May I speak with who?!

Monday night before sitting down for dinner the phone rings... I say the usual, Hello... On the other end is an Indian speaking woman, asking for my daughter. I respond saying, who are you asking for again? Again, Indian woman says my daughters name. I am laughing on the inside at this point. Indian woman begins to tell me she's from Chase Credit Card Company calling about a Continental Airlines credit card offer.

*I knew before she identified herself where she was calling from. The only place that my daughter gets mailings from. Continental Airlines. Why you may ask? My daughter had had a frequent flyer account since she was two and we had to pay for her airline tickets. We travel frequently in my eyes so it made sense to get her, her own account. And we get constant mailings for her from Chase.

I started laughing out loud... I began to tell the Indian woman that my daughter is 4-years old and she will not be accepting any credit card offers for some time. I then asked her to remove her name from their calling and mailing list. She then apologized profusley and said I assure you your daughters name will be taken off of the list. I said thank you and ended the call...

With as old as my daughter acts... I wonder what would have happened if I would have just handed the phone to her and let her handle the situation!! She probably would have had a huge credit line or something!!