Ok... so have any of you watched PrisonBreak yet??


who plays as Lincoln Burrows on the show that is on death row... and his brother Wentworth Miller, **EYE CANDY!**

who plays Michael Scofield, whom also was sentenced to 5 years in prison for robbing a bank. He robbed the bank to get into the same prison as his brother so they can escape prison together before his scheduled execution. Wentworth has an upper hand because the company he worked for did renovations to the prison and he has seen the blueprints. Well in preparation for his arrival to prison he has had his upper torso tattooed with the and the blueprints are hidden within the tattoos!

Ok, I am not Siskel or Ebert or whoever the new dude is... But this show freaking rocks and Monday nights can not seem to come fast enough!!! I would highly recommend it!!!

Has anyone ever done this???

Ok... so this afternoon I left the office for an appointment and as usual I am running late. I try my damndest to be on time for everything. Promptness is one pet peeve of mine. If you are late, bad impression! So I need to keep that in mind while my phone is ringing off the hook while I am trying to gather my belongings. I just need to tell myself, let it go to voicemail Melissa... You can always return the call.... I then hate voicemails because you are always taking two steps back. I am on the phone today for 3 minutes and got 2 voicemails!! GRRRRR!!! That is a good day too! As usual I digress.... I leave and proceed to "jet" to my location! I park and get there with one minute to spare! Whew!

I walk into the office building and press the elevator button, walk in and am sitting there for at least 5 minutes thinking to myself, how long does it take to get to the 5th floor? These elevators are normally fast. So after thinking that I look down to the floor panel... I FORGOT TO PRESS THE BUTTON! What a moron! I felt even worse because there is a video camera in there!! Happy Friday to me!!!

"Taking" someone else's memories...

Ok, so last night I get a call from a good family friend of mine whom I will call "Joe". It was weird because I had been thinking of him the entire day. And our intuition brought us together in the evening...

So the telephone rings and right away I know who it is, hence Caller ID. I have to hand the phone off to the other half as I have laundry to do, yippee! So, it's finally my turn and whenever I talk to "Joe" I cry on the inside. You see, "Joe" is dying of cancer and we are in the minority about this terrible news. "Joe's" wife has had a terrible workman's compensation case where a patient at the hospital she worked at essentially attacked her and she has been out of work for over 2 years now with multiple neck surgeries. So "Joe" is trying to nurse her back to 100% before he breaks the news to her that he is indeed dying. He wants to make sure that she is taken care of before he departs this world. He doesn't want to stress her out with his illness. He continues to work everyday through the pain to maintain income for their family. He said he comes home everyday in such pain, but I know the blood, sweat and tears are all good ones. The fact that he is hanging in there and trying to hold back the pain is commendable. "Joe's" wife is very lucky to have him.

"Joe" used to a Marine and is one of the toughest men that I know. But on the flip side, the most emotional man I have met. He can let his guard down and share things with me that I will never forget. "Joe" is like a father to me, in fact I wanted my mother to remarry for the 3rd time to him. I have kept in touch with him for over 7 years now. I would love to call him "Dad", because he's the next best thing. As a result of this emotional attachment, I tell him I am not ready to let you go yet... I know how to face death and it happens to all of us every day. But why must the "good" ones be taken so soon.

"Joe" told me that he wants to "hang on" until he sees his daughter again that lives in
. He has that made up in his mind. He also promised us a visit before he passes... If that doesn't happen; I will know that their intentions were good enough for me. I would never hold a grudge against him for that.

While visiting him in May we had a great time with him and his wife. We went to Door County Winery bought some more wine. YUM! It had been over 8 years since I had been there, so I stocked up! Actually drank a whole bottle of the Blackberry Merlot... We also went to Lambeau Field
which I have mentioned about in previous posts, and then lastly we went to this nice art studio where I always pick up something every time I am there because the art is exquisite.

So as I totally digress, "Joe" collects pieces from John Perry- Link 1 and John Perry- Link 2. To elaborate a bit more... the base of his pieces are made of PellucideTM, a durable resin compound developed by John Perry. And then he adds wildlife in their beauty as a sculpture.

Well after collecting these pieces for years, his intent on the phone was to sell the collection because "Joe" said what is my wife going to do with these after I leave? I said look at them and admire you... Well he wants to sell us his entire collection for a very small fraction of what they are worth. From what we understand is collection is the most extensive and with John Perry's signature plate that he got on a whim makes it worth all the more... So after all this I am at a quandary... Do I accept his offer to purchase his collection so I can look at it and think of him or do I deny the offer and let the bidding begin on eBay? Would the recipient of his collection look at it the same way I would? Would they take care of them? Will I be able to handle having a piece of him after he dies? These are all things I have to consider... And I have until Sunday. I have a feeling I will say yes, but I know if I say no, I will live to regret it in the future. I guess I am at an emotional battel with myself now wanting to make sure that I do indeed, do the right thing. If there is a right thing to do...

**"Joe", if you are reading this... I love you!

I have officially seen it all...

Ok over the weekend, my girlfriend Elle aka psychadelicbuttersnazzy and I were "chit chatting" as she said and I had forwarded her this link to a blog I found here on this site Blogger.com... Unlike other blogs I have seen on here... this was unique to say the least. It was of some a sex blog of dude modeling *penis plugs*! (*Look at the link with your own discretion-- not work friendly). Ok I am not a dude and it hurt me, a woman, like no other... We all know how sensitive men are and well, um that in there is just seemingly WRONG! What guy could do that to himself?? I mean, that's crossing some code of manhood... The girl must be a good lay to do that!! What kind of S & M is that?? And what happens when um, the volcano erupts?? That'd be rather uncomfortable, painful, and any other bad feeling word in there!! I guess I have a lot of questions about this...

So I didn't think anything of it until I saw her post in her blog... Now I am in tears laughing that I have left this lasting impression with her of not me, but of some other dudes PENIS! Elle, I will make it up to you, promise!!

***I do now believe there is a moral of this story, which is be careful of what you expect to find with the "Next Blog" button...It's like a box of chocolates you never know what you will find in the middle... You just may catch some penises with plugs in them when you are merely looking for a good read! Be careful!!

Question for the day...

Why is it when you go to the bathroom your nipples get hard?? That's a question I need to take to the "gates" with me!!

Who knew cereal could be so entertaining???

Ok, about a week ago I posted about my new weight loss goal and the program I am on for the next 6 weeks.

I am still in the middle of week one and have lost about 5 pounds which is nice. But some of the crap they have you eating for example is All Bran cereal... GROSS!! Ok I gave it a chance using the serving suggestion in my book. 1/4 of cereal and 1/4 cup of milk. You think like that sounds like a very small amount but holy crap if you eat slower you are screwed, because that 1/4 cup turns into a butt-load!! When the milk sucks into the cereal it starts morphing into a small child essentially! I haven't been able to eat a whole 1/4 cup in a week. I mean the longer the cereal is in the bowl and you try to chew it, it becomes a ball in your mouth and I am trying to cheer myself on, going JUST SWALLOW IT!!!!!

I think I may try 1/8 of a cup and that may be easier.

Well I already got sick of my blog template...

So after a few hours of searching on the web and not knowing how to "host" my own I have settled for this one. I am so computer stupid it's not even funny. I am learning though. So I must give myself credit...

Boy I am tired... until tomorrow!

Blog Searches Powered by Google

A fellow Blogger friend of mine brought this to my attention, so I thought I would borrow the idea!!

Everything we write is now searchable!

*Thanks Scott!!

Ok... So my morning drive was weird...

As usual this morning I was in a rush, as usual. So I am driving to work and where I get on the highway was a F-150 in front of me... And as I do every morning when I get on the highway, I get into the left lane. Well I end up passing this dude in his F-150, which seems to be pimped out.... I mean who needs spinners, a spoiler, flame grill, and push bar? I think it's stupid that people drop that kind of money into their vehicles like that. They lose their value so quickly and you never get it back. Buy a house instead! As usual, I digress... Back to the story.... So then he goes right behind me whips around and proceeds to go on my right and stares! Um, ok that's scary people! So I begin to get uncomfortable, who knows what this guy is doing or what he wants... Ya know? I then speed up a little and he does the same and rolls down his window and tries to talk to me!! I just looked at him and looked away. I didn't know what to do! Thankfully he got off 2 exits later so I didn't need to drive with the freak the whole way to work.

Moral of the story... If you are going to try to pick up a girl, don't freaking do it on the highway of all places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is the on-line dictionary coming too?

Ok... In my post for yesterday I had put pissy... While using the spell check on-line here powered by Blogger I assume it didn't recognize pissy. It wanted to replace pissy with um, ok... pussy! What the heck? I think things are ass-backwards if you ask me!!

I just had to share, because it was too funny not to.

**And explain to me why Blogger isn't in the dictonary?!

That is the official thought of the day!

Sucky Sports Sunday!

This was me all day today!!

Ok.... Talk about a waste of approximately 6 hours in front of the television today!!! GRRRRRRRR! I am so pissy!!! Nothing went my way-- which admittedly, most of the time it does!!!!

I started listening to the race in my TrailBlazer on my XM Stattelite Radio on the way to Chipotle. Listening to the Bose surround sound for the beginning of the race was almost as good as being home!!

The "burrito dude" in Chipotle was so disgusting I couldn't take it! I couldn't believe how many piercings he had on his lip. Then he had a goatee that was SOOOOO GROSS!! I about threw up! It went to about his clavicle. It was then separated every 1/2 inch or so with a rubber band so it looked like this (not the same dude though). So it took every bit out of me not to stare, but I did ok! Thankfully I don't work with weirdos like that!!


**Isn't he sexy??**

Tony Stewart led half the race today and lost in the last freaking lap to Ryan Newman!!! What the hell Tony?? Come'on! Can say at least you are leading in points still! Come'on 9 more races for the Cup!

Boy I thought we were off to a great start today!! Then what the hell happened?? The Browns, which I give a lot of credit to, handed our asses to us! I started to blog with 2 min left in the game... Now there is 10 seconds left with no chance in hell to win!! Good game to the Browns...

During halftime they unveiled Reggie White's number... Boy was that touching. I cried, as usual! What a sap I am. It's just a shame they couldn't win this game for the Minister of Defense. It did get a little touching towards the end of the game when the fans started chanting Reggie, Reggie, Reggie... Weird thing was, I had mentioned that about 3 minutes earlier in the game.

At the end of the game Brett Favre ended up and became an elite member of the 50,000+ passing yards. Congratulations!!

Now I have to catch hell for the Packers losing!! Thanks guys!!

Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns


Before I begin my post, I want to commemorate Reggie White #92 and the retiring of his number on Sunday, September 17th, 2005. This will be an extremely touching moment for every Packer fan. I can honestly say when I found out he passed away I cried. He was like family to all of us. You left us too soon, we know you are in a better place and will never be forgotten!

**When I was at Lambeau Field in May I was shown where his number was to be retired in the Stadium...

I can only imagine the emotions that will be going around in the Frozen Tundra. Being there when I was it was eerily quiet so to have a sold out stadium will be insanely poignant.

**This picture was taken from the field looking into the tunnel**

Walking through the tunnel onto the field was an experience to remember, because you are literally walking on the same concrete that all of the other Packer greats, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Earl (Curly) Lambeau, Brett Favre, and Reggie White to name a few... Through the renovations they have kept the concrete and how endearing was it to feel "like one of them" for a moment.

What a rivalry I am looking forward to!! After being a resident of the Greater Cleveland area for nearly seven years this is bittersweet!!! I worked for the construction manager that built the Stadium. So I do have a small spot in my heart for the team as I got to see the stadium go from nothing to something. Here are a few pics, because I am in a generous mood today!!

~~Before and After~~

I have had one of my clients take me to the game and her seats were so awesome... Too bad she can give them away once and awhile. In Cleveland here you have to pay a seat tax along with your season pass tickets. What a rip!!! But hey, I am not the one writing it off on my taxes as a business expense!! So I guess my attachment to the team is more structural than emotional to the Cleveland Browns since I didn't pay any attention to who the new Quarterback was!!! Silly me!

I am just hoping that the Packers kick some ass!! I am rooting for you Kevin!! For those of you who don't know I am friends with Kevin Barry #71. I went to high school with him and had classes with him, ate lunch with him so it's always exciting to see him on television!!! Go U-71!!!!


Ok... It is 2005 and I am still trying to figure out the whole point of an iPod. I may be stuck under a rock or something, but hey I am at least honest enough to admit it!! I have friends who have this thing and I just don't know what the hell the point is...

I remember 45's and 8-tracks.... I still can't give up my CD's. Hell in the last few months I have got 5 of them, which would have got me about halfway to purchasing an iPod.

So what do these things do for $200 - $300?? Do they make dinner for you? Do they clean your house? That's a lot of money to spend before you even have one song on there!!! Last Christmas I was at Sam's Club doing some shopping and I saw a couple purchase two of these things for their children for Christmas! I want that Santa to come to my house!!! Their bill totalled around $850!! For two freaking iPods!!! (Now that was including tax...)

Call me crazy or old fashioned, I guess I am, but I just don't understand!

Wish me luck!!!

Well last night I decided to sign up for a "Fitness Program" where I work out. It is a 6 week program to boost weight loss. I have lost 43 pounds in 10 months in 2004. I have been at a freaking plateu since then. So hopefully this will help me get the rest off with ease!!

Take me out to the ballgame...

Ok while watching part of the Cleveland Indians game last night something pretty weird happened!!! The lights went out!! The stadium was lit at only 50%. It was kinda neat... I have been to the Terrace Club for corporate events while the stadium wasn't filled and it is very eery looking out the glass onto an empty stadium. You can almost hear the cheering... Yeah I know weird, getting back to the point.

The Indians seem to have the worst luck when it comes to almost anything. In my almost 7 years of living in the Cleveland area they have went from a very popular sports team to nothing and almost something again. Talk about fans on a bandwagon here!! I will admit going to the games in the beginning were fun. But it wasn't the same as my hometeam the Milwaukee Brewers.

Well after losing for most of the game, the Indians turned it around and WON! Holy crap they may stand a chance at again of going to the playoffs and potentially winning the World Series. How many times has Cleveland been in this situation though?? Too damn many. So I would assume that things are good for now, but in the end they will be losers. Sorry, have to go with the cold-hard facts here. --Forgive me! But Broussard, great way to win the game!!

In the 5th inning the Coach for the Indians, Eric Wedge came out questioning a call on a pitch what was a "ball" after reviewing the replay. Wedge came out of the dugout and I couldn't count how many "F-Bombs" he said!! It was rather funny! And thank god for TiVo so I could replay in slow motion to really read the lips of both Wedge and the Umpire. It was quite comical and very entertaining! If only every game was like this! There'd be a lot more fans! The drama...

What is wrong with people??

Ok, as I sit here today wondering what the day will bring... I am totally annoyed!! I was supposed to have a Fraternal Order of Police meeting tonight and I call our President this morning as I do every time before a scheduled meeting, because she doesn't have her shit together... She goes on to tell me; oh we aren't having the meeting tonight or tomorrow at the lodge hall. Um, what the fuck? Do you realize that people have lives and families and set aside time to do things like this?? I could have had plans tonight other than the F.O.P., but nooooo! GRRR! That pisses me off. So now, we are supposed to meet Wednesday or Thursday next week. I hope I will be able to go because I have prior engagement for 7 weeks on Thursday nights. And I will be sure to speak my mind about contacting others in advance about schedule changes. Hell in the land of e-mail, voicemail, etc., there's no excuse!

I am totally anal when it comes to planning. I am not to the point of regimenting my schedule by the minute, but I just want to know what the hell I am doing is all!!!


Ok, I am sure everyone has their own quirks that totally annoys the absolute crap out of them... Well one of mine is sneezing!! On a side note I am not one to talk, because I can sneeze like 5 times in a row almost pissing my pants, but it's all good!!

Well there are some people that sneeze and it sounds like someone is beating the crap out of them because it almost sounds like a scream! And who holds in their sneezes?? You are having over 100mph winds fly out of your mouth, who wants to hold in a potential fast ball, low and on the inside?

Ok, I am done for now! Just had to get that off of my chest!

Green Bay Packers

Why'd you have to lose??????????????????????????????? What a miserable game to watch! I am still festering and my throat is killing me!


Really wish I was going to the opener against the crummy Browns this weekend!!

Oh Brett-- nice game you always know how to pull through the difficult times!! *muah*


Ok, I have been thinking about this post for a few days now and am finally coming to grips with posting...

September 11, 2001 was a very difficult day for me as well as numerous other Americans. As with all of us we will not forget where we where or what we were doing when the Towers were hit. I was in my office working when I overheard a co-worker talking about a plane hitting the one of the Twin Towers. I was thinking this must be a joke, so I decided to call a family member to see if he was telling the truth. Well the reaction on the other end of the phone wasn't what I expected at all. She turned on the television and said, "Oh my God! Melissa, let me call you back!" So here I am sitting in my office going, what the hell is going outside of these four walls? We don't have cable or anything in my office so it was up to the radio to relay the message to us all. I finally get a call back in what seemed like an eternity obviously confirming what my co-worker was saying. I remember trying to get onto CNN.com, MSNBC.com, etc. with no luck. Their sites were bogged down with all of the hits trying to find out what was wrong... So again, back to radio... Now I know what my elders went through when JFK was assassinated. They didn't have the luxury of television or DSL. They heard it on the radio. Not being able to see what happened was really bothering me. I am an extremely visual person and like to relate that way. In the industry that I am in I didn't have time to stop working. I had to continue although I just went through the motions. I was grabbing a file when I heard another girl in the office shout out; one of the Towers has fallen. Chills went down my spine; I couldn't believe something so massive could be destroyed within hours. These two buildings were engineering marvels and to lose that in such a short about of time is devastating.

To think of all of the people in those Towers who lost their lives who didn't even have a chance to say good-bye to their families say that one last I love you. We all go through the leaving pissed off at your significant other... How do you live with that or yourself if you were in that situation?

And then to hear of Flight 93 essentially flying over my office building? Talk about scaring the shit out of you! Here's the path of Flight 93. My office is near the far left dot or referred to on the site as #10. My office overlooks
Lake Erie and I see planes fly by all of the time as we are over Cleveland Hopkins International Airport landing/take-off flight pattern. So to see planes are nothing. Thankfully I didn't exactly see the plane, but to know that it so "close to home" is freaky. The planes where then grounded... It was eerily quite for that duration of time. I would hear the Coast Guard flying by and you'd think that it was the end of the world. You thought that it was going to fly through your window and you were going to be next. It put a state of fear in everyone. I mean my office building isn't 100 stories high or anything. It's 5 stories, but to be elevated at that point in time wasn't the best feeling in the world.

Throughout this whole time I was thinking about my daughter at home... She wasn't even three months old and here she is an innocent infant living through history. She will be reading about this in her history books in the future. Like me living through the Challenger explosion. I was in school sitting around the television cart all excited to see this space shuttle take off and then it explodes in front of my eyes.

Lunchtime comes around and we decide to pick up some salads from a local Italian restaurant, Danny Boy's. They happened to have two televisions in there, which I didn't notice until that day... My boss and I were watching the accounts unfold on the screen... We couldn't believe our eyes. We almost didn't leave we were stunned. We mustered it up to go back into the office and to barely eat. To see what they were explaining on the radio was so devastating.

I understand that we have lost the whole patriotism, with a quick hurry I might add. But to see all of us unite for a short amount of time was truly rewarding. We didn't have race cards thrown into the mix. We all Americans and we acted proud of our country... What happened to that? What has happened to us 4 years later? We are the same old greedy bastards who want more!

I have made a few trips out to
Las Vegas and every time I go to the corner of New-York, New York. I like to view the memorial our fellow Americans have created there. The very first time I was there it was so depressing. You were engrossed in the music and reading the quotes that were said during this horrific event. With all of the hustle and bustle of Vegas and the strip you totally forgot where you were for a brief moment and I was actually crying. I finally came to realize that I couldn't torture myself like that and decided to leave... Thank you Las Vegas for the memorial. It is truly touching and something that I will never forget!

My heart goes out to each and every police officer, fireman, paramedic, EMT, employee of any of the businesses/company and family member of the
Twin Towers. All of you are my heroes. You gave up so much for us, your fellow Americans.

Emily at Huntington Beach

Here's my daughter enjoying probably one of the last nice weekends here in North Eastern Ohio at Huntington Beach, Bay Village, Ohio...

I am trying to spell my name...

I spelled my name... Shh, my mom really did!! ;o)

The sun is BRIGHT!!

Sorry if these are crummy pictures, I took these with my camera phone as I forgot my digital at home!

Marta's Wedding Pics

Mom and Emily at Marta's Wedding

Emily's First Day of Pre-School

Emily and Mom on her first day of School!

Follow Up on D-Day...

Well obviously I have made it to the other side!!! I am now 2 days past my birthday and everything is still in working order.

For my birthday I was greeted with a Red Velvet Cake...

OMG it was so different to the point of digusting. I have never had anything like it before in my life. I mean who wants to eat a bottle of red die to a white cake with cocoa in it?? Why not have a chocolate cake??? Can't say that I would have it again either. To those of you in the south, I apologize! Not really big on cakes, they make me sick. My office was decorated like a 3 year olds birthday party. My leather executive chair was tied with crepe paper and the whole bit! It was actually kind of fun. My girlfriend took me out to Joe's Deli and we had salads... I got Fattoush Salad. YUMMY!

Then for dinner we went to Buca di Beppo with some of the family and had a great time! I split the Chicken Saltimbocca with prosciutto and artichokes and their Bella Festa for dessert. I am one that is not real big on gifts, but I got two CD's... My Chemical Romance and Gorillaz-- RAWK OUT!

Well back to work for me!!! Playtime is over!!



I need some serious advice to fix the margins on this thing... Anyone willing to help a fellow blogger out! I am pretty much a blog virgin that's doing this off the seat of my pants!!!!


Oprahs Account on Katrina...

Ok... I will be the first to say that I am not a political advocate at all... I have my own political beliefs and tend to keep them to myself, because let's face it... It's just not a subject that should be openly discussed amongst friends or strangers. Well today on Oprah, yes I know typical woman show. Well the way she does her news reports is on an eye-to-eye level. She breaks down the "fluff". I will say that I cried for pretty much the entire show. I hadn't been too emotional over the whole Hurricane until yesterday. Oprah went into the SuperDome and what a sight that was. It was so scary!! You don't take into account that it was dark in there until it was pointed out to you. There are dead bodies all over and some are covered and others are just lying out for anyone to see. The contaminants are so disgusting it's ridiculous! E. Coli and all kinds of other health issues are happening down there. How disgusting!!! One person went on to say that these people couldn’t die with any dignity. Oprah's initial accounts of her story were all stories of survivors, which was orchestrated very well, but…

Then Lisa Ling was giving her account of what happened. For those of you who have never heard of Lisa Ling. She's an Asian reporter that does some pretty high-risk documentaries. She has done reports from Prisons to the jungles of Africa giving accounts of African females who are stripped of their feminineness by having their clitoris removed. Well everything was great until she pulled out the fucking race card. If it were in a predominantly white area the response time would have been faster... Holy crap! I can't believe that came out of her mouth and it was aired! Kanye West tried the race card and ABC or NBC and a public apology was made because he decided to speak his mind.

Nate Berkus then went to help out other survivors of Hurricane Katrina. For those of you who have lived under a rock for the past 6 months, Nate was vacationing when the Tsunami hit around Christmas 2004. He lost his life partner and as a result he has been moving on and now he finally has a chance to give back!! What a noble man!!! He helped some guy with his dog. The government is bussing out people to various parts of the US and they are not allowed to bring their animals. The top priority down there is to get the survivors out then concentrate on the dead and then the animals. There are strays all over the place. This gentleman didn’t want to leave his dog behind and he wasn’t going to leave without Rafiki (the dog). So Nate said he was going to take Rafiki and another man’s dog and house them for a night. Nate then reunited both men with man’s best friend. I know it sounds so miniscule, but some people really love their pets and they are truly a part of their error.

Then lastly… these Americans that have become homeless are being referred to as refugees!! Um, they are American citizens who have lost everything!! And now they are refugees??? Ah, no! They aren’t coming from Mexico or Cuba these are our own and to be called refugees is so sad…

Oh, and did any of these people think that there is a hierarchy with the government??? You have City, State and Federal Law… There are chains of command and the federal government can’t step in unless the State asks for help!!!!

Ok, I have babbled on way too long… Just had to vent this because it’s bullshit!!

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    Along came a spider...

    Well today I was cleaning the house... I know sounds so exciting!!! And well today was for about 5 minutes. I was cleaning my bathroom and was shaking out the rugs and out popped a daddy long legs looking spider on steroids!!! HOLY CRAP! I couldn't believe my eyes! This thing was huge! My daughter freaked out and ran away like a little girl and I had to muster up the courage to kill this beast. So I am looking on my sink for any cleaning product that could help me... With no avail, I see my salon hairspray that is like $100 a bottle. Ok... more like $15, that's a lot to make your hair stay in place. So I decide to spray this spider with my super hold hairspray!! This thing looked like it was moving in slow motion, probably because it was sticky!! So now this thing is in a corner and I am not going to grab it or anything so I see the cord to my blow-dryer. Eureka! I will burn the thing to death! I will show this spider!! Hell, when there's one there are two and they are having sex in my house. No procreating allowed!!!!!!! So I turn my blow-dryer on the hottest setting and point! Next thing I know is this once feared spider is now rolling around my bathroom like tumbleweed! I get it in the open grab a piece of newspaper and then proceed to jump on it for about a minute... Finally it was dead!! I then pick it up with the paper, of course and throw it in the toilet. I call my daughter in to claim my defeat and we happily waved good-bye to the spider on steroids!

    Yes, the little excitement in my life... I need to get out more!!

    My upcoming D-Day, otherwise known as B-Day

    Well... thankfully today is another day. I woke up, am alive, healthy, etc.

    I have a birthday coming up pretty quickly... It's September 7th and this year I am going to be the golden age of 27. You may ask why I make a "big deal" of my turning one year older, but it's more than that. See I lost my father when I was 4 years old. When my father passed away he was 27 which is why this is such a pivotal year for me and me revisiting my true meaning on this earth. The other part is that my daughter is now 4 and the numbers didn't hit me hard until her birthday in June... So for almost 3 months I have been flipping out having a mid-life crises per se hoping that D-Day would never come to fruition. Although I can not take the day away, skip it or hide from it. The inevitable is that I will be 27! I am hoping that this year will give me the strength that I need to get through the rest of my life.

    I have been told for essentially my entire life to pick up and move on. You can not dwell over your father... Um... HELLO, he IS my father. He helped create me for Pete’s sake!!! I just can't forget him like a bad habit! I will agree that 23 years ago grievance counseling probably wasn't around and who knows how small children handle the loss of a close loved one. I have been hanging onto memories totaling less than 4 years. I mean how old were you when you had your first memory?? I'd say I can remember things to when I was about 3. But only because I have no choice to remember then otherwise I'd have nothing to hang onto. And that's it; I am hanging onto the legacy of my father. He was such a great man and I miss him SO much...

    My true thoughts are to live each to day to its fullest and have no regrets when your head hits the pillow at night... But I am still having small regrets at night and I want to know that when I go to bed that I am happy with what I have accomplished up unto this point. I mean I have had a pretty nice life... I built my house at 22 along with having my beautiful daughter all within the same year. So I am pretty fortunate to have all of that. But I want to seize the day!!

    Writing this has actually become quite cathartic and is helping me to deal with the issue at hand... But I need to live what I preach.

    As always... thanks for those of you who are reading... Normally I am not so depressing!!


    Ok... I have spent all morning trying to figure out how to work out this blog to fit my likings!!! HOLY CRAP! I know nothing about computers and programming... Where are all of my IT friends when I need them! Too bad I am not 100% "geek"!! Just 50%!

    I just want to know how to add friends that I have come across on here now... then my work will be done-- for now!!

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    Quiz Time!!

    Quiz time...
    1. What time is it? 9:21AM
    2. Name as it appears on your Birth Certificate? Melissa Marie
    3. Any nicknames? Mel, Lissa
    4. Parent's names? Mary Elizabeth and Charles Wayne
    5. Candles on your last cake? 26-- soon to be 27! Ugh!
    6.Date that you regularly blow them out? September 7
    7. Pet? Our Weimaraner-- Greeley and mutt cat-- Shelby
    8. Favorite animal(s)? Cats and dogs
    9. Tattoos? I have one on my back of a morning glory. I want two more, hopefully sometime soon! I know that I'd like to have an Armenian Cross, but... time will tell!
    10.How much do you love your job? Eh, not too much right now... It's been pretty stressful and I have accepted a new position with a client starting in January!! Four months can not come fast enough!!!
    11. Birthplace? Racine, Wisconsin
    12. Favorite vacation spot? Las Vegas and anywhere with mountains
    13. Ever been to Africa? No... but isn't out of the question!!
    14. Stolen any traffic signs? Ah, no!
    15. Ever been in a car accident? I have been in 2!!! One rear-ended and the other hit black-ice and spun out into a concrete median on the highway!!! Talk about freaking scary!!
    16. Croutons or Bacon Bits? Both!
    17. 2 Door or 4 Door car? Both vehicles 4 Doors and are gas HOGS!!!!!
    18. Salad Dressing? Salad Dressing?? YUCK!!!! Lemon Wedges for me along with cracked pepper!
    19. Favorite Pie? Not really a pie person...
    20. Favorite Number? 7
    21. Favorite Movies? Anything action-- too many to list!
    22. Favorite Color(s)? Green and Blues
    23. Favorite holiday? 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas
    24. What is the last thing you ate? Dinner last night... Grilled Chicken with Cauliflower
    25. Favorite day of the week? Friday
    26. Favorite brand of body soap? Dial Body Wash
    27.Favorite show? Prison Break (awesome), Nip/Tuck, Rescue Me, Over There, Desperate Housewives (Thank god for TiVo!!)
    28 Toothpaste? I don't have a clue... whatever works for me!
    29. Most recently read book? The Five People you Meet in Heaven and currently finishing Friday Night Lights
    30. Favorite Perfume/Cologne? Perfume for me I wear J'adore by Christian Diore and for Cologne Pleasures for Men (Instantly makes me in the MOOD!!!!)
    31.Favorite smell? I like fresh type smells... if that makes sense!!
    32.What do you do to relax? Read, talk, chat, type, etc.
    33. Favorite Fast Food? Nothing really is a favorite...
    34. When was your last hospital visit? July when I thought I had a kidney stone!
    36. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 10 Years?? What happened to seeing yourself in 5 years or 3? I will have to think about that! But to answer the question... I'd like to be even further along in my career and always and of course, happy!
    37. What do you do when you are bored? Play with my daughter or my dog
    38. What time is it now? 9 :30AM

    Hope that wasn't too boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!