Who knew cereal could be so entertaining???

Ok, about a week ago I posted about my new weight loss goal and the program I am on for the next 6 weeks.

I am still in the middle of week one and have lost about 5 pounds which is nice. But some of the crap they have you eating for example is All Bran cereal... GROSS!! Ok I gave it a chance using the serving suggestion in my book. 1/4 of cereal and 1/4 cup of milk. You think like that sounds like a very small amount but holy crap if you eat slower you are screwed, because that 1/4 cup turns into a butt-load!! When the milk sucks into the cereal it starts morphing into a small child essentially! I haven't been able to eat a whole 1/4 cup in a week. I mean the longer the cereal is in the bowl and you try to chew it, it becomes a ball in your mouth and I am trying to cheer myself on, going JUST SWALLOW IT!!!!!

I think I may try 1/8 of a cup and that may be easier.