Archive from August 17, 2005

IT'S HUMP DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!

It's been a pretty good day today... Work was pretty easy going. Got a lot accomplished today, which is a good thing. Since God only knows what will bring me tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning I am going for my first of two progesterone levels. I can't hardly wait. I love being a pin cushion to blood hungry phlebotomists! Hopefully one day really soon I will be happy to give up my blood to them when I am preggo! I have been still bloated! Pain has pretty much subsided. I have been having some pelvic fullness and cramping too... Whatever that means?!

Tonight I am finishing watching Coach Carter, what a great movie. Samuel L. Jackson is a great actor. I rented it off of our TiVo, which rocks by the way!! I also got the Phantom of the Opera too. I will watch that this weekend. Tom and I are going to try to go on a "date" this week and see Wedding Crashers. I could use a good comedy to get through these next few weeks.

I also have to add that my drives to work have been rather enjoyable with my XM Satellite Radio! What a godsend!!! I have been listening to the comedy channel daily. I laugh so hard I am almost in tears! There is also very different genres of music... 80's, 90's, Alternative, Country, Pop, Dance, Rap, Jazz, Classical, and the Disney Channel to name a few! I should get paid for plugging XM!! Yeah, right that won't happen, ever!!

Ok, remember the girl we were talking about the other day that I work with??? We will call her "Valley" since she's from California. Well today she was telling me how size matters and she can't be with a man twice her width?? Um, ok. I really don't want to know that!! Valley was listening to my radio and was chiming in about what women want... Obviously she'd take anything with a third leg! I never thought I'd talk about her tendencies, but I find them quite shocking. I am a straight forward person, but not to that extreme!!!

Tomorrow night I will be making an ice cream cake for my boss' birthday. I am going to make an Oreo ice cream cake with fudge. I will try to take a picture!! :) So I am excited to see how this one turns out as for Emiy's birthday I made her a chocolate covered pretzel ice cream cake. She loved it!! Yummy!!

Oh, speaking of desserts. I bought these new individual dessert things by Betty Crocker, Warm Delights (scroll down to the middle). Holy crap are those good and easy!!! And speaking of more dessert items... My friend Pam introduced me to a PCOS'ers dream! Walden Farms makes a mean chocolate sauce and marshmallow creme! All fat free, carb free, sugar free, blah, blah blah! Makes you wonder what's really in it? But you don't worry about it and just indulge knowing that you are eating a sin-ful food at no expense!

And lastly... I recently bought three CD's!!! I got the new Staind, Rise Against (if you click on the link you can listen to a clip of the song), and Fall Out Boy. So you can tell that I am totally obsessed with music, but I can't wait until Disturbed comes out with their new CD, Ten Thousand Fists in September!!!

Well, that's it for tonight!! Tune in tomorrow for more!!!