Green Bay Packers vs. Cleveland Browns


Before I begin my post, I want to commemorate Reggie White #92 and the retiring of his number on Sunday, September 17th, 2005. This will be an extremely touching moment for every Packer fan. I can honestly say when I found out he passed away I cried. He was like family to all of us. You left us too soon, we know you are in a better place and will never be forgotten!

**When I was at Lambeau Field in May I was shown where his number was to be retired in the Stadium...

I can only imagine the emotions that will be going around in the Frozen Tundra. Being there when I was it was eerily quiet so to have a sold out stadium will be insanely poignant.

**This picture was taken from the field looking into the tunnel**

Walking through the tunnel onto the field was an experience to remember, because you are literally walking on the same concrete that all of the other Packer greats, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Earl (Curly) Lambeau, Brett Favre, and Reggie White to name a few... Through the renovations they have kept the concrete and how endearing was it to feel "like one of them" for a moment.

What a rivalry I am looking forward to!! After being a resident of the Greater Cleveland area for nearly seven years this is bittersweet!!! I worked for the construction manager that built the Stadium. So I do have a small spot in my heart for the team as I got to see the stadium go from nothing to something. Here are a few pics, because I am in a generous mood today!!

~~Before and After~~

I have had one of my clients take me to the game and her seats were so awesome... Too bad she can give them away once and awhile. In Cleveland here you have to pay a seat tax along with your season pass tickets. What a rip!!! But hey, I am not the one writing it off on my taxes as a business expense!! So I guess my attachment to the team is more structural than emotional to the Cleveland Browns since I didn't pay any attention to who the new Quarterback was!!! Silly me!

I am just hoping that the Packers kick some ass!! I am rooting for you Kevin!! For those of you who don't know I am friends with Kevin Barry #71. I went to high school with him and had classes with him, ate lunch with him so it's always exciting to see him on television!!! Go U-71!!!!