Tampons, Pills and Burgers...

While watching television at night I am baffled how some of these commercials are approved.

There are commercials for feminine hygiene products. As a woman, they drive me ape shit. I hate them. Who wants to know about Kotex or Tampons? It is a necessity of life. Advertising of these products in my opinion is worthless and a waste of money.

How about erectile dysfunction commercials? Those are hilarious... Talk about kicking a man when he's down.... I crack myself up! (No pun intended)

Burger King? The scary King man... How mental is that?

At one point I wanted to do marketing and create commercials... Perhaps I should pursue that endeavor.

Friday Funny (v.45)

Who needs a mini-van when you can pack the family on a motorcycle?

Current Events - House Cut Lengthwise by Chainsaw

I am going to try to write something about current events as time allows. I browse the net daily and come across the wierdest articles... It amazes me these people live amongst us.

I was reading an article from the WLWT.com; Cincinnati NBC news afilliate. Here's the video news link.

In the article this man who is 66 years old got pissed off and literally took a chain saw and cut his house in half from the inside. He cut it through the 2x4's, insulation, windows, etc.

Where is the integrity of this house now? The house is essentially worthless.

Soap box moment

The other day I had to run a quick errand to the grocery store. I had to pick up some items I needed for a recipe I was making for a work luncheon. As I approached the front of the store there are the refreshment centers with Pepsi and Coca-a-cola, magazine stands and the all time parent favorite, c-a-n-d-y. As I walked by I wanted bottled water. I stopped and grabbed one and as I backed up I noticed a woman looking feverishly at all kinds of DVD’s. Evidently that has become another something that is sold at the end of your visit to the grocery store. She has nothing in the main part of her cart and 5 DVD’s sitting in the part where a child would be, if she had one or one with her. I went about my business and paid for my items purchased.

As I was walking out of the store I notice the same woman walking out of the store with a big ole’ brown purse and no bag. She didn’t act like she just dropped a $100 on movies. She had guilt written all over her. I watched her walk out and it dawned on me, that is the same woman I saw a few minutes ago. This woman was in her mid 40’s, at least. She ran to her car and as she was running I reported her to an employee who was bringing carts from the parking lot. I couldn't explain the situation fast enough to her. And the woman go away. The sad part is I was totally eyeing out this woman and don't remember what she looks like other than her big purse. I never thought when I was standing next to her that I would have to remember. Thankfully there was video surveillance!

I look back and wonder how I would have handled this situation differently had I known what the outcome would have been and I honestly don't know. I don't understand, nor will I ever why some people things must come to them for free.

And when honest people purchase something we are paying inflated prices to compensate what thieves take.

Britney Spears vs. O.J.

For most of the day I listen to the Fox News channel on my satellite radio. I listen to it in the office because it's non-distracting and educational. Today's big topics were Britney Spears and the ever infamous O.J. Simpson.

First of all, Britney may be labeled an "unfit" mother. She parties and forgets to wear panties. Heck, we all do that, right? Ok, I guess I was blinded by the sight of her crotch one too many times. I hear all these reporters talking about her and K-Fed and how she may be or is going to be losing custody of her two boys. But why is she getting so much media attention? What about the children of the world whose mother wasn't famous but they deserve the attention to have a better life? I just believe we should try to refocus here just a bit... But it's my own opinion.

Then we have O.J. Simpson... What a waste of a human being... Come on now. Dude held up someone by gun point for $7,000 in memorabilia. Is he really that much of a tight ass? It amazes me he'd fuck his pathetic life up with the potential of actual jail/prison time. Way to go jack ass!

So who wins the biggest loser award of the week contest? Britney or O.J.?

Good Cup of Joe

While on our New England vacation I have experienced some different tastes for the palate. Stopping at a local Starbucks for either my "hot" or iced venti non-fat upside-down Carmel macchiato. The easiest place to stop was at McDonald's for a $1 cup of Joe. While traveling the taste of the coffee was awesome!

Come to find out McDonald's, Paul Newman and Green Mountain Coffee have come together marketing an organic, yes organic line of coffee. I have never been the "tree hugging" type, but in this case, the earth tastes pretty dammed good. I had a cup of McDonald's coffee everyday and would have loved to have more without killing myself on a caffeine high.

When we came home I started doing some web searches about McDonald's organic coffee and it's currently a regional thing which I find doubtful that it would end up here in Ohio. I actually liked the coffee so much I got some for my birthday. My girlfriend ended up coming here (another post) and we enjoyed sipping on Green Mountain coffee.

I'd recommend you swing by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and purchase some. If you like Starbucks, you will LOVE these beans! It's less than purchasing Starbucks coffee in the store and in all honesty a whole hell of a lot better than Starbucks.

I am not being paid for this "review". I am simply sharing my experience.

Friday Funny (v.44)

Nice doggy!


Today my boss hands me a box of Jelly Belly's. I say thank you. He proceeds to tell me therse are "special". How so? The flavors of these wonderful sugary treats are

  • earwax
  • soap
  • rotten egg
  • grass
  • earthworm booger
  • bacon
  • black pepper
  • vomit

My boss said he tried the earthworm, bacon and dirt. And he said they all tasted very "true" to what he remembers as a child. Then he said he tried the vomit and after the fourth chew he about blew chunk himself.

I said I would be "brave" and try the soap... After two chews I thought I was seriously frothing at the mouth. It was disgusting! I tried the grass and it tasted like I ate a flower.

My big question is... What sick fucker perfected these tastes enough to be edible let alone able to make a profit?

Friday Funny (v.43)

This is funny as hell!

***ETA-- this is NOT my child. This is for "fun" sake. I would never put my child in this personally. What the heck is wrong with ones sense of humor?


So I am totally pumped! Obviously I have a new design and I love it! It's just in time for my birthday!


I have been having Chic & Sassy designs design my site for over a year now. She has never steered me wrong.



We recently had company over and it was super duper nice to see them, but it was also nice to see them go (in a relieving type of way).

As a woman... we have our quirks and obsessions. Here's mine:

There is all kinds of preparation that goes into having company come over. You have to make sure everything is in its special place. And while every nick-nack is sitting in its special place it must pass the white glove inspection and look nice and shiny.
You work up to the moment of climax in this case is your company arriving. Then it fizzels away... It's all for the nano-second your guest(s) walk through the door.

With all of this preparation comes disorganization.... Clutter, congestion and chaos. It is all welcomed, but it is overwhelming.

After a few days I just wanted to reclaim my space. I wanted to be able to run around my house naked, if I wanted to.

I know some may not understand these feelings and I don't expect anyone else to "get it". I love having coming over. I love the anticipation of seeing friends and loved ones. I just wish I didn't get so damned worked up about it.