iPod revisited

Back in September 2005 I wrote about iPods. I wrote because I didn't understand the concept of a small "thing" that played music without a tape or a CD.

Well fast forward to now... I own an iPod and I LOVE IT! I finally have grasped the idea of an iPod. I listen to it at work and while I work out at the gym.

And I didn't pay for it. I earned enough points from my bank to get it for FREE!! I love that word.

So cheers to me and joining the new electronic age. So long to carrying around a shit-ton of CD's in the truck and HELLO little iPod.

Never say never...

I am not well versed on politics. In fact essentially what I get is what I catch on FoxNews on my XM to and from work. I may listen on my XM in the office if I am bored with my play list on my *new* iPod.

I must admit I pretty much swore I would never write about politics or religion on here for the pure fact that I don't want to get flamed for my beliefs or views on the world. But hey, what the hell?

Admission #2 - I was a sore loser in November. While I wasn't pro-McCain(the person) I was pro-McCain for the Republican party as a whole. I really liked Rudy Giuliani or Mitt Romney and wonder what would have happened had their name been on the ballot. I chose the lesser of the "Weenies" who wanted the prestigious title of President.

I know a lot of Republicans voted Democrat because Bush "effed" up the whole economy. But here's my analogy... Much like football the coach gets all of the brunt. If the star quarterback throws 4 interceptions. The teams star wide-receiver fumbles the ball and screws up who gets the blame?? The coach. Essentially there is more than ONE person running this fabulous country we call the United States of America. But ONE person got the blame.

Here are two examples that chaps my ass and I am SO SICK of hearing:

Hurricane Katrina, Bush was blamed, why??? What did he have to do with Mother Nature?? Why didn't the blame and the bad rep go to the local government?? No, it was Bush's fault. Period.

Iraq - Bush kept terrorists at bay from the US by having our soldiers do what they enlisted to do. Fight for OUR country. Now within 16 months Obama is going to pull our troops. For what?? Another Vietnam? How sad after all of these years. It makes me sick. I must say though I wish there was an end to our "War on Terror". I hate that our troops are still in the "Sandbox" and I want them home with their families. I have family and friends who are over there or who have served and I pray daily they come home safely. These men and women enlisted for a reason. Whether it be to follow in the footsteps of their father, to carry on a family tradition, to fight for America, or for a college education. All of our enlistees are serving because they wanted to.

Admission #3 - I honestly thought a black man would ever be elected president in my lifetime. I am not prejudiced at all. But I am a people watcher and watch the idiots who are interviewed on television. I still see such a division of race, everywhere.

After Obama was elected the blacks in my area are interviewed on television saying now Obama is going to fix "everything". What is this man?? Jesus? Come'on. Honestly. Please. We already have government aid available to you if you are eligible. You do not need a black democrat in office to feed you and pay your bills.

Admission #4 - I have told my very good girlfriend during the election that I "Republican" is a swear word to her. She went to the inauguration. I thought it was "insane" mainly because there was a ton of people there and I couldn't handle it. She went there to view history.

Admission #5 - When Obama speaks I think he is trying to sounds like Martin Luther King. I think he is trying to follow in his footsteps.

Admission #6 - When I hear the audio of Obama's Presidential Oath I cringe and I get very sick to my stomach. Hussein shudders through my body and it creates a state of panic. Not that he is Saddam, but the co-relation is enough. The mental images in my head from when Saddam was in power.

Admission #7 - This "Stimulus" package scares the bloody hell out of me. I think my kids and my grandkids are going to be screwed in their adult lives. I was listening to Glen Beck today and he said it right... "This is not a stimulus package it is a spending package."

Our main focus right now needs to be the housing market and jobs. Obama speaks of a stimulus package for small businesses. Ok, sounds great, but how good is the stimulus going to be when all of our countries small businesses are going out of business?? My in-laws own their own business and have been laid off over half of their employees and this has been since November. They do not see business picking up for months. In their 33 years in business this is the worst they have ever seen things. How scary is that?!

I think we need a "Blended Party".... One who is not soley Republican nor Democrat. I think we need to educate our young... America is not a totally socialist country. I work for my money and I would love for nothing more than to keep it. Why do I want to give my hard-earned money to someone else? I have a family and a roof over my head to maintain. If I wanted to support others I would manually sign up for it not be forced into doing it.

I am going to get off of this rant now... I have said enough...

Crazy weird...

Last night Em had a Girl Scout sleep over. I picked up a few appetizers for dinner from Applebee's on my way home. We are sitting at the table.

I am looking out the window at a vehicle going down the street...
I see our storm door open...
I see the knob open of our front door...
I hear a guy say "I don't care I am going to walk right in."...
The door opens all the way...
There are two guys standing in my foyer...
The guy is staring at us asking us if this is his sister's house... Um, no. You dip shit.
He looks at me, dunno why. Like he wants me to claim him as his brother, hell I dunno.

After a few blank stares the man excuses himself from our house. It was a rather interesting experience. I mean we were dumbfounded in our own home. Even my police officer husband was at a loss.

I guess that will teach us to lock the door right away, forcing one to actually knock or ring my doorbell.

Ringing in 2009

Well Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... We were out of town over Christmas and since we have been back I have been trying to catch up with life in general.

I am going to be getting a promotion this week. I am very excited. I have been at my company for 9 years so it's nice to finally be recognized.

Tomorrow is my 10 year wedding anniversary... So hard to believe how time flies!