Ok... so have any of you watched PrisonBreak yet??


who plays as Lincoln Burrows on the show that is on death row... and his brother Wentworth Miller, **EYE CANDY!**

who plays Michael Scofield, whom also was sentenced to 5 years in prison for robbing a bank. He robbed the bank to get into the same prison as his brother so they can escape prison together before his scheduled execution. Wentworth has an upper hand because the company he worked for did renovations to the prison and he has seen the blueprints. Well in preparation for his arrival to prison he has had his upper torso tattooed with the and the blueprints are hidden within the tattoos!

Ok, I am not Siskel or Ebert or whoever the new dude is... But this show freaking rocks and Monday nights can not seem to come fast enough!!! I would highly recommend it!!!