A little more thanks

I wanted to take time out to thank Ms. Chic & Sassy at Chic & Sassy Designs. The little kinks have been worked out and my new template is working like a charm. I want to thank you for your hard work and creativeness to again capture a bit of me and make it a beautiful masterpiece! Anyone who may be interested in a site re-design, please contact Ms. C&S here or here...

I also want to thank all my readers for your compliments on the new design! Now go see Ms. C&S!!!


Today is the American Holiday, Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. October for Halloween, November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas. All three holidays mean something different to me and I will forever hold childhood memories and now that I am a mother my own family traditions and our own memories as a family.

This year I am thankful for having my family and friends. I am enternally grateful to all of our men and women who sacrificed their lives overseas and here in our homeland protecting us. I will remember them in spirit today while other families are longing for their loved ones who have moved onto the after life. To all of you, thank you. You all have given up the ultimate sacrifice, your lives.

To all of you celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.

Weekend back "home"

This past weekend I headed back home to Wisconsin for a quick trip to visit a friend who recently had her first baby.

I was there for 3 days /2 nights and the time flew! Almost too fast. I was able to "catch up" with friends and family which is most important. I won't be back for about two years since we are having a baby in a few months.

I took some pictures of on my favorite spots on the lake. Shoop Park, Racine Wisconsin. The body of water is Lake Michigan. The second picture is my most favorite. Click on the images to enlarge.

Sex really does sell!

Well, I finally had my hubby’s FOP fundraiser last Saturday. I have been busy finishing things up and was finalizing plans for the event. It went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time. This year we went away empty-handed, but our guests left with prizes so it all worked out in the end. I did my sex basket which turned out to be a total porn basket. That was the mutterings around the crowd. I was watching couples while sitting on stage look in the basket on the table in front of the stage. It was funny to see them crowd around the basket and giggle about what was in it. The list included...

It was weird to pick the winning ticket and to see the recipient come up to take the big basket of sexual pleasures. When he came up we handed the basket to him in a shaking manner! It was funny! The remainder of the night I could just imagine him in the gummy jock strap or the candy jock strap.

Our Auxiliary Lodge made about $2,000 more than we made last year. It is safe to say we had a great year and I believe I will now take over the infamous sex basket! I am already looking forward to our next raffle!!

Here's what I put in the basket and I bought all of the stuff from a heavily discounted website. Most of their items were 60-90% off. Their customer service is stellar! Shop SuperDVDmart.com you won't regret it!!

Screw It! (was what I named my basket)

Wild Tasty Tickles
Ultra Pink Beaver
Red Plush Love Cuffs
Purple Tickle & Whip
Red Fantasy Bondage Tape
Classic 8” Dong
Soft Jelly Anal Beads

Return Of the One Eyed Trouser Snake
Couples Caught On Tape
2 Slots and A Cock
10 Of Porns Hottest

Romantic Massage Kit
Silky Seduction Kit
Karma Sutra Dice Game
Tantric Sex Positions - Book

Yummy Treats:
Tastie Tattoos
Sex Tart Tangy Tangerine
Sex Tart Green Apple Fizz
Sex Tart Watermelon
Sex Tart Cherry Pop
Sex Tart Strawberry Punch
Flavored Moist Sampler
Candy Posing Pouch
Candy Bra
Candy Garter
Candy G-string
Gummy Jock Strap
Head Candy Lips
Dicky Charms Candy
Chocolate Body Paint