Where in the world is Yazeed?

I recently became aware of a current news story in Greater Cleveland...

There was a doctor, Yazeed Essa, who allegedly killed his wife, Rosie. Rosemarie Essa's, brother, is now caring for her two children Armand, 4 and Lena, 2. Her brother is now caring for her two children as Yaz fled the country shortly after Rosie's death.

Rosemarie was found to be poisoned with cyanide ruled by the Cuyahoga County Coroner. It is
alleged that her husband Yazeed "Yaz" Essa, an Emergency Room Physician at an area hospital poisioned her. He is suspected in this case because Rosemarie told family members Yaz insisted she take calcium pills.

After being confronted three weeks after Rosemarie's death, Yaz failed to return to work from his beareavement leave. With mounting evidence against him... The pills... Her phone records prior to the accident and recollections of conversations over the past year with family, and a call made to her home the day of the accident didn't seem to match up. He left Cleveland to go to North Carolina to tend to a "friend" with a medical ailment. He left his two children with Dominic and never returned. He has been spotted in Greece, Syria, Lebanon, Miami, Florida, and Detroit, Michigan. He has been on the run, for nearly a year and the FBI has been acting on tips to locate Yaz.

Rosemarie's brother, Dominic has seized and frozen Essa's assets to help care for their children. Their $600,000 home in Gates Mills, Ohio, all 11 companies Yaz had interest in with his brother (Dish 1 Up Satellite and a Pager Company).

Yaz is going to bring America's Most Wanted to Cleveland to aid in the FBI's search for justice to Rosemarie and her two children that are going to be left without two bioligical parents to care for them. Their mother is deceased and their father is a wanted fugitive and if convicted will be in prison for a minimum of 20 years.

The biggest thing that perplexes me is Yaz is obviously from the Middle East... We as society realize the dedication a Middle Eastern man has to his sons... Why would he leave his son behind? His son to carry on his now tainted name? Don't get me wrong... he shouldn't have left either one of them behind in the first place... But why be a coward?? Live up to what you did.

I wonder what his countrymen say about his behavior for his son... What are your thoughts??

I know I have readers worldwide... and for whatever reason this story has struck a deep cord with me. Please be on the lookout for Dr. Yazeed Essa. If you see him, contact your local authorities... There is no reward offered that I am aware of, but you'd give Rosemarie's family and her children the peace of mind that this monster would be put away for a long time. We owe it to her so she can be at peace...
I personally know what it's like to grow up without a father and it's not that easy, but to be abandoned of both parents, I couldn't imagine... Just thinking about it makes me sick. Knowing her husband would be behind bars and her children will have closure.

Below are articles of reference where I have collaborated all of my information... Please read them at your leisure....

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