Where's the bubbler??

With me being a transplant to Ohio I have noticed how different 'parts' speak differently. We all have our society driven phrases...

I will start with a few of mine from

Buggy --- Grocery Cart

Soda --- Obviously soda or soda pop or coke

Cupboard --- Cabinet(s)

Ice Box --- Refrigerator

Bubbler --- Water fountain... I have never called a bubbler a bubbler... It's a water fountain to me... But alas, we are unique in our sayings.

Moving to
Ohio... Holy shit! These people, yes I am now one of them, are whacked!!

Sweep --- Not the meaning us normal people think.... Sweeping in
Ohio means vacuuming AND sweeping with a broom!

Pop --- In
Wisconsin it's S-O-D-A!!! DAMNIT!!

Pecans --- PeCANS, like a can of soda!!

Kielbasa --- Enunciated Kielbasee (These last two are from my lovely mother-in-law *wink*)

I know since I have lived in Ohio that the vowels out here are a bit longer in enunciation... My Midwestern roots have embarrassed me trying to say some of the city names out here, but I am slowly learning... after seven years.

If anyone else has any to add, I'd really appreciate it. I always enjoy a good laugh!

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