Thought for the day...

I'd love to have this done in calligrahpy and frame it for gifts... (hint, hint) I read this at a high class kids store about a year ago and when I read it I literally had tears in my eyes.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did...

I tried to teach my child from books. He only gave me puzzled looks.
I tried to teach my child from words. They passed him by, oft unheard.

Despairingly, I turned aside. “How shall I teach this child?” I cried.
Then, into my hand he placed the key “Come” he said, “play with me.”

~Author Unknown

Archive from August 17, 2005

IT'S HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

It's been a pretty good day today... Work was pretty easy going. Got a lot accomplished today, which is a good thing. Since God only knows what will bring me tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I am going for my first of two progesterone levels. I can't hardly wait. I love being a pin cushion to blood hungry phlebotomists! Hopefully one day really soon I will be happy to give up my blood to them when I am preggo! I have been still bloated! Pain has pretty much subsided. I have been having some pelvic fullness and cramping too... Whatever that means?!

Tonight I am finishing watching Coach Carter, what a great movie. Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor. I rented it off of our TiVo, which rocks by the way!! I also got the Phantom of the Opera too. I will watch that this weekend. Tom and I are going to try to go on a "date" this week and see Wedding Crashers. I could use a good comedy to get through these next few weeks.

I also have to add that my drives to work have been rather enjoyable with my XM Satellite Radio! What a godsend!!! I have been listening to the comedy channel daily. I laugh so hard I am almost in tears! There is also very different genres of music... 80's, 90's, Alternative, Country, Pop, Dance, Rap, Jazz, Classical, and the Disney Channel to name a few! I should get paid for plugging XM!! Yeah, right that won't happen, ever!!

Ok, remember the girl we were talking about the other day that I work with??? We will call her "Valley" since she's from California. Well today she was telling me how size matters and she can't be with a man twice her width?? Um, ok. I really don't want to know that!! Valley was listening to my radio and was chiming in about what women want... Obviously she'd take anything with a third leg! I never thought I'd talk about her tendencies, but I find them quite shocking. I am a straight forward person, but not to that extreme!!!

Tomorrow night I will be making an ice cream cake for my boss' birthday. I am going to make an Oreo ice cream cake with fudge. I will try to take a picture!! :) So I am excited to see how this one turns out as for Emiy's birthday I made her a chocolate covered pretzel ice cream cake. She loved it!! Yummy!!

Oh, speaking of desserts. I bought these new individual dessert things by Betty Crocker, Warm Delights (scroll down to the middle). Holy crap are those good and easy!!! And speaking of more dessert items... My friend Pam introduced me to a PCOS'ers dream! Walden Farms makes a mean chocolate sauce and marshmallow creme! All fat free, carb free, sugar free, blah, blah blah! Makes you wonder what's really in it? But you don't worry about it and just indulge knowing that you are eating a sin-ful food at no expense!

And lastly... I recently bought three CD's!!! I got the new Staind, Rise Against (if you click on the link you can listen to a clip of the song), and Fall Out Boy. So you can tell that I am totally obsessed with music, but I can't wait until Disturbed comes out with their new CD, Ten Thousand Fists in September!!!

Well, that's it for tonight!! Tune in tomorrow for more!!!

Archive from August 16, 2005

Well... Today is Tuesday and I don't have a hell of a lot to post. I am breaking the trend here!

I am actually going to be working some from home today so that's not very exciting! Oh, how 4 months and 2 weeks can't come fast enough!

A Professor at Cleveland State was electrocuted and died today... That was Tom's excitement when he got to work. So I am borrowing it to fill my blog!

Oh, and holy crap! Gas prices?!?!?!? $42 to fill up the new gas guzzler!! I should have bought a Hybrid!! I bought gas at Sam's Club and it was $2.45 and on the street it is $2.69!!! Um, the normal pay increases of 2% doesn't fit into that equation!!!

Well until later!!

Archive from August 15, 2005

Well here goes another post!! This can be rather fun!!

Well today I have decided that drivers are complete assholes!!! I know that I am one of them, but hey I can admit it! That is the first step!! It started off this morning when jerk-offs can't do the speed limit or decide if they are turning left or right! Um hello!! There are working professionals with things to do and places to see!!! MOVE OUTTA MY WAY!!! So I get to work and leave for lunch. I headed to Chipotle for a small Fajita Burrito Bol. On my way there I have to drive through this bar town called Lakewood. It is also known for their gay culture, but to each his own. I love peoples all the same!! So I get more assholes not knowing where they are going AGAIN!! What is up people??? Don't you know where you are going when you get in your car or do you purposely try to piss people with a Point A and Point B in mind?? I think that's it! You are all out to get me and my mood swings!!! So I get to Chipotle and have to park in BFE because it is a busy shopping center. It's not a big deal since I need the exercise and with having my IUI I don't want to be jumping around much for about a week until I feel better. So it's getting good now... After work I go to Heinen's. I leave work trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I decide on chicken breast, pasta with olive oil and corn. Yeah I know good, combo, but it's the season out here and gotta love corn on the cob!! So I am walking into the store in la-la land and all of a sudden this very inattentive lady driving a Ford Escape just decided to back up right into me... Um let me tell you, her tire was right next to my foot and I basically said in a surprised tone of voice... Um, hello... There is someone trying to make it home alive to their family! She apologized, which is ok. It happens to the best of us. But ugh! I just wanted to go home and hadn't even been in the store yet. So I finally pick up what I needed for dinner tonight and went home and yet again another asshole, this time a male! Driving a new Jeep Cherokee decides to weave in and out of traffic cutting off a semi and a minivan. Note to self... Um, ok try to stay out of this guy’s way! End of driving rant for the day... For those of you that I have kept your interest... Thank you!!

I had one lady I work with make me some salsa today. It was more of an offer. It was good, but so garlicy I think I can keep away the vampires for a few years at least!! I wish I had half the time to do cook and bake like she does. But when you are 40-something and have been married 3 times looking for a fourth... Damn! I'd stop at twice! Let alone 3 times!!! Don't get me wrong... She's a nice person, but her personality is very rough around the edges. I mean she tells me about her sex life! Who wants to know that?!?! Not me... I just want to make sure I get my own. But today she was telling me about a Navy Captain she dated that had a small penis. Um, like I want to know that! But to each their own! -- So thanks Kelley for the salsa, just keep the bedroom talk to a minimum. *Any advice to hinder those conversations would be welcomed!!*

And all day today I felt like I was 5 months pregnant, knowing the most I could be is like 2 days! LOL! I have been so bloated I can't stand it! I just can't wait until the end of the week when I will be feeling better!

Oh, and lastly... I have finally submitted my application to Cleveland State University to become a transfer student!! How scary is that?!?! OMG! I am going back to school in January with 18 year-olds! I am going to be almost 10 years older than them trying to start over, taking tests, etc. God help us all!! I haven't decided whether to do Engineering or Business (if I did business it'd be Marketing or International Business). Either or would be beneficial to my career now. So let's go with what pays more, Engineering. But who wants to do all that math?? I need to invest in a good tutor!! The great thing is that I get a 4 year undergrad for free with Tom working there! What a great perk! If he is still on the Police Department there when Emily graduates she's going there whether she likes it or not!! What a great benefit!!! This is off the subject, but here's a pic of Tom and Emily at the chili cook-off in January! So I have to call the last college I went to in High School. Yes I was a geek, but I took classes in high school that weren't offered and I got college credits for it while the school district paid for it. Thank you Washington Park High School and Carthage College!!

So that is it for today... I am going to unwind!!

Archive from August 14, 2005

What I am intending to do is to transfer my Yahoo 360 stuff onto here so, if things are out of date... SORRY!!

Ok... so here's another stab at this... This past weekend has been rather relaxing in a sense. Friday I had a pretty easy going day at work, which is a rarity within itself. Saturday morning we had our final Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Definition of IUI this year unless we run into some serious cash within the next three months. I tend to take it easy after I have these procedures done as I am quite sore!! I met the doctor and he came in when the office was closed to help me out. He's the sweetest man ever. I can never repay him for his thoughtfulness. If only I could show him my appreciation... After waiting an hour for preparation I was ready to do my part... Receiving the pain! Oh, the things we women go through! It goes beyond hair and make-up men!!! Here I am spread eagle and my doctor is on his hands and knees trying to find the path of least resistance to actually perform my IUI! God love him! So I lay there afterwards for 30 min... I start to cry, because I know that this is truly it. That if god has a plan for my family that this has to be it. I am trying to stay strong, but it is really difficult. Link on Dr. B!! Living with PCOS is such crap and I wish that one day my body will be normal like the other women in the world and somehow I can procreate normally without having to use medical means!! Hell, what happened to doing it the old fashioned way?!?! So looking in my mom's Joy of Sex books while growing up obviously isn't going into play as I was laying on the bed with my feet in stir-ups!!!

Throughout the entire day on Saturday, I am thinking of my girlfriend Pam back home. Her mother passed away a week ago with a battle of cancer for 5 years Obituary. Her mom's funeral was yesterday and I had tried to promise her that'd I be there for her, but I can't travel back home on a monthly basis. Hell my funds are drained as it is... So I need to have some flowers or a plant delivered to her house because her mom would have wanted it that way. She'd want a plant in her honor to grow... *Miss you Peg*

So with trying to deal with these emotions, I have to try to get preggo!!! So Emily and I have pretty much chilled out and relaxed all weekend!!! We had a movie weekend!!! Our first ever! We watched Runaway Jury, Mr. 3000, Without a Paddle, The Notebook (what a good movie)!

Emily and I also went to the Corn Festival out here... I have lived here for almost 7 years and it was nothing as I expected. It was so hokey, but as always good greasy food!! While on the way back to our vehicle I had noticed someone got their vehicle broken into... It was so sad. I could never imagine being in that situation, ever!! This woman was so upset all I wanted to do was hug her. But a lesson learned here... Never leave your valuable belongings in your vehicle, ever!!! She left her purse and cell phone with all of her personal effects and $250 in cash! Who has that kind of money to just leave in your purse!?!? This all happened in the middle of the day in a busy parking lot!!! I personally saw 4 police officers in the area. It only takes seconds to break a window and take what you want. These kids or professionals know what they are looking for and they take what they want and get rid of everything else in the trash or a field, etc. So whoever the lady was, I hope that you have learned a lesson even though it was a hard lesson to learn!! I did do my duty as a citizen by calling the police so I get the neighbor of the year award!!

So that was my exciting weekend... Now onto more excitement this week... I guess this wasn't SO bad.

I could get used to this... It is interesting having a conversation with yourself!!

P.S. If this is all over the place... Sorry! I have half thoughts!!!

How could they do that to me?!

Ok... for lunch I went to Chipotle. I parked and just ran in with someone I work with... And forgot to put money in the parking meter! Well, the one time I freaking forget! I GET CAUGHT!!! I have a $15-25 fine depending on when I pay it. Um hello is there no brotherhood to fellow officers?! I have Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) plates and he had to write the plate number down on the ticket... How about giving a sister a break!?!?! So my $7 lunch turned into a fancy dinner at the local Denny's or where ever!!!!!


Um... ok... I am going to try to go big-time here! Kinda scary, but well, worth a try!! I tried to blog on Yahoo 360, but didn't like the options provided... I have a few friends that blog on here and thought I'd give this a stab.

Has anyone ever wondered how certain people make it through life and how others just scoot by? I mean I have good job and make decent cash, but how do I move up the ladder?? I saw a woman yesterday driving a BMW 7 series without a care in the world! Hell if I could afford her vehicle I wouldn't have a care in the world knowing that I am driving an $80k vehicle around!!! That's a home to some!

And how are some people so freaking shallow?! Are looks really everything or have I been living under a rock for almost 27 years?! Elaboration to follow...

Well that's enough for now... Thanks for reading.