Archive from August 15, 2005

Well here goes another post!! This can be rather fun!!

Well today I have decided that drivers are complete assholes!!! I know that I am one of them, but hey I can admit it! That is the first step!! It started off this morning when jerk-offs can't do the speed limit or decide if they are turning left or right! Um hello!! There are working professionals with things to do and places to see!!! MOVE OUTTA MY WAY!!! So I get to work and leave for lunch. I headed to Chipotle for a small Fajita Burrito Bol. On my way there I have to drive through this bar town called Lakewood. It is also known for their gay culture, but to each his own. I love peoples all the same!! So I get more assholes not knowing where they are going AGAIN!! What is up people??? Don't you know where you are going when you get in your car or do you purposely try to piss people with a Point A and Point B in mind?? I think that's it! You are all out to get me and my mood swings!!! So I get to Chipotle and have to park in BFE because it is a busy shopping center. It's not a big deal since I need the exercise and with having my IUI I don't want to be jumping around much for about a week until I feel better. So it's getting good now... After work I go to Heinen's. I leave work trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I decide on chicken breast, pasta with olive oil and corn. Yeah I know good, combo, but it's the season out here and gotta love corn on the cob!! So I am walking into the store in la-la land and all of a sudden this very inattentive lady driving a Ford Escape just decided to back up right into me... Um let me tell you, her tire was right next to my foot and I basically said in a surprised tone of voice... Um, hello... There is someone trying to make it home alive to their family! She apologized, which is ok. It happens to the best of us. But ugh! I just wanted to go home and hadn't even been in the store yet. So I finally pick up what I needed for dinner tonight and went home and yet again another asshole, this time a male! Driving a new Jeep Cherokee decides to weave in and out of traffic cutting off a semi and a minivan. Note to self... Um, ok try to stay out of this guy’s way! End of driving rant for the day... For those of you that I have kept your interest... Thank you!!

I had one lady I work with make me some salsa today. It was more of an offer. It was good, but so garlicy I think I can keep away the vampires for a few years at least!! I wish I had half the time to do cook and bake like she does. But when you are 40-something and have been married 3 times looking for a fourth... Damn! I'd stop at twice! Let alone 3 times!!! Don't get me wrong... She's a nice person, but her personality is very rough around the edges. I mean she tells me about her sex life! Who wants to know that?!?! Not me... I just want to make sure I get my own. But today she was telling me about a Navy Captain she dated that had a small penis. Um, like I want to know that! But to each their own! -- So thanks Kelley for the salsa, just keep the bedroom talk to a minimum. *Any advice to hinder those conversations would be welcomed!!*

And all day today I felt like I was 5 months pregnant, knowing the most I could be is like 2 days! LOL! I have been so bloated I can't stand it! I just can't wait until the end of the week when I will be feeling better!

Oh, and lastly... I have finally submitted my application to Cleveland State University to become a transfer student!! How scary is that?!?! OMG! I am going back to school in January with 18 year-olds! I am going to be almost 10 years older than them trying to start over, taking tests, etc. God help us all!! I haven't decided whether to do Engineering or Business (if I did business it'd be Marketing or International Business). Either or would be beneficial to my career now. So let's go with what pays more, Engineering. But who wants to do all that math?? I need to invest in a good tutor!! The great thing is that I get a 4 year undergrad for free with Tom working there! What a great perk! If he is still on the Police Department there when Emily graduates she's going there whether she likes it or not!! What a great benefit!!! This is off the subject, but here's a pic of Tom and Emily at the chili cook-off in January! So I have to call the last college I went to in High School. Yes I was a geek, but I took classes in high school that weren't offered and I got college credits for it while the school district paid for it. Thank you Washington Park High School and Carthage College!!

So that is it for today... I am going to unwind!!