Sucky Sports Sunday!

This was me all day today!!

Ok.... Talk about a waste of approximately 6 hours in front of the television today!!! GRRRRRRRR! I am so pissy!!! Nothing went my way-- which admittedly, most of the time it does!!!!

I started listening to the race in my TrailBlazer on my XM Stattelite Radio on the way to Chipotle. Listening to the Bose surround sound for the beginning of the race was almost as good as being home!!

The "burrito dude" in Chipotle was so disgusting I couldn't take it! I couldn't believe how many piercings he had on his lip. Then he had a goatee that was SOOOOO GROSS!! I about threw up! It went to about his clavicle. It was then separated every 1/2 inch or so with a rubber band so it looked like this (not the same dude though). So it took every bit out of me not to stare, but I did ok! Thankfully I don't work with weirdos like that!!


**Isn't he sexy??**

Tony Stewart led half the race today and lost in the last freaking lap to Ryan Newman!!! What the hell Tony?? Come'on! Can say at least you are leading in points still! Come'on 9 more races for the Cup!

Boy I thought we were off to a great start today!! Then what the hell happened?? The Browns, which I give a lot of credit to, handed our asses to us! I started to blog with 2 min left in the game... Now there is 10 seconds left with no chance in hell to win!! Good game to the Browns...

During halftime they unveiled Reggie White's number... Boy was that touching. I cried, as usual! What a sap I am. It's just a shame they couldn't win this game for the Minister of Defense. It did get a little touching towards the end of the game when the fans started chanting Reggie, Reggie, Reggie... Weird thing was, I had mentioned that about 3 minutes earlier in the game.

At the end of the game Brett Favre ended up and became an elite member of the 50,000+ passing yards. Congratulations!!

Now I have to catch hell for the Packers losing!! Thanks guys!!