Britney Spears vs. O.J.

For most of the day I listen to the Fox News channel on my satellite radio. I listen to it in the office because it's non-distracting and educational. Today's big topics were Britney Spears and the ever infamous O.J. Simpson.

First of all, Britney may be labeled an "unfit" mother. She parties and forgets to wear panties. Heck, we all do that, right? Ok, I guess I was blinded by the sight of her crotch one too many times. I hear all these reporters talking about her and K-Fed and how she may be or is going to be losing custody of her two boys. But why is she getting so much media attention? What about the children of the world whose mother wasn't famous but they deserve the attention to have a better life? I just believe we should try to refocus here just a bit... But it's my own opinion.

Then we have O.J. Simpson... What a waste of a human being... Come on now. Dude held up someone by gun point for $7,000 in memorabilia. Is he really that much of a tight ass? It amazes me he'd fuck his pathetic life up with the potential of actual jail/prison time. Way to go jack ass!

So who wins the biggest loser award of the week contest? Britney or O.J.?