Today my boss hands me a box of Jelly Belly's. I say thank you. He proceeds to tell me therse are "special". How so? The flavors of these wonderful sugary treats are

  • earwax
  • soap
  • rotten egg
  • grass
  • earthworm booger
  • bacon
  • black pepper
  • vomit

My boss said he tried the earthworm, bacon and dirt. And he said they all tasted very "true" to what he remembers as a child. Then he said he tried the vomit and after the fourth chew he about blew chunk himself.

I said I would be "brave" and try the soap... After two chews I thought I was seriously frothing at the mouth. It was disgusting! I tried the grass and it tasted like I ate a flower.

My big question is... What sick fucker perfected these tastes enough to be edible let alone able to make a profit?