Archive from August 14, 2005

What I am intending to do is to transfer my Yahoo 360 stuff onto here so, if things are out of date... SORRY!!

Ok... so here's another stab at this... This past weekend has been rather relaxing in a sense. Friday I had a pretty easy going day at work, which is a rarity within itself. Saturday morning we had our final Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Definition of IUI this year unless we run into some serious cash within the next three months. I tend to take it easy after I have these procedures done as I am quite sore!! I met the doctor and he came in when the office was closed to help me out. He's the sweetest man ever. I can never repay him for his thoughtfulness. If only I could show him my appreciation... After waiting an hour for preparation I was ready to do my part... Receiving the pain! Oh, the things we women go through! It goes beyond hair and make-up men!!! Here I am spread eagle and my doctor is on his hands and knees trying to find the path of least resistance to actually perform my IUI! God love him! So I lay there afterwards for 30 min... I start to cry, because I know that this is truly it. That if god has a plan for my family that this has to be it. I am trying to stay strong, but it is really difficult. Link on Dr. B!! Living with PCOS is such crap and I wish that one day my body will be normal like the other women in the world and somehow I can procreate normally without having to use medical means!! Hell, what happened to doing it the old fashioned way?!?! So looking in my mom's Joy of Sex books while growing up obviously isn't going into play as I was laying on the bed with my feet in stir-ups!!!

Throughout the entire day on Saturday, I am thinking of my girlfriend Pam back home. Her mother passed away a week ago with a battle of cancer for 5 years Obituary. Her mom's funeral was yesterday and I had tried to promise her that'd I be there for her, but I can't travel back home on a monthly basis. Hell my funds are drained as it is... So I need to have some flowers or a plant delivered to her house because her mom would have wanted it that way. She'd want a plant in her honor to grow... *Miss you Peg*

So with trying to deal with these emotions, I have to try to get preggo!!! So Emily and I have pretty much chilled out and relaxed all weekend!!! We had a movie weekend!!! Our first ever! We watched Runaway Jury, Mr. 3000, Without a Paddle, The Notebook (what a good movie)!

Emily and I also went to the Corn Festival out here... I have lived here for almost 7 years and it was nothing as I expected. It was so hokey, but as always good greasy food!! While on the way back to our vehicle I had noticed someone got their vehicle broken into... It was so sad. I could never imagine being in that situation, ever!! This woman was so upset all I wanted to do was hug her. But a lesson learned here... Never leave your valuable belongings in your vehicle, ever!!! She left her purse and cell phone with all of her personal effects and $250 in cash! Who has that kind of money to just leave in your purse!?!? This all happened in the middle of the day in a busy parking lot!!! I personally saw 4 police officers in the area. It only takes seconds to break a window and take what you want. These kids or professionals know what they are looking for and they take what they want and get rid of everything else in the trash or a field, etc. So whoever the lady was, I hope that you have learned a lesson even though it was a hard lesson to learn!! I did do my duty as a citizen by calling the police so I get the neighbor of the year award!!

So that was my exciting weekend... Now onto more excitement this week... I guess this wasn't SO bad.

I could get used to this... It is interesting having a conversation with yourself!!

P.S. If this is all over the place... Sorry! I have half thoughts!!!