Good Cup of Joe

While on our New England vacation I have experienced some different tastes for the palate. Stopping at a local Starbucks for either my "hot" or iced venti non-fat upside-down Carmel macchiato. The easiest place to stop was at McDonald's for a $1 cup of Joe. While traveling the taste of the coffee was awesome!

Come to find out McDonald's, Paul Newman and Green Mountain Coffee have come together marketing an organic, yes organic line of coffee. I have never been the "tree hugging" type, but in this case, the earth tastes pretty dammed good. I had a cup of McDonald's coffee everyday and would have loved to have more without killing myself on a caffeine high.

When we came home I started doing some web searches about McDonald's organic coffee and it's currently a regional thing which I find doubtful that it would end up here in Ohio. I actually liked the coffee so much I got some for my birthday. My girlfriend ended up coming here (another post) and we enjoyed sipping on Green Mountain coffee.

I'd recommend you swing by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and purchase some. If you like Starbucks, you will LOVE these beans! It's less than purchasing Starbucks coffee in the store and in all honesty a whole hell of a lot better than Starbucks.

I am not being paid for this "review". I am simply sharing my experience.