grins I went to look for sandles as I am going on vacation and wanted something cute and comfy. There was a selection of over 400 pairs of sandles. So I searched through all of them to come upon these bad boys...

Aren't these the ugliest fucking pair of sandles you have ever seen?! These put the Chiquita Banana to shame... Instead of carrying fruit on your head, let's carry them on our feet. Oh, how about the old plastic fruit that was at grandma and grandpas house. Yes, you know what I am talking about!!!

Now we as women, can sport them on our feet... And if black wasn't enough, you can get these beauties in yellow too!! Yes, yellow! You can thank the makers of Fun Flopps. Women's Flopp. for these eye sores.

I swear, if I see these on anyone other than a sweet little child who's sicko mother made them wear these I will probably piss myself...

Have you ever noticed???

I live in a blended community with young "kids" to the elderly... I am a people watcher. I like to sit back and take in my surroundings and bask in what is going on around me.

I have been traveling a lot within Ohio for my job lately and therefore have been witness of some weird ass things while driving. Main thing being elderly drivers... As of late everytime I pass a driver over the "young" age of 60 I am petrifyed!

While passing these pokey grannies I look over and almost every time I see their mouths hanging down on their chests all wide open with this blank stare! It's enough to scare the shit out of one thinking that they just saw two teenagers making out on television for the first time. Forgetting that it's probably the start of how they were brought into this world. With some I have literally seen DROOLING!! Come'on! If you can't keep your damn mouth closed then don't drive. I don't need to see that shit!

I have enough to worry about with the crazy drivers let alone paranoid brake freaks.

Oh and one last thing... How does one drive, talk on the cell phone and read the newspaper and/or directions at the same time all while driving at least 70MPH??

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New First Class Passenger

I should have wrote this a few days ago, but I am behind! Sorry Scott!!

Please take the time to swing by the our newest passenger... Scott from Perspectives of a Nomad.

The following is from Scott's profile:

My name is Scottage, and I'm the modern-day nomad. I'm from the United States, Philly originally though I have lived in 7 or 8 other cities as well, I have lived in the Middle East and Europe, and have visited Africa, the Soviet Union, South America other European countries, and every US State. All this traveling has given me a unique perspective on the world: often I'm on the left, sometimes I'm on the right, often I'm for peace, and sometimes I advocate less-than-peaceful solutions. But always I tell it like I see it, and I try to learn from the dialogue with other people who view my site. Come along on my latest journey, this one a journey of the mind!

Please drop by his site and enjoy his pictures and fabulous writing! Tell him I sent ya as he paid good "money" to be here for the week!

May I speak with who?!

Monday night before sitting down for dinner the phone rings... I say the usual, Hello... On the other end is an Indian speaking woman, asking for my daughter. I respond saying, who are you asking for again? Again, Indian woman says my daughters name. I am laughing on the inside at this point. Indian woman begins to tell me she's from Chase Credit Card Company calling about a Continental Airlines credit card offer.

*I knew before she identified herself where she was calling from. The only place that my daughter gets mailings from. Continental Airlines. Why you may ask? My daughter had had a frequent flyer account since she was two and we had to pay for her airline tickets. We travel frequently in my eyes so it made sense to get her, her own account. And we get constant mailings for her from Chase.

I started laughing out loud... I began to tell the Indian woman that my daughter is 4-years old and she will not be accepting any credit card offers for some time. I then asked her to remove her name from their calling and mailing list. She then apologized profusley and said I assure you your daughters name will be taken off of the list. I said thank you and ended the call...

With as old as my daughter acts... I wonder what would have happened if I would have just handed the phone to her and let her handle the situation!! She probably would have had a huge credit line or something!!

Flubber Buddies (v.2)

Well with the response I recieved from my previous post I decided that I am going to try to make it a weekly writing on Tuesdays.

I'd like to annouce weekly losses of weight... I'd like to maybe include a recipe that is good and worth eating that is quick and easy... Tips in how you have lost weight... I just want to leave a laid back sort of support group.

I have a short list of friends that would like to be a part of my venture and I'd like to welcome anyone else that would like to join. It should be an interesting journey and I think at this point it is the best way for me, personally to be accountible. If I announce my plan to the world, I can't exactly go back on it, right?

Here are our current members:

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Please leave me a comment along with your e-mail and I will add you to the list...

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Let's pack our bags...

The other night I was on my way home and I got a phone call... When you get home there's some guy coming over from the mortgage company to talk about the house. Mmmm K, what about? I don't know we both have to be home for this. GRREEEAAT, just what I wanna do after work... Listen to some asshole salesman. Ok, so yes I am judging...

So not only am I going to go work out and run to the grocery store, but now I have to bullshit with some finance dude?! Before he came I tell my hubby, maybe the bank wants to buy our house back. That is my wishful thinking because I have wanted to move since the very second we moved into our house. Weird you think, yes... Considering we built it!! Hard to change your mind on a six-figure investment. So hopefully within the next two years we will be building our second house.

I get home and get things ready for dinner... Just as we are about to sit down at the table my doorbell rings. I knew from the very beginning I wouldn't like this guy. I finish up some dishes I was doing and I hear my hubby ask him for identification and etc. Finance guy walks in and has the WORST raspy voice ever!! I sit down on my couch across from this guy and he hands me his business card. I glance at it and notice the word "life" on it. I knew right away that he wanted to sell me life insurance.... Oh great....

He begins his sales pitch.... What do you guys do? Police Officer .... Insurance Agent .... The look on his face was priceless. He knew he was dead in the water before he really got started. He studders asking me do I specialize in anything... I explain what I do and he was still stupid not to get it... How do you pass your state exam without knowing what I do?! My "specialty" is on there!!

So he begins to ask us about our life insurance and stresses about our house being paid off in the event of a death. Well I have had life insurance since I got married and as I have got older I have added more policies to reflect our lifestyle in the event of our passing. So our worth is far more than what we are alive. So this guy's concern was basically pointless. I told him we were taken care of and we don't need insurance on our mortgage. He then left on his merry way. No sale made here... Guess instead of making an ass of yourself in person it'd be easier to call first!

It is now a few days later and my daughter now thinks we are moving in a "couple of days". She has since started to pack her bags for our departure. I guess with us joking around about the bank buying back the house and this guy sitting in my living room for a whole 5 minutes if that gave her the bright idea that we are bailing ship. I have been trying to tell her once we found a new house to build she'd know for sure!! She'd have an even bigger bedroom, that is enticing to a 4-year old!

You may ask how I know this?? Because she snuck up to her room and called grandma and told her what was supposedly happening. She snuck upstairs and called grandma 11 times according to my cell phone!!! The excuse I got for her going there was mom I am going to clean my room! Um, yeah I won't fall for that one anymore!

The imagination and thoughts of a child are amazing... Pretty soon she will be saying she was born in an igloo!

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American Inventor

The other night I watched a show called American Inventor on ABC...

I can't believe some of these people actually think they are going to make it big with their inventions.

Here's a few...

1. Some guy invented "outfits" for your cars depending on what you were doing or your mood? Um.. ok! This guy had a design for a Chrysler 300M for an outting to the beach or if you were going to a ball game, one with baseballs. Come on now!!

2. Dude tried making a modern day ant farm with beetles, but they looked like roaches. Fucking gross!!

3. Some freakshow invented a garment bag that you can take a piss in in front of anyone... You have the privacy with it over your body and you pee into a plastic bag of sorts. You then roll it up when you are done and carry it on your back until you can dispose of.

4. Edible snowglobes! While this woman was voted through, what dumbass would buy a snowglobe that you can eat??

5. Some guy invented a rubbermaid container to store your shaving products and toilet paper in along with a mirror so men can shave their faces during their morning shit. Imagine how much time you will save?!

Don't get me wrong I can't think of much of anything that I should invent... But there are some things that I have thought of that are now on the market. *sigh*

What is the worst invention you have seen??

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Friday Funny (v.14)

Flubber Buddies???

Well today I finally was able to drag my fat ass (I can only call myself that) to the gym... I have been on a hiatus for a few months while I have been dealing with some personal health issues. Tomorrow I find out results from one doctor who has run some tests on me. I am just crossing my fingers that it is not as bad as he is expecting.

I have been feeling like shit lately. I have no energy and am not very motivated to do much of anything anymore which is so unlike me. I used to work out three days a week religiously and weight train at least twice a week. I went from that to nothing. So now it's time that I get out of my funk and work out!

We are leaving for vacation shortly and I want to lose some (more) weight before we go... Isn't it natural that most women want to drop like a zillion pounds before they go anywhere?? I'm being realistic and hoping for 10-15 pounds. I can do it with the proper motivation. I have lost 43 pounds on my own and um, now it's time to finish what I started. I have been a bit discouraged for the past year because I have been at a plateau and it's driving me freaking insane! I haven't been able to break out of this for some time and I guess I just got too discouraged. I would like to lose 35 more pounds and I will be fine. I will be absolutely happy with myself and my personal accomplishments I have made for me.

You may ask how I lost my initial 43 pounds... Well it was cake really... I woke up one day and said I need to do something to lose weight. But I didn't want to be on the fad diets out there or join Weight Watchers or anything. So I had learned awhile back that if you can cut your portion sizes in half you can easily lose weight with exercise. And it worked for me!! I would use a smaller dinner plate versus the large one that way it takes less to fill it. If I would go out to dinner I would share my meal with my daughter so splitting it in half. Restaurant portion sizes aren't just for one person normally. I would have ice cream almost nightly and eat literally whatever I wanted, but within the suggested portion size. That partnered up with my working out really helped me out with weight loss without really changing my lifestyle. I just made it better.

I just need to be motivated to get back into the swing of things! And have constant reminders to make no excuses! Drag your ass to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday no matter what!!! If you have an evening appointment, change your date right away and do something about it!!Anyone willing to join me in my crusade to lose some weight make some "Flubber Buddies" along the way? Maybe that way we are accountable for our actions rather than just the normal, yeah, yeah yeahs I will do it!!

Anyone willing to join me in my crusade to lose some weight make some "Flubber Buddies" along the way? Maybe that way we are accountable for our actions rather than just the normal, yeah, yeah yeahs I will do it!!

Let's get MOTIVATED!!!!

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My true self revealed...

Here's a personality quiz I took the other day. I found this while surfing BlogMad... I'd link the site I found it from, but I forgot to write it down! Sorry!!

This test/quiz took about 10 minutes to take and it was rather interesting and made you think about the answers.

When I was complete I was impressed with the results as the personality traits seemed quite true to the "real me"and none of that fake shit you read. Maybe I am just a sucker and fall for most anything!!

Click on the link above marked as Genuine Director to take your own quiz... and to those of you who are interested in reading my full results... Please click on this link....

I'd be interested to read results of others that take this quiz, so please leave me a comment with a link to your results!!

Have you gone BlogMad??


After being a member of various blog exchanges like BlogExplosion, Blogazoo, BlogSoldiers, BlogAdvance, and BlogClicker, to promote my site and get more readers, repeat readers, if you will I am thouroughly impressed with my newest find, BlogMad.

BlogMad was launched into beta March 1st. Prior to that the general public had limited usage to the forums to get aqauainted with some of members. Then for the month of February Beta testers had their way with the site!

The support staff for BlogMad have been wonderful!!! So very helpful! Not knowing most things about computers and programming I often ask questions. I have asked countless question and not a once did I catch an attitude or anything. I appreciate it! Thank you Rush, JoeUK, Tickles, and to any others I may have missed.

While there are new things being added to the site daily all of it's features being offered are great! There are more being thought of daily to enhance this site.

Please drop by to see the stellar sites and service, you will not regret it.

For those of you who are not signed up with BlogMad, please leave me a comment and I will send you an invite.

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Friday Funny (v.13)

I got this in an e-mail from a client of mine... I thought it was hilarious! Enjoy!

How to tell the sex of a bird...

This is amazing!!! Until now I never fully understood how to tell, the difference between male and female birds.

I always thought it had to be determined surgically; until now. Which one of the two birds are female??? Below are two birds. Study them closely... See if you can spot which of the two are female... It can be done.

Even by one with limited bird watching skills.

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Hair raising experience... **UPDATED with hair pictures**

So Sunday night I decided that I was going to be the cheap S.O.B. that I am and finally highlight my hair out of a box, again.

Ok, no this isn't the color... I chose H65 Caramel! And um, yeah... the caramel LIED dammnit!

So I prepared my hair according to directions... I didn't wash it for two days, ew... But I did it. Brushed it out nice and no snarls... Put on this white cap that looks like the CHiP's motorcycle helmet minus the padding! There are a ton of dots/circles that is your guide in doing this kit....

Also in this kit you get two small crochet hooks. One is metal, the other is bigger and plastic. Rather than going with the metal one we decided to go plastic... It would pull out more hair and be less painful to the scalp. So we start poking holes and pulling hair through this cap. Somehow along the way my hair gets snarled up like no ones business. So my hubby, who was doing my hair, got the brush and started brushing my hair! WAIT!!! TIME OUT!!! Never let a man brush your hair unless you have flowing locks and you don't have some retarded cap on. So he starts brushing my hair and I yelp out in pain! Oh my god! I felt like I was in my pre-pubescent stages of life with my mother brushing my hair telling me SHUT UP!! SIT STILL!! I DON'T FEEL A THING!! I was damn near in tears within seconds. And the flashback to my childhood is still screwing with my head!

So I let him do that one whole time until he said he wanted to do it again... I snatched that brush out of his hand and said let me do it. If it hurts it's my fault and I can only yell at myself! I brush and it hurts like hell, but I muster through it... which was hell... Pure hell. Did I mention pure hell?

After sitting on my family room floor for about an hour with this pulling action, we were done. Finally... Now onto the smelly hair creme to color my hair. Hubby applies this stuff and according to my natural hair colour, what's that anymore? I couldn't tell you. Well my old natural colour is/was a crappy brown. So that's how we decided about the length of time this stuff was to stay in my hair.... 40-70 minutes! I have to keep this retarded cap on for a minimum of 40 minutes? Ok, I wait the 40 minutes and we go to the sink to rinse out my hair. Pulling the cap off of my head felt like every single strand of my hair was being removed from my scalp... Looking up at my hair with no glasses or contacts on I am reliving my past of with another hair dye product... So I am giving this moment the benefit of the doubt... We proceed with the directions. Put in the shampoo and this toner shit that was purple...

I went into the bathroom to dry my hair.... Holy mother of blonde!! This wasn't the colour I picked out!!!!!!! I picked out caramel, not Baywatch Blonde! So now as I type my hair is very, very blonde... It looks hideous. Tomorrow I go to the salon to get it fixed, amen. I am using my gift certificate to an upscale salon, Charles Scott, near my office that I will never use... I had something in mind for it, but just can't muster it up to us it...

Next time, I promise myself not to be so damn cheap and will continue to get my hair done professionally even if I need to get a second mortgage to pay for it! (These pictures were taken in my office... lighting is worth a shit!)

I am trying to figure out if I should take a picture of my hair or not... Um, maybe right before hand... Stay tuned!

END RESULT.... This is what my hair now looks like!! I LOVE IT! But for $130 I better!

What's Your Blogging Personality?

Your Blogging Type is Confident and Insightful

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Both creative and logical, you come up with amazing ideas and insights.
A total perfectionist, you find yourself revising and rewriting posts a lot of the time.
You blog for yourself - and you don't care how popular (or unpopular) your blog is!

My Future "Stacy Keibler"

Keeping up with weird accident stories...

Christmas of 2002 we were traveling with my in-laws after the holidays to "Amish Country". Amish Country is in Central Ohio and there are Mennonites and true "Amish". We enjoy going down there for day trips and the occasional overnight trip. To be able to get away from reality and enjoy the "simple life" is very relaxing.

For this particular trip we happened to stay overnight as we were shopping for some furniture. Note, if you live near an Amish community, shop there for your fine woods... It's cheaper and you get better craftsmanship, from what I have noticed.

We were back in our hotel we were settling in for the night. My mother-in-law and I played some checkers or something in one of the recreation rooms. When we were done we went back to our respective rooms. I prepared to get Em ready for bed... Her "pacifier" or comfort item was fleece blankets. She hated pacifiers as an infant, probably because I refused them for her on her behalf in the hospital. It's great being the mom!

Em and I were lying in her bed so I could calm her down... Traveling with an infant/toddler in a hotel room and getting them to sleep is virtually impossible! As I layed her down I was laying on my side. For Em to get comfortable she'd literally stand up and dive in head first to the bed... Don't ask me why... Kids do weird things!

For the first few minutes things were going well and as she was settling herself she'd stand and nuzzle herself into the bed... The last time she tried to nuzzle herself into the bed, she head-butted me!!! She dove straight into my nose! I heard a pop and I thought I saw stars. It hurt like holy hell and I thought my nose was gushing with blood. (I am hoping that it's not bleeding as I had both nostrils cauterized while in middle school because of frequent nose bleeds. This was a true test to see if it actually worked and it did!) At this point I screamed, jumped up out of my bed into the chair next to the bed and curled into a ball. I was at the point where I wanted to return the excruciating pain given to me... So I knew that I had to fight the pain out by moaning and crying...

At this point Em is telling me she's sorry in her broken English and I am telling her it's ok, it was an accident. It was so cute and I scared the shit out of her with my reaction. But when it felt like your nose was adjusted right next to your ear, you are going to have a few choice things to say about it!

After 5 to 10 minutes the pain starts to subside and I can be semi-normal again... I get up and go to the ice machine and get some ice for my nose to remove some of the swelling... I sit for a few minutes with the ice pack on my face and proceed to put Em to bed, very cautiously this time.

After she goes to bed, we check out my nose... It is seemingly in place and quite sore. I take some Tylenol and go to bed.

The next morning, we continue our shopping excursion... Over breakfast we tell our in-laws about our excitement... I get a question to this effect... "Did you go to the hospital?" Um... I am not going to some barn hospital!! I will wait until we get back home, not to mention that the nearest hospital was at least an hour away or so...

While we are shopping we are talking about what happened, laughing about it as I am freaked out... I keep getting the cock-eyed look with the same statement afterwards... It looks crooked! AHHHHH!!! It looks fine! me at least! Then after a bit I get a new one... Your eyes look bruised! Oh great! I now look like someone beat the shit out of me! I try to take it with stride and move on, in pain.

We get back home and I decided that I'd wait things out. I thought things were getting better and life was great. Well I was having problems blowing my nose, breathing and I guess I was snoring or something! Yeah right, what woman snores?! Apparently at this point I did!

I break down and finally decide to see an Ear, Nose, Throat doctor. I saw this really cool doctor and he was great...He did an examination and said there was some damage done by my WWF/WWE little girl! I had to go in for X-Rays and a CAT scan... Turns out I had a deviated septum. She broke my darn nose!! He recommended surgery and I obliged... I didn't want to do it as it was my nose; I am weird about my nose to begin with. It's the first thing you see on someone's face and mine was now demented. I had said that if he could I'd like the little "bump" fixed a bit... I like my nose in general it reflects my Armenian heritage, but I just wanted it less obvious! He said we aren't doing a rhinoplasty or plastic surgery and if you want that you'd have to consult your insurance company. Ok, I can live with the bump!

I scheduled my surgery for about a month or more in advance. I figured I needed time to prepare myself... BIG MISTAKE! If you need to have surgery, plan it as soon as practical. Don't put it off. It creates a lot of internal agony.

Surgery day came and I was so nervous I couldn't take it. I was a mess!!! While waiting we were told that the doctor was delayed and I'd have to wait hours, literally! What the fuck?! Give me a sedative or 100! I have an open line by IV in me already... Give me the good stuff... Yeah, I wasn't so lucky. My blood pressure must have been all over the place. Thankfully I didn't flip out or go over the deep end or anything.

I am finally called back into surgery... Don't remember too much about the actual procedure as I was totally drugged up.

What I remember was the after surgery feelings. HOLY SHIT! It hurt like hell! I'd have a zillion children by c-section before I did this again! My nose felt like the size of a small state, swollen and I couldn't breathe out of my nose. That sucks! The first night was the worst. I couldn't lay down as I felt like I was suffocating to death on drainage. So I had to sleep sitting down. Then I couldn't get comfortable at all... Slept for crap! I end up getting some sort of sleep and wake up unrested of course. My throat is killing me... It felt like I swallowed a box of nails. The snoring tore it UP!! So I guess I do snore or the house was too dry, yeah that was it! The house was dry!

I was scheduled to go back to the doctors office in two or three days for a check up. I couldn't wait! I wanted to feel "normal" again, if that was possible.

Go back to the doctor and he's checking everything out... Then he removes these things from my nostrils... Here I thought they were all little, but I saw it after he yanked it out and it looked like a shoe insert for a small foot! Shoved up my damn nose! Talk about scaring the living crap out of you. I asked him, how'd you get all of that up there?? He just laughed. Glad you can laugh about it buddy! I survived both removals of these shoe inserts of my damn nose!

I am then left on my merry way to recuperate which was really freaking hard... But I managed... The pain from having my deviated septum and reduction of turbinates in my sinuses (due to chronic sinus infections) was the worst pain I have ever been through in my entire life!

Never underestimate the durability of an 18 month-olds hard head.

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Friday Funny (v.12)

Thursday Thirteen

Today my husband had his wisdom teeth removed... Here are thirteen things I have learned today...

  1. Always be supporting of your spouse...
  2. Never say you are acting like a "girl" to dismiss your actual feelings of fear...
  3. Try to maintain your cool and nervousness...
  5. Always welcome unwanted conversations from strangers...
  6. Always pretend to be listening.... to strangers...
  7. Pretend like you care while listening to strangers...
  8. Be thankful you lead a normal life... while talking to strangers...
  9. How many times can you possibly go to the pharmacy in one day??? Today for me THREE!
  10. How many different places can you go to get mushy food? THREE!
  11. What do you call a prescription of Vicodin? HAPPY PILLS!
  12. Never try to look into one's mouth who just had surgery while he's standing over you... DROOL CITY!!
  13. Do not... I repeat... DO NOT try to baby a perfectly capable man... It doesn't go over too well!
Leading up to my hubby's surgery I knew he was a bit nervous with this being his first ever, "major" surgery. I had my wisdom teeth taken out about 13 or more years ago... So I have been there, done that. It was cake and paled by comparison with other surgeries I have had... So, in a way I dismissed his fear... When I had my wisdom teeth taken out it was "cool" because I was in high school and I was able to be out of class for a bit. Admittedly when he was called back and the door closed I started tearing up... He's not supposed to have surgery or be in pain... I am! He's supposed to be my rock and all of a sudden within a split second I was his rock. I had to wait for him... I had to worry about him... This role reversal was killing me!

Ok... here's a bit of explanation about the stranger(s) in the waiting room... While I am waiting for my hubby to be done with surgery there are two men that walk in... They check in and sit down. After about 5 minutes we "kind of" start chatting.... The one actual patient starts talking about his wisdom teeth and how they will need to be removed. I told him like I told my hubby it's cake and you will be fine... He said he's nervous and I told him just to relax and life is good. He was then called back... I finally had a moment to go to the bathroom... I tried staying in there being extra OCD washing my hands to pass the time... I walk out and I am then was stuck with his Uncle... How do I know, because he told me. He was also telling me that he will have to get all of his teeth removed because his ex-fiancee's son while on crack cocaine assaulted him in his sleep with the butt of a crutch. And messed up all of his teeth. Then he was telling me about how his big toe was amputated from a work injury!!

I beg to ask this question again... Where on my forehead does it say... "TELL ME YOUR LIFE STORY IN GREAT DETAIL"???

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