What are your true colors?

While watching the SuperBowl this year there was a simple commercial by Dove that was super sweet with children singing a song by Cyndi Lauper entitled, True Colors. Dove did a very good job and I think in a sense society is trying to make people of all shapes and sizes socially acceptible, again. It's a big step for one company on behalf of an entire society to back peddle what has been instilled in our society over the years... But it's a start!

Along with their Real Beauty Campaign they have the women to the left promoting Real Women Have Curves. The average woman in America is a size 14 and we are not appreciated of our curves... Dove has created this campaign and I think their marketing department really went out on a social limb. I think that a mould has been broken with this Real Beauty campaign. I think Dove has done a very good job in a subtle manner... I hope everyone got a big fat raise! I know I will still continue to buy my Dove deodorant!!

I am no feminist by any means, but this was a great idea and I think the commercial is worth checking out along with the links...

Check out the 45 second commerical below!

I am a new mother.... Godmother that is...

As most of you know I recently witnessed the birth of my niece, Maddy... Today was her baptism and I am now her Godmother. To be asked this was truly a blessing and I am eternally grateful to not only be her aunt but to be thought of and to be called her Godmother.

Here is an excerpt from my last post I wrote about Maddy and her mommy...

I witnessed the birth of this little girl while holding her mother's hand... Her mother and I cried out of joy in the operating room when we heard her first cry and listen to her take her first breath... I cut her umbilical cord and fed her, her very first bottle and now I will be gifted with a title other than Aunt. I am beyond words and I am truly flattered that I have been thought of enough to be the Godmother of two children, my niece Madison and my cousin Selena.
Emily and my nephew, Brett, couldn't figure out why there were almost "left" out in church... These kids do everything together so Maddy getting all of the attention I am sure was a bit weird! But they managed well and were able to hold Maddy at the end of the service. But holy smokes, there were a ton of families getting their children baptized before Lent. WOW!

Hmmm.... now that means I need to think of something to give up for 6 weeks.... One year was road rage and I did very well with that. This year I am going to try something a bit more difficult!

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New First Class Passenger Headed to New York!!

I'd like to welcome my very good friend to my site, Otilius... Otilius, is originally from Alaska (picture at right) and relocated to New York about 10 years ago. He is a photographer and takes some pretty stunning pictures of New York life. He also teaches a photography as a profession...

Please click the link to the right and check out his more of his pictures and tell him I sent you!!!

Here are few pictures from Otilius' portfolio, used with permission, of course...

a reflection of a complicated history...

Now you see 'em, now you don't

a view of the South end of Manhattan and the Hudson River

Friday Funny (v.11)

Wordless Wednesday (v.1)

I saw a friend of mine do these posts and it's a great idea...

There is nothing better than seeing an innocent child sleeping...

Freak show anyone???

A few years ago I was crocheting an afghan for my aunt as a gift. I worked on this thing all the time as I had a deadline to finish it before we were set to travel back to Wisconsin. Towards the end I was taking this thing with me everywhere to finish, like the car!

We were living with my mother-in-law at the time saving money to build our house and we had discussed going to the store to get ice cream. I said sure we could go, let me finish this row. Me "finishing this row" was a nice way of blowing you off... I am anal and don't like to finish mid-row... I would be done with a row and my hubby wouldn't be paying attention, so I would start another row. This went on for about an hour... Then he finally asked are we leaving?? I was done at that point. When finished crocheting I would roll up the afghan and stick the crochet hook in straight up and down to hold it together.

As a joke my hubby said I just want to pull the yarn out... Because he was annoyed with me obsessing over this thing.

In a split second he motioned to me and the afghan rolled up on the floor with the crochet hook sticking out. In defense of my hard work I stomped my foot on my work... A few seconds later (in slow motion) my foot feels hot. I lean over to touch my foot and my hubby leaps on me and tackles me to the floor. All of a sudden he's yelling "DON'T PULL IT OUT"! I then try to touch the hook protruding out of the top of my foot. It looked so surreal... I couldn't believe that just happened to me...

Within a few minutes I am in the back of my mother-in-law's yacht (Mercury Grand Marquis) laying in the backseat with my father-in-law driving, err..., shall I say hauling ass to the emergency room. We had a small two-seater truck that I couldn't lay down in... So my hubby was lagging behind. My father-in-law was doing oh, about 80-90MPH in a 35.... And I was laying down, moaning in pain. I didn't feel this thing go in, but it sure was throbbing.

We get to the hospital and I get out into a wheelchair and I had grabbed a towel to hang over my foot as I didn't want small children to see the injury. It could be traumatic to a little one. The little pressure of the towel hanging off of the tip of the crochet hook hurt like hell... But I dealt with it.

I checked in and was called to Triage after waiting for about 30 minutes or so. I was then brought into the "real" ER versus the MedExpress side. I was in a room down a long hallway looking out towards the entrance of the ER... Once I was settled I had my nurse come in to get my medical history, etc... Shortly thereafter, my husband was excused from the room and I was then greeted by the same nurse asking me about domestic violence. Getting the whole, "Well you know it's ok to tell us, schpeal". Um, yeah whatever! If my husband wanted to beat me or stab me with something I am sure he would have thought of something better than a crochet hook and a better place than my foot you moron! So I say that, but kindly leave the moron part out of it.

After a bit the doctor comes in... at this point I don't remember if I had pain meds or not... I was just dealing with the pain. High tolerence I would assume. He tries to assess the situation and how he will be taking this thing out of my foot. He leaves perplexed... A few minutes later I get more nurses, doctors coming in to take a look at my freah show foot. Then I have to explain the story and they are all shocked that something like this could happen... Well it was shift change too which created more traffic! Just what I needed...

During the middle of all of this I have to go to the bathroom. Who knew this would be such a production? Not me!! I had to have an orderly come in to assist me into a wheelchair... Take me to the bathroom, help me pull my pants down because I couldn't balance. And once done she had to help me pull them up. Going to the bathroom essentially one legged is impossible!

I am asked to go to Radiology... the wheel me into the X-Ray room... I have to explain my story, again to the tech. She then started to take the films... Contort your leg this way, move that way... "I am sorry that hurts, it will just be another minute" she says... I say, "Oh, it's ok..." Like a moron.

Well good news... I didn't break any bones visibally... THANK GOD! The hook went clear through two metatarsals and just rubbed against my second metatarsal which could pose a problem later. So I didn't have to have a cast or surgery! AMEN! (The hook was between my second and third metatarsal... Please disregard the two lines in pink and blue....)

I get situated back into my bed or board, whichever you'd like to call it. I try to get as comfortable as I can... The door is still open and I see my doctor in some medical tool drawer pulling out different plier looking things with the motion like he's pulling something out. Um, yeah... he's trying to practice removing the hook with the medical tools. Another doctor came by him and I see him put one in his pocket and he came into my room... He looked at my foot and made the same motion with this whimpy ass tool. He left.

The nurse comes in and says we are going to give you some meds... I said well give me something good, because if I feel this come out I will flip my lid! So she said roll over on your side... Ok... She gives me some pain killer in my hip or right butt cheek! Oh my god! It hurt like hell! But after the meds went their way I was on cloud nine!

The doctors that were at the medical tool box or whatever came into the room... He pulls a pair of Craftsmen pliers out of his pocket. Nothing medical about this. This is a hardcore tool that you use on wood or something. Not on bones! Not on me! The seditive and pain killer they gave me made me like a pussy cat... I was ok with anything... Just take it out I said... I turn my head, hold the hubby's hand and before I knew it this crochet hook that was impaled in my foot was out. There wasn't any bleeding and I only felt a little pressure when it was removed.

I waited for a bit for "recovery" or shall I say my hubby did, while I passed out. I was sent on my merry way and had to go to an orthopedic doctor the next day. Since this was my right foot, I couldn't drive or anything... We borrowed crutches from a friend and I gimped around that way... Might I say that crutches are very uncomfortable and difficult to figure out from a person who has never had to use them before.

I go to the doctor and he looks at my foot and says everything is fine and I am sent on my way... A few months later I am having problems... I go back to the same office different, younger doctor... Oh Melissa, you have a hairline fracture... You need to be in a cast for three weeks... Fucking wonderful! I am petrified... Never been in a cast.... But I oblige and go for it... For three weeks I have to be dropped off/picked up from work and gimp around my office... I was so uncomfortable in this thing... My calf itched all of the time. The doctor said to put cornstarch in there to get rid of the itching... Well my husband would pour errr, dump this stuff into my cast to where I would have cornstarch clouds poofing out of the foot of my cast and the top of it everytime I took a step. Yeah... uncool... But once it's in there it's not coming out... So I dealt with it.

So in closing, yes I am long winded... What's the moral of the story????

Don't blow off your husband for ice cream otherwise you will turn into a freak show at the emergency room!!

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This afternoon we took Em to see Curious George. What a CUTE movie!! It was short, 1 hour 22 minutes, which is perfect for a child and mom! Admittedly I wanted to see it more than my daughter. Curious George was always a good book to read growing up.

The simple story line, the artistry, the lack of "fluff" was very enjoyable. George was drawn to be so freaking cute I wanted to jump through the screen and squeeze his little cheeks. The animation is totally different than any other movie I have seen in awhile. It doesn't come off as computer animated, not that I know if it was or not... The music was very simple, calming and playful...

Update on Yazeed Essa - America's Most Wanted

Tonight, February 18, 2006, please watch America's Most Wanted to see Yazeed Essa featured as an AMW fugitive.

Let's try to help out the authorities capture this guy so Rosemarie's family and their two children can be at peace and Rosemarie can finally be at rest.

I wrote a post about Yaz on Tuesday, February 14, 2006... To see it, please click here. It is a bit more detailed regarding this story.

After watching AMW I was a bit disappointed Yaz only recieved his "15 Seconds of Shame"... He should have been featured for a few minutes at least. This story is just so bizarre I believe if anyone heard it they'd be just as determined to find this man! I guess it's better than nothing!

**Please check out my recent entry on April 4th on this story entitled An Inspiration... A Mission... Yazeed "Yaz" Essa.

Friday Funny (v.10)

If big busted women work at Hooters...

Where do one legged women work???

I have a new first class passenger!!!

I'd like to welcome my gal-pal Val to my site for this next week!!! Yes that rhymed and yes it was cheesy... get over it!!

Val is the mother if 3 beautiful children... She works full time while finishing up her degree. After being so busy she has found the time to have a wonderful Long Distance Love Story with her boyfriend, Luke. They have been doing this for 3 years and I am totally envious of the both of them.

Em and I recently met Val and she's an awesome person and we look forward to doing more with Val and her kids in the near future!!

Love ya!

I also found this from Val's site... A word cloud... It takes key words from your site.... Check it out!! If you want one too... click on this link.

Where in the world is Yazeed?

I recently became aware of a current news story in Greater Cleveland...

There was a doctor, Yazeed Essa, who allegedly killed his wife, Rosie. Rosemarie Essa's, brother, is now caring for her two children Armand, 4 and Lena, 2. Her brother is now caring for her two children as Yaz fled the country shortly after Rosie's death.

Rosemarie was found to be poisoned with cyanide ruled by the Cuyahoga County Coroner. It is
alleged that her husband Yazeed "Yaz" Essa, an Emergency Room Physician at an area hospital poisioned her. He is suspected in this case because Rosemarie told family members Yaz insisted she take calcium pills.

After being confronted three weeks after Rosemarie's death, Yaz failed to return to work from his beareavement leave. With mounting evidence against him... The pills... Her phone records prior to the accident and recollections of conversations over the past year with family, and a call made to her home the day of the accident didn't seem to match up. He left Cleveland to go to North Carolina to tend to a "friend" with a medical ailment. He left his two children with Dominic and never returned. He has been spotted in Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Miami, Florida, and Detroit, Michigan. He has been on the run, for nearly a year and the FBI has been acting on tips to locate Yaz.

Rosemarie's brother, Dominic has seized and frozen Essa's assets to help care for their children. Their $600,000 home in Gates Mills, Ohio, all 11 companies Yaz had interest in with his brother (Dish 1 Up Satellite and a Pager Company).

Yaz is going to bring America's Most Wanted to Cleveland to aid in the FBI's search for justice to Rosemarie and her two children that are going to be left without two bioligical parents to care for them. Their mother is deceased and their father is a wanted fugitive and if convicted will be in prison for a minimum of 20 years.

The biggest thing that perplexes me is Yaz is obviously from the Middle East... We as society realize the dedication a Middle Eastern man has to his sons... Why would he leave his son behind? His son to carry on his now tainted name? Don't get me wrong... he shouldn't have left either one of them behind in the first place... But why be a coward?? Live up to what you did.

I wonder what his countrymen say about his behavior for his son... What are your thoughts??

I know I have readers worldwide... and for whatever reason this story has struck a deep cord with me. Please be on the lookout for Dr. Yazeed Essa. If you see him, contact your local authorities... There is no reward offered that I am aware of, but you'd give Rosemarie's family and her children the peace of mind that this monster would be put away for a long time. We owe it to her so she can be at peace...
I personally know what it's like to grow up without a father and it's not that easy, but to be abandoned of both parents, I couldn't imagine... Just thinking about it makes me sick. Knowing her husband would be behind bars and her children will have closure.

Below are articles of reference where I have collaborated all of my information... Please read them at your leisure....

**Please check out my recent entry on April 4th on this story entitled An Inspiration... A Mission... Yazeed "Yaz" Essa.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Where's the bubbler??

With me being a transplant to Ohio I have noticed how different 'parts' speak differently. We all have our society driven phrases...

I will start with a few of mine from

Buggy --- Grocery Cart

Soda --- Obviously soda or soda pop or coke

Cupboard --- Cabinet(s)

Ice Box --- Refrigerator

Bubbler --- Water fountain... I have never called a bubbler a bubbler... It's a water fountain to me... But alas, we are unique in our sayings.

Moving to
Ohio... Holy shit! These people, yes I am now one of them, are whacked!!

Sweep --- Not the meaning us normal people think.... Sweeping in
Ohio means vacuuming AND sweeping with a broom!

Pop --- In
Wisconsin it's S-O-D-A!!! DAMNIT!!

Pecans --- PeCANS, like a can of soda!!

Kielbasa --- Enunciated Kielbasee (These last two are from my lovely mother-in-law *wink*)

I know since I have lived in Ohio that the vowels out here are a bit longer in enunciation... My Midwestern roots have embarrassed me trying to say some of the city names out here, but I am slowly learning... after seven years.

If anyone else has any to add, I'd really appreciate it. I always enjoy a good laugh!

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Video Funny...

This is hilarious!!!

Friday Funny (v. 9)

This is only pure speculation, but I think somebody came home a little early...

11 Reasons to Smile

Marriage changes passion. Suddenly you're in bed with a relative.

I saw a woman wearing a sweat shirt with "Guess" on it. So I said "Implants?" She hit me.

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Darn...that was fun!" (Sounds like me and my friend!!)

I signed up for an exercise class and was told to wear loose-fitting clothing. If I HAD any loose-fitting clothing, I wouldn't have signed up in the first place!

When I was young we used to go "skinny dipping." Now I just "chunky dunk."

Don't argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference.

Wouldn't it be nice if, whenever we messed up our life we could simply press 'Ctrl Alt Delete' and start all over?

Why is it that our children can't read a Bible in school, but they can in prison?

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever.

Why do I have to swear on the Bible in court when the Ten Commandments cannot be displayed in a federal building?

Bumper sticker of the year: "If you can read this, thank a teacher -and, since it's in English, thank a soldier !!"

Greeley enjoying the snow...

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Snow capped light fixtures part deux...

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Snow capped light fixtures...

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We got a lotta snow!!

Part Weimaraner and part Ostrich!

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Respecting your elders...

While watching American Idol this evening I am appalled of the disrespect kids these days have for their elders.

You have producers that have arranged a one million dollar recording contract, automobile deals with Ford, and many other incidentials that we the public; are unaware of. All of this for one person to achieve their goals, their dreams. Being a smart ass won't get you there any faster, if at all.

There was a kid that auditioned by the name of Kenneth Maccarone that said the following to Simon...

"Simon, if we're going based on what people do and what people say, then why aren't you on the backside of a pair of jeans?"
Now, while this kid had a point... He still should respect Simon, Randy and Paula for their time and efforts. What may be their only audition is their millionth. If they tell you that you are unable to sing and will never have a singing contract, be thankful!! Be thankful that they are willing to tell you to your face that you just aren't right for this kind of work. Be thankful that you had your 30 seconds of fame and will be a blip in the media...

I was raised to respect your elders... Mr. or Mrs. whoever... Yes ma'am, no sir... Please and thank you... May I have?

What the hell is wrong with parents of teens these days where they have lost sight of teaching simple manners to their children? What a great reflection on you and your families... I am sure your parents are very proud!

40 Year Old Daughter...

I got a call from Em while she's away in Florida with her grandparents for the week...

Here's our conversation...

M- Hi kiddo! How are you?

E- Good mom...

E- We are at Disney!!

M- Is that right?? Wow, you are lucky!

E- It's 86 degrees here and sunny.

M- Wow... you are lucky!

M- It's very cold here and it's been snowing!

E- (In an enthusiastic voice) Like the North Pole?? (Sure...e are Polar Express bound!)

M- Something like that!!

M- How have you been feeling doll? (She has/had strep throat)

E- Good, Grandma gave me my cough medicine and she gave me some of my prescription.

E- We are going to have dinner with Mickey Mouse at the Disney Castle on Tuesday!!

M- How exciting!! You tell Mickey that mommy says hello!!

M- Oh and Em... tell Grandpa GO STEELERS!!!

Yes, my daughter enunciated prescription at 4 years of age! I am so proud!

Thank you.... (Updated)

Finally I have the time to give credit, publically, where it is deserved...

I'd like to thank my friend Chris, The Thinker who did an amazing job doing my site redesign. Without him the new template wouldn't exist!! As I am freaking clueless when it comes to internet programming or whatever it is called.

Below are some comments from fellow readers showing their support...

To view any of Chris' sites please click on the links and tell him I sent you... In the event you were interested in him helping you out with any site design drop him an e-mail.

Here are some comments I have recieved in appreciation of the new site design...

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS and DIVINE, babycakes!!! :D I am so jealous! by Angie
  • nice its lovely, i love the orange sunset thing going on... and angie is right scissors are still the best thing ... by Zoe
  • WOW!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!! nicely done! by Homer Jay
  • I soooo LOVE the new look! :) by Ms. Irish Gal
  • This new look of yours is great! by Rocky Jay
  • Something looks different around here.... I just can't put my finger on it.... by Guppy
  • nice new look! by Ender
  • Nice redesign, Mel. by Otto
  • Nice new template. by T.
  • Nice new look! It took me by surprise! by ::Java Mama::
  • Love the new look :) by Wendy Wings
  • Just wanna say your new layout colors is great. Are you a stewardess? by Euian
  • I like the new site layout as well. Good work. by BlueDev
  • Love your new site design! by -Bill
  • Just wanted to swing by and say I love the new design! by B
  • I love your template design. by Liz
  • I like the new look! by Teddy
  • Site looks great by the way. by Ms. S'ghetti
Thank you Mr. Thinker!!

Chicago Sunsets

Today in Sports or Yesterday...

A Table for One

Here's his newest site and my apologies about there not being a thumbnail view of it....

Destiation Unknown

Again... thank you Chris!!!

Toilet Monster...

A few days ago while at work I had to go to the bathroom, fancy that!! I did my deed; number one for those who really need to know! As I am preparing to flush the toilet I have this routine... I quickly balance myself as I flush with my left foot. I refuse to touch the handle, as I get creeped out by germs. You'd be surprised at how many people that don't wash their hands! GROSS!!!

I center myself to flush the toilet and lift my left leg up and lose my balance a bit and lean forward. Leaning forward to some may not be a problem to some, but specifically to me that day it was bad... I had my good mechanical pencil Bic Velocity, clipped onto my red tailored shirt. I leaned over just a bit to get my balance back and the pencil quickly became unclipped to my shirt and made its decent into the swirling waters below.

At this point I am at a personal battle with myself trying to decide if I should stick my hand in there to get it or not... this lasts a few seconds... All the while, I am talking to myself in the bathroom stall saying... "I can't believe this just happened. I can't believe this just happened." Now if you were sitting on the John in the next stall what would you be thinking?? Well, there was someone sitting in the stall next to me. So here I am feeling like a total ass because first of all my pencil went for a swim and then I am talking to myself. I hear her snickering... So I am cracking up at this point because this whole situation is hilarious!

The toilet finishes its flush... So I continue to stand there watching the toilet... Hoping that my pencil will come back and I could at least throw it away or something. Well it doesn't. I walk out of the stall saying, "Well I guess it's not coming back."

That is when the girl next to me says something... "Oh, you lost something?" Yeah what the fuck do you think happened??? MORON! I didn't say that out loud, but it's what I was thinking, that's for sure!

I am now thinking, I hope that stall doesn't get backed up or anything. I'd be the cause of it. I mean pencils aren't very pliable. So going through all of the plumbing could be a tenuous task. I proceed to wash my hands and bolt out of there quickly. There was only one audible witness to my brush with the bathroom!

I guess the good part about the whole situation is the lead in the pencil was number 2!!!