A friend of mine has been an inspiration to me as of late. Our kids are close in age. She has two sons and I have two daughters.

Her youngest son 'P" has been sick. He hasn't been gaining weight. After several months in treatment he is faced with having surgery. He is going to have a feeding tube put in to supplement his food intake so he can gain weight. "P" is scheduled for surgery two days before Christmas. My girlfriend and her family are going to have a different type of Christmas, the praying kind.

My girlfriend has held very strong. I admire her... I admire her strength, her courage. Every time I talk to her I get chocked up when we talk. She tells me she spent time with "P". She gave him a bath and took picture of his bare tummy to cherish for the rest of her life. He will have a scar on his tummy and to hear her reminisce made me so sad.

"P" is going to have to have this tube for 2 years. He will do well with time.

Even though I won't be back home with her for support. I will be not only thinking of her and her family; I will be praying for them, and I will help her the best I can from afar.

Happy Thanksgiving... a few days late.

Wow I was super busy the last 2 weeks! I have been meaning to post but have not had a free moment. My last post was a super rant, bitchy post and I almost regret publishing it. But... it's too late now.

Today I am much better. Thanksgiving was amazing... I worked Monday and was off the rest of the week. My mom flew in on Tuesday evening so I had the whole day to get errands done for the week. I came home and baked pumpkin bread and cooked potato broccoli bacon cheddar cheese soup. On Wednesday I prepped food all day for Thanksgiving so I could relax on Thanksgiving and actually spend time with my family.

Friday I went shopping. I got up at 3:30 to be to the stores by 4. Yes I was insane, but I got some pretty good deals and saved a lot of money. The last store I was in I locked my keys in my hubby's truck. That sucked. But it all worked out.

My mom helped me organize my house and purge stuff that was taking up space. I donated 10 big black garbage bags of clothes and toys to Goodwill. It was so good to get rid of the stuff and hopefully some little girls will have a nice Christmas with the stuff we got rid of.

I was sad to see my mom go, but there will be a next time.

I hope all of you had a great holiday and had plenty to be thankful for.