Thank you.... (Updated)

Finally I have the time to give credit, publically, where it is deserved...

I'd like to thank my friend Chris, The Thinker who did an amazing job doing my site redesign. Without him the new template wouldn't exist!! As I am freaking clueless when it comes to internet programming or whatever it is called.

Below are some comments from fellow readers showing their support...

To view any of Chris' sites please click on the links and tell him I sent you... In the event you were interested in him helping you out with any site design drop him an e-mail.

Here are some comments I have recieved in appreciation of the new site design...

  • Absolutely GORGEOUS and DIVINE, babycakes!!! :D I am so jealous! by Angie
  • nice its lovely, i love the orange sunset thing going on... and angie is right scissors are still the best thing ... by Zoe
  • WOW!!!!!!!!! Gorgeous!! nicely done! by Homer Jay
  • I soooo LOVE the new look! :) by Ms. Irish Gal
  • This new look of yours is great! by Rocky Jay
  • Something looks different around here.... I just can't put my finger on it.... by Guppy
  • nice new look! by Ender
  • Nice redesign, Mel. by Otto
  • Nice new template. by T.
  • Nice new look! It took me by surprise! by ::Java Mama::
  • Love the new look :) by Wendy Wings
  • Just wanna say your new layout colors is great. Are you a stewardess? by Euian
  • I like the new site layout as well. Good work. by BlueDev
  • Love your new site design! by -Bill
  • Just wanted to swing by and say I love the new design! by B
  • I love your template design. by Liz
  • I like the new look! by Teddy
  • Site looks great by the way. by Ms. S'ghetti
Thank you Mr. Thinker!!

Chicago Sunsets

Today in Sports or Yesterday...

A Table for One

Here's his newest site and my apologies about there not being a thumbnail view of it....

Destiation Unknown

Again... thank you Chris!!!