Merry Christmas!

It is that time of year again... Christmas!! I enjoy Christmas and spending time with our family. I love having my own traditions and perhaps creating more.

This season I want to wish you and yours a joyous holiday. I also want to extend my love and prayers to local families, Detective A.J. Schroeder's wife and son; A.J. will sorely be missed. May you find some peace this holiday season. God speed. And to the DiPuccio Family, may all of you seek solace knowing Yaz is in custody.

Merry Christmas.

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Three Hundred?

Today is officially my 300th post! I find it hard to believe I have babbled that much in a little over a year.

Thanks for reading and cheers to another 300!

What a cutie pie!

Look at what my little darling did last night... Mind you, all by HERSELF! Pretty good job if you ask me! Kool-Aid mustache and all!

What a pansy!

This week a girl at work gave me the new Avon catalog, which is normal, but on the cover was Derek Jeter. Jeter had his mug shot with his new cologne scent, Driven. The first thing I thought to myself was what a freaking sell-out! (Now I must explain my meaning of sell-out since readers are flipping on me... The context I have used it in is he has followed the same suit as every other celebrity. He could do something different. IN MY OWN OPINION. That is what people fail to remember, this is my blog with my opinion. I do appreciate the comments, but keep that in mind.) Everyone (celebrities) has their own perfume or cologne scents nowadays. I think to myself why bother? Today's market is over saturated with scents from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Priscillia Presley, Naomi Campbell and Hilliary Duff to name a few for women. For men, you have Sean John, Orange County Choppers- yes they have sunk to that level, Michael Jordan, Carlos Santana, Julio Iglesias and now Derek Jeter.

If you ask me, the celebrity market for scents is a "has been". I think the entire market for celebrities is insane. You have clothing lines, shoes, and now scents. Give me a break!

I do need to admit that our role models our capitalizing on our obsessions with today's celebrities making them richer and caring much less for the people who have made them famous today.

If it were me, I'd reconsider your spending habits. Unless you get a special thank you for each purchase. It's a waste of money.

A commenter recently said that Jeter is using the profits for his perfume/cologne for Turn 2 Foundation. Whilst I didn't know that, I don't keep up with Jeter as a professional ball player. But if he has a cause for what he is doing, albeit it is great! But still in my own opinion, he could have done something a bit different. For example, his own sporting line. It would attract his younger children for bats, gloves, balls, etc. It would parallel his career.

I appreciate the comment and I do stand corrected, but no need to be a jerk about it.

Looking for peace

I guess it would be "that" time of year to write about my dear mother, again. As most loyal readers know, we have been on the out-and-out for over a year. I truly think things have really come to a head the last time we spoke after Thanksgiving.

Let me digress a bit... Before that we talked on my birthday in September. My mom asked if we could "start over". I obliged, but on my terms. I wanted to take it slow. I didn't want to jump in head first to a relationship that has been non-existent for well over a year. During that conversation on my birthday my mom had a lot to bitch about. Things truly out of my control... We spoke for an agonizing 20 minutes, until I had a "meeting" to go to. I had set it in my mind to call her in two months. Two months came by and I just wasn't ready yet. Mom had sent us a Thanksgiving Day card so I decided it would be the time for me to call her.

In June for Em's birthday she had my niece of my also estranged sister send Em one of those giant sized birthday cards. I sent the card back "RETURN TO SENDER" because of the letter she wrote to me last Christmas.

You can read here about Christmas 2005 and you can read here about Em's Birthday.

I called my mom the Friday after Thanksgiving. Thankfully no one was home and I left a message. "Hi Mom, it's me... Just calling to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. I guess I will talk to you whenever... Love you." The following evening she calls back around dinner time. I didn't check the caller-ID as I thought it was someone else. Shame on me... Our conversation started off very cold with short answers. Then everything started pouring out in a higher octave or yelling I shall call it. Mom starts telling me that I am not her boyfriend, meaning I will call you back on my terms. I then tell mom that her voice is getting louder and she is yelling and I will not listen to it. I asked her to change the tone of her voice otherwise I will hang up. She continued. I wished her luck on her surgery and that I would pray for her. As I was pressing the button to hang up she yelled at me that I won't pray.

Fifteen minutes passed by and she called back on her land line. She's calmed down or so I thought. Next she is laying into me about family pictures or pictures of Emily. I said it takes time to develop them... She then begins talking to me about a decision I made in June 2005 for Em to spend the night at my aunt's house vs. her house. I told her it's done and over with and I owe you ZERO explanation. I am Em's mom and answer to no one. Mom gets mad at me and tells me she has a grandparental right over Emily. In every state there is a law for grandparents. There are grandparent advocate sites out there. If you reference my second hotlink above you will see I spoke with an attorney. He advised me my mother has zero rights over Em. But my mom was trying to scare me. Scare me to the point she could see Em. Never for a minute did I think that I would ever use my knowledge. But it all came to a head. I was finally able to use my upper hand. I finally was educated enough to stick up for myself and my family. I told my mom she has no right over Em whatsoever. I told her I spoke with an attorney back home. She was floored, as was I. I honestly couldn't believe I had the balls to stand up to her. I told her don't you for a second think that I don't think two steps ahead of you. And she hung up. I haven't heard from her since, nor do I think I will.

After we parted ways I was laughing. I was victorious. She wasn't going to hurt me or my family again. Then I went to sleep... For two weeks I had nothing but nightmares... I am subliminally petrified my mother will come to Ohio to take Em. She will find a way to get to her. She will call family here to find out where she goes to school and pick her up. I am afraid she will stalk us and come to the door and be "that stranger" to take my baby away. My mom is that psycho. And in my waking hours I am fine, but when I sleep I am taken to a whole new world. Being pregnant and dealing with this situation hasn't helped one bit.

I am seriously thinking of calling that attorney back and proceeding with legal action. But with family changes forthcoming it's kind of hard to fit in the budget. I would love for nothing more to sleep soundly and know my baby (Em) will be alright.

The Falk Corporation Explosion

There is a manufacturing company back home in Milwaukee. Earlier this week a tragic explosion occured. It took the lives of 3 employees and injured nearly 50 more. My heart goes out to all of the workers and their families during this difficult time.

I logged onto the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel regarding this story and the pictures were horrific. It reminded me of Ground Zero on a smaller scale.

A bit of info about The Falk Corporation:

The Falk Corporation was established in the Greater Milwaukee Area in 1892 and presently has approximately 1,300 employees at its main plant. Falk produces mechanical power transmission equipment and sells the products worldwide. Products include custom engineered steel castings, enclosed gear drives, open gearing, custom industrial drives, and shaft fluid couplings. Industries served include: cement, mining, automotive, paper, construction, and marine.

I am at a loss of words... This is horrible accident and I hope the business industry in Milwaukee will be able to recover from this tragedy.

Information sited from:
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Holy weather!!!

Today in Greater Cleveland we received a decent "dusting" of snow. It was the first notable snow we have had this fall/winter season. Where I live, close to Lake Erie I had about 4 inches. Which is enough....

I had left early to drop Em off to school and headed off to work. None of the roads where plowed, therefore making the 4X4 rather handy.

What normally takes me 20-25 minutes tops to get to work took me 1.5 hours! It was insane. We really didn't get a sizeable "dusting" per se, but I will tell you in the 8-9 months since we have had snow motorists forgot how to drive in it.

Ironically, driving in a moving parking lot going 5-10MPH my entire commute to work there was not any crazy-psycho drivers. Everyone knew we were in it for the long haul and were relatively patient. I tried cranking some tunes and listening to the comedy channel to pass the time. Drivers were even grateful for lane changes. Waving their arms out of their respective windows in appreciation. It was nice... For a change people were appreciative. Granted we weren't going anywhere quick, but still the gesture is always, always appreciated.

This was a great way to start my day all things considered. I made sure to say aloud in my SUV "Merry Christmas". Not that anyone could hear me, but the efforts did not go unnoticed.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful views the motorists saw in Cleveland today, click on them to enlarge:

I am sure next week I will have a total opposite post of asshole drivers! Stay tuned!

All pictures courtesy of Fox 8 Cleveland News and Channel 5 News, News Net 5.

Don't stand so close to me...

Those words are from the popular British 80's band The Police.

I at Kohl's Department store the other night ironically at the return counter. I was standing in line the Monday after Thanksgiving. I happened to be last in line of about 10 people. After a long sigh I stood there ever-so-patiently waiting. After several minutes another woman and her daughter headed towards my direction and stood behind me. I think to myself... "COOL! I am not last in line anymore!"

Literally moments later I am thinking to myself with a several sudden racing feelings come over me. At first my body becomes very hot... Panic. Paranoid. Irritated. Annoyed. Freaked out. Pissed. Claustrophobia. Rage.

This beastly woman was standing so close to me I could feel her brushing against my back and breathing in my ear. The first moment I felt it, I moved up a bit. With utter panic in my mind. I can handle crowds, but not when one is standing on top of one another. I felt like her and I was sandwiched together. Almost as if we had no other room as to where we could go. After I move up discreetly, I then watch her move closer again to me. I started to get furious now. Obviously she doesn't get the point. Neither does this lady or her daughter realize the respect of ones personal space. I looked at the floor and I could tell the tiles were 12"x12". I figured my personal bubble, if you will, could be a nice comfy 12". One foot separating this woman and her twin spawn.

We end up playing this silent game of cat and mouse for nearly 10 minutes until I am the next person to be called. If I would have had to wait any longer I probably would have lost my cool with this woman. I was literally moments away from advising her of people etiquette. All I wanted to scream were the words of the ever so popular song in the 80's "DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME!!!"

All I have to say is when you are in large groups and there is a way for you to avoid smooshing the person in front of you, please respect their personal space or personal bubble. For those of us with a problem with our space being invaded you could be taking your own ears in your hands for a serious tongue lashing... maybe more. I assure you, you will not move any faster in any sort of line you happen to be waiting in.

A little more thanks

I wanted to take time out to thank Ms. Chic & Sassy at Chic & Sassy Designs. The little kinks have been worked out and my new template is working like a charm. I want to thank you for your hard work and creativeness to again capture a bit of me and make it a beautiful masterpiece! Anyone who may be interested in a site re-design, please contact Ms. C&S here or here...

I also want to thank all my readers for your compliments on the new design! Now go see Ms. C&S!!!


Today is the American Holiday, Thanksgiving. I love this time of year. October for Halloween, November for Thanksgiving and December for Christmas. All three holidays mean something different to me and I will forever hold childhood memories and now that I am a mother my own family traditions and our own memories as a family.

This year I am thankful for having my family and friends. I am enternally grateful to all of our men and women who sacrificed their lives overseas and here in our homeland protecting us. I will remember them in spirit today while other families are longing for their loved ones who have moved onto the after life. To all of you, thank you. You all have given up the ultimate sacrifice, your lives.

To all of you celebrating this Thanksgiving holiday, Happy Thanksgiving.

Weekend back "home"

This past weekend I headed back home to Wisconsin for a quick trip to visit a friend who recently had her first baby.

I was there for 3 days /2 nights and the time flew! Almost too fast. I was able to "catch up" with friends and family which is most important. I won't be back for about two years since we are having a baby in a few months.

I took some pictures of on my favorite spots on the lake. Shoop Park, Racine Wisconsin. The body of water is Lake Michigan. The second picture is my most favorite. Click on the images to enlarge.

Sex really does sell!

Well, I finally had my hubby’s FOP fundraiser last Saturday. I have been busy finishing things up and was finalizing plans for the event. It went off without a hitch. Everyone had a great time. This year we went away empty-handed, but our guests left with prizes so it all worked out in the end. I did my sex basket which turned out to be a total porn basket. That was the mutterings around the crowd. I was watching couples while sitting on stage look in the basket on the table in front of the stage. It was funny to see them crowd around the basket and giggle about what was in it. The list included...

It was weird to pick the winning ticket and to see the recipient come up to take the big basket of sexual pleasures. When he came up we handed the basket to him in a shaking manner! It was funny! The remainder of the night I could just imagine him in the gummy jock strap or the candy jock strap.

Our Auxiliary Lodge made about $2,000 more than we made last year. It is safe to say we had a great year and I believe I will now take over the infamous sex basket! I am already looking forward to our next raffle!!

Here's what I put in the basket and I bought all of the stuff from a heavily discounted website. Most of their items were 60-90% off. Their customer service is stellar! Shop you won't regret it!!

Screw It! (was what I named my basket)

Wild Tasty Tickles
Ultra Pink Beaver
Red Plush Love Cuffs
Purple Tickle & Whip
Red Fantasy Bondage Tape
Classic 8” Dong
Soft Jelly Anal Beads

Return Of the One Eyed Trouser Snake
Couples Caught On Tape
2 Slots and A Cock
10 Of Porns Hottest

Romantic Massage Kit
Silky Seduction Kit
Karma Sutra Dice Game
Tantric Sex Positions - Book

Yummy Treats:
Tastie Tattoos
Sex Tart Tangy Tangerine
Sex Tart Green Apple Fizz
Sex Tart Watermelon
Sex Tart Cherry Pop
Sex Tart Strawberry Punch
Flavored Moist Sampler
Candy Posing Pouch
Candy Bra
Candy Garter
Candy G-string
Gummy Jock Strap
Head Candy Lips
Dicky Charms Candy
Chocolate Body Paint

Happy Halloween!!

This is my most favorite time of year!! Enjoy these jokes as they are pretty funny!

The future of our children...

I live about .5 miles away from Em's school. I drive her to school daily while risking being late to work. I have to drive in excess of speeds so I don't get fired. But I have to do what I have to do. I had asked the question if she could be bussed as she would have to cross two (2) highways to get there. The speed limits are in excess of 45MPH. I would have thought it would be a no brainer to make her an exception of the 2 mile radius rule since the highways have become a factor in her safety.

After speaking with the Superintendent (Super) of the school district, he denied her bussing. Saying we simply lived too close. I tried approaching her Principal and she sent a letter of recommendation along with my letter to her and both the Super and the Transportation guy denied her again. I am furious that there would be NO consideration for my child. The Super's resolution was to send her to his public elementary school. I said no. I pay taxes and pay for her private education. I said that the Super should be ashamed. If he cannot take into consideration our children why is he in that position? How can this man sleep with himself knowing he denied a child a safe means to get to school? I told them if I let her walk, just once, she'd never come home. I cried while saying it. It was hard for me to accept the ramifications of what they are suggesting to me. The Transportation director leveled with me for a moment and agreed he would not let his own children walk to school. I said did you tell the Super about that? Well kinda. WTF?

The high school children are left to find their own means to get to school. There is no bussing available to them either. Which is crap. I am sure the majority of these children are the ones in charge of finding an older student to befriend for a ride to school. I would imagine kids pack into their vehicles and they joyride to school. What would happen if a fatal accident occurred? It's simply bullshit that this system would deny our children, our future.

In light of all of this I have begun to make contact with local media to shed some light on the subject. With elections coming up, this could play a factor. I may have some extra pull, I hope. Normally I am a private person, but it is for my daughter, my family, and other children along with their families. I have to speak up, maybe more voices will be heard.

Wish me luck!

Losing it...

Em just lost her first tooth today!

I wonder how much teeth are going for these days being the Tooth Fairy and all...

Any advice?

Yazeed Essa -- Captured

I am pleased to announce one of America's Most Wanted, Yazeed Essa, was captured yesterday in Cypress. Essa is known globally for the alleged killing of his wife Rosie. Essa has been on the run from authorities for 18 long months. I had a feeling things were getting close to an end. I just knew that Essa would screw up and make a "simple" mistake and be caught red-handed. Essa got sloppy, and when he got sloppy is when authorities where hot on his trail.

His game of hide and seek lasted too long. Rosie's family deserve the closure the court system will provide her family. Finally, her family can move on. They can morn their daughter, mother, sister and know that Essa will be behind bars for many years to come. While I have never met Essa, I hope that they throw the book at him.

Yazeed, your options to end your marriage were abundant. Divorce. Separation. Counseling. You chose the extreme. And now you don't have anything to show for it other than a one way ticket back to Cleveland and handcuff. May you suffer dearly for your mistakes.

To Rosie and her family, may you seek solace in a chapter now closed and a new one to begin. A new future, a new outlook. Rosie, may you rest in peace. May you watch over your loved ones from above and those who care about you. You deserved so much more. May God bless you and your family.

My other thoughts regarding this story:

An inspiration... A mission... Yazeed "Yaz" Essa

Where in the World is Yazeed?

Update on Yazeed Essa - America's Most Wanted

Leave the blinds open...

The other night we had a storm in Northern Ohio. I had sent Em to bed and while walking past her room I saw lightening come in. As a little girl I have always loved thunderstorms. I love the sound of thunder and watching the lightening paint the sky. Em was still awake so I crawled in bed with her and we were talking.

I began talking to her about storms and asked her if she was afraid. She responded negatively and said no. I have told her that sound of thunder are angels "bowling" upstairs. That is what I was told growing up and it always gave me a sense of calm.

I began to tell Em the story about my father. Back home when my father was alive we would always sit on our front porch together eating rice crispies or watermelon together. The storms would "roll" in and we would have a bird's-eye-view of the magic that would take place. My father and I would always talk, but I have no recollection about what. It is one of the fondest memories of him that I have. It will be forever with me for as long as I live. I knew whenever I had children I would pass along our tradition. And I have kept to my very own promise.

Em then asked me about a picture hanging on her wall facing her bed. It is a picture of a little girl portrayed as an angel playing with animals. She said the people that are bowling are like her. Em proceeded to ask me about the picture hanging in my family room with a picture of my father. She asked me what my father's name was. I said he went by the name of Chuck or Junior. She chuckled. I then told her that she should call him Grandpa. Em told me that my dad was up there. I began to cry. All of the little things I have eluded to her, she has listened.

Em told me she doesn't have an angel(s) watching over her. I told Em that even though Grandpa is in heaven he always watches over her. She has several angels, we all do.

I told Em it was time for me to leave so she could go to bed. I asked her if she wanted her blinds open or closed. She asked that I close them. I woke her up the next day for school and her blinds were noticeabley open. I never said anything to her about it but that night she told me she wants to keep her blinds open. She wants to keep them open so the angels can come in. At that moment I broke down in tears. It was the most insightful thought that has ever been spoken from her.

Friday Funny (v.39)

Gunman dies...

All I have to say is what the hell is wrong with society today????

— A middle-aged gunman walked into the high school in this mountain town Wednesday, fired at least two shots and took six people hostage before the situation ended with his death, authorities said.

Lance Clem, spokesman for the state Department of Public Safety, said the gunman was dead, but had no immediate details on his death. He also did not know the condition of two young girls who were being held hostage after the other hostages were released from Platte Canyon High School, but a Denver hospital confirmed that it was treating someone in critical condition from the scene.

Jacki Kelley, spokeswoman for the Jefferson County sheriff, declined to release details pending a formal news conference.

Authorities had what they described as “sporadic” negotiations with the suspect and urged him to contact them for more discussion. Officers eventually crept close to the building, and there were reports of an explosion inside.

A short time later, someone wheeled a gurney inside and took an unidentified person to a medical helicopter parked on the school’s football field.

Friday Funny (v.38)

Sorry this is late...

The Guardian - Movie Review

On Saturday we went to see a Sneak Preview of The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Much to my surprise this movie was excellent!

Brief synopsis:

After losing his crew in a fatal crash, legendary Rescue Swimmer, Ben Randall (Kevin Costner), is sent to teach at 'A' School, an elite training program for Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers. Wrestling with the loss of his crew members, he throws himself into teaching, turning the program upside down with his unorthodox training methods. While there, he encounters a young, cocky swim champ, Jake Fischer (Ashton Kutcher), who is driven to be the best. During training, Randall helps mold Jake's character, combining his raw talent with the heart and dedication required of a Rescue Swimmer. Upon graduation, Jake follows Randall to Kodiak, Alaska, where they face the inherent dangers of the Bering Sea. In his initial solo rescue, Jake learns firsthand from Randall, the true meaning of heroism and sacrifice, echoing the Swimmer's motto...'So Others May Live!'

I won't give away much, but the premise of the movie
Costner did very well in his role by comparison to his previous flops. Kutcher was very good in this movie. It was different to see him play a serious role.

Everytime I thought the movie was going to end it picked up with more plot to unfold. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did.

A thank you to all of our servicemen serving in the USCG. I have a newfound respect for your role in the military for civilians who end up in trouble. Thank YOU for jumping into ice cold water to save us.

Catching up...

Well it's been awhile since I have had an 'actual' post... Life has rendered me busier than I had anticipated. And the local happenings within my community made me push all of my day-to-day activities aside to remember the fallen.

  • Since my last post, my daughter, Em, has started kindergarten. She is enjoying every day. She loves her teacher and teacher's aide. She is going to school all day couldn't be happier.

  • I have had another birthday. I finally got rid of one of the roughest years of my life and have finally closed this awful chapter. I talked to my mother for the first time in one year for 20 minutes. I am still torn about my feelings regarding the conversation. She asked if we could 'start over', I said perhaps, but it would be on my terms and would take it very slow. If I call her back it would be 6-8 weeks...

  • We have finally bought materials to finish our basement!!! I am very excited! I will have a separate laundry room and will be moving my office down there. We are having friends stay with us over Christmas and they want to play video games *ugh*! I said you will need to finish the basement. I don't want two lumps sitting on my couch for a week!! We are anticipating to start the basement sometime this week, schedule permitting.

So as you guys can see I have been super busy!! I will try to stay on track with posting!!! Until next time!

Friday Funny (v.37)

It's been awhile! Hope you enjoy!!

A letter to a hero's son

I figured I owed this letter written to Eric Schroder to be posted along with the tribute to his father... God bless you and your mother, Amy during your difficult time.

Friday, September 08, 2006
Regina Brett
Plain Dealer Columnist

Dear Eric,

You won't remember much about your dad.

We knew him as Detective Jonathan "A.J." Schroeder.

You knew him as daddy. Those big hands that cradled you. That huge smile that hovered over you. That nearly bald head that matched your own.

You're just a peanut of a boy right now. Only 10 months old.

But for the rest of your life, you will grow up hearing that your father died in the line of duty.

One day you'll ask, What does that mean?

What is the line of duty?

You saw that line, although you won't remember it. You were so small.

The line of duty stretched for blocks. Hundreds of men and women in blue, in crisp white gloves, in shiny black shoes, young and old, black, white and brown. It looked like an entire army showed up at St. John Cathedral on Sept. 6, 2006.

If only you were older. You would have loved the police dog yapping and the horses stomping and the motorcycles rumbling.

There were bagpipes and drums, church bells then silence. It grew so quiet, as if the world stood still.

Oh, the tears. You made the toughest men cry. When they saw you enter the church they grieved for a little boy who would never know his daddy.

Somewhere in your heart you will remember him, that man behind the stroller, beaming more brightly than the brightest light bar on any squad car.

They called your dad a distinguished detective who never shied away from a tough assignment.

They said he was always about the mission of serving others.

They used words like integrity, brave, courageous, noble, valiant.

They said he was everything you could want in a police officer. Hard-working. Fair. Kind. Gentle.

They said he never complained and always smiled.

They said his life and death brought true honor to the slogan "Protect and Serve."

His life was a prayer, the one that says, "Where there is hatred, let me bring love, where there is despair, hope, where there is darkness, light."

The line of duty took him into the darkest dark. He brought light and hope to good people who live in bad neighborhoods.

The darkness didn't taint him. They said he treated suspects as if they were victims.

They called your dad a great officer, a great man, a joy to be around.

They promised never to forget him. They promised to be there for the rest of your life.

That means they will help you remember him. Any time. Anywhere. Your dad has hundreds of brothers and sisters at the Cleveland Police Department.

Your dad fought the good fight. And he won.

He didn't lose his life. He traded it for an eternal one. He fulfilled the greatest commandment of all: To love.

A love that is bigger than self. A love that demands sacrifice. A biblical love: "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for a friend."

They will tell you that your dad died in the line of duty. The truth is, he crossed over it.

He still lives in your heart. Any time you need to see his smile, you can.

Just look in the mirror.

Donations can be sent to the Jonathan Schroeder Memorial Fund, c/o Cleveland Police Credit Union, 2301 Payne Ave., Cleveland, OH 44114.

Today, I remember Michelle Marie Henrique

I signed up at 2,996 by D.Challener Roe a site dedicated to remember all of the fallen from the September 11th attacks. I was given the name of Michelle Marie Henrique. After doing some research on Michelle the already hard day of September 11th became even harder. I knew no one in New York, Flight 93 or at the Pentagon that perished. I remember listening to everything unfold over the radio. But to read of an actual person with family who has been grieving for 5 years was very touching. I had a totally different outlook on that day. Up until my research began I had thought about how September 11th had made me feel. While I didn't realize how it made others feel. Mostly because again, I knew no one who was injured and it was my accounts of a horrific day.

Michelle was 27 years old when she was taken away from her beloved family. She worked for Fiduciary Trust International in Tower 2 on the 97th floor as an administrative assistant. I had the initial link from September11victims. From there reading what people had wrote about Michelle started to really sink in.

Her Prom date Chris Bennett wrote:


I just wanted to thank you for being my prom date back in 1990. We had a great time; you're a great girl and you will be truly missed. My thoughts are with your family. I will treasure the memory always.



I read this and cried... Here is a man saying good-bye to his prom date for the last time over a message board. Like he said, he will treasure the memory always.

Another message from Tony:


It's been years since we last saw eachother. In fact the sadest part of you not being here is I just found out about you a few days ago. I was very upset. The last time I saw you was at our graduation mass from high school. We even went to the senior prom in the same limo. You were a great girl and a great person. Fly to the angels!


A fellow Co-worker, Ed Schmitt:

I worked with Michelle At Fiduciary Trust and every morning I would walk past her desk on the way to our vault on the 97th floor and say hello to her over the cubicle wall where she sat.

On September 11 I only got halfway there-I saw the plane approaching out of the northbound windows of tower two. It was coming directly at us-and was going to hit right at our floor. It turned and hit tower one right in front of me. I immediately left-after first yelling at everyone in earshot to get out.

When I heard Michelle didn't make it it hurt me really bad-I wish I had gotten her out with me. She was so beautiful the way her eyes mathced the color of her hair-and she always seemed to be in a cheerful mood. People like that brighten up the lives of everyone around them and the world will be forever just a little darker without her in it.

The only thing I can do to honor her and all my co-workers memories is to live my life in a way that does them honour-because I have that second chance that so many like Michelle deserved more than me

Ed was one of the last people to see Michelle alive. And reading his recollections of that day four years later (from her site) were much too vivid. Ed remembers it like it was yesterday.

After reading the comments left on Michelle's page I began to do searches outside of I found out that her boyfriend, Craig Castro, had purchased her an engagement ring. Craig was going to propose to her in December on her 28th birthday. Since then I am sure he has celebrated every holiday very differently. It is difficult to lose a loved one, let alone someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Michelle has family in law enforcement, her father retired city police officer, her brother Paul, a NYPD officer and his twin a detective for the NYPD as well.

I then found a picture of Michelle's father, George. He was featured on Peprallyusa, showing the Lives Lost on 9-11 are Etched in Memories and on Pysiques.

GEORGE HENRIQUE, Senior Investigator, NYC Board of EducationTattoo by Anil Gupta at Inkline Studio, Manhattan The portrait of George's daughter Michelle, who worked at Fiduciary Trust in the World Trade Center, is copied from a photograph taken at a wedding she had recently attended. The tattoo artist added symbolic elements to the image: the ends of the ribbon form Michelle's initials, MH, while the bell evokes lyrics from the Beatles song Michelle, which George used to sing to lull his infant daughter to sleep.

Clearly, September 11th created many tattoos. A tattoo is a memory that is taken with you and you carry it with you, forever. No one can take Michelle away from George, ever. You are keeping her memory alive.

I have began to think to myself... Did she at least get to call someone and say goodbye? Or did she have to go through this all alone?

Michelle, while I knew nothing about you... I pray for you, your family and friends. I hope that you are soaring in heaven known as a hero for sacrificing your life to the people of America. May you rest in peace and may your family seek solace one day in losing a remarkable woman. God bless!

Rest in Peace Detective Schroeder

Today Cleveland buried a hero.... I mourned a man I have never met. I cried tears of literal pain for a family that I know nothing of or about. I feel absolute sorrow for a wife and mother of a slain officer that walked the fine blue line of being a police officer. The reality is, every man and woman who takes the oath to "serve and protect" could be the one in that casket.

I logged online to see some very touching photos which tore my heart apart. To see a community come together to grieve for A.J. was very touching. As I am one of the people who knew nothing of him other than he was a police officer.

A.J. was escorted buy one police car in front of his hearse and four motorcycle units surrounding his vehicle. There were motorcycles surrounding the families vehicles and the procession in a number rumored to be upwards of 500 police units. On the overpasses fire trucks draped the American flag down in honor of A.J. Officers on duty pulled on the side of the highway standing outside of their vehicle saluting Detective Schroeder for one last time. Firefighters were standing on their rigs paying their respects as well, saluting a brother in blue.

There was over 1,000 law enforcement officers in attendance for the privately held ceremony in downtown Cleveland. The church was packed and the service was held over loud speaker so the remaining attendees could listen to the two hour ceremony outside.

Detective Schroeder is headed to Pittsburgh were he will finally be put to rest on Friday.

Amy and Eric, I may not know you, but my heart goes out to you and your family. It is devastating news and your husband will be sorely missed. One day you will be reunited with your hero, our hero. May God bless you and yours.

Another fallen hero...

The feeling of Cleveland this week is pretty somber. On early Thursday morning we lost a fellow Brother, Detective Jonathan "A.J."” Schroeder. Schroeder was a 10-year veteran of the Cleveland Police Department.

Schroeder volunteered to serve a "“high-risk"” warrant to a local scumbag, Wilson Santiago for beating a raping a friend'’s mother. With Schroeder leading the 3 other men to rush the front of the house with the battering ram left him vulnerable for a few moments. The remaining 9 officers strategicallycally placed around the house. They knocked and yelled, "“POLICE!"” Santiago cracked open the door, then slammed it shut.

Next, shots flew through the door and Schroeder fell. Two officers returned shots, as the other officers aided Schroeder to the back of one of the squad cars. One of the officers advised dispatch it was a chest wound and to have someone at the hospital waiting outside.

In the meantime, other police officers picked up Schroeder'’s wife and son and when they arrived to the hospital all she could see was the driveway full of squad cars with more than 100 officers outside, many in tears. At that moment, she knew it was severe. When she was told her husband had died, she collapsed to the floor.

While most of the Schroeder'’s family lives outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The Ohio and Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol cars escorted Cleveland officers to pick up Schroeder'’s parents and in-laws. As the caravan returned to Cleveland, police from surrounding cities waiting along the highway and joined the procession. More than 20 police departments joined in the procession to the hospital to mourn a fellow brother.

Schroeder has left behind his wife and infant son, Eric. Eric will grow up knowing that his father was nothing but a hero. He will be remembered always. And will have many people of the community helping both him and his mom for as long as they shall need it.

While I never knew A.J. or his wife, I will always think of the three of them. I send my sincere condolences. And as a wife of a police officer I could be faced with this exact situation and it is scary. You never know when you will be taken to the heavens or hells of this world. A.J. is an angel to depart from this world much too soon. You will be missed by many and will never be forgotten. Brother, may you rest in peace.


Lord I ask for courage

Courage to face and
Conquer my own fears...

Courage to take me
Where others will not go...

I ask for strength

Strength of body to protect others
And strength of spirit to lead others...

I ask for dedication

Dedication to my job, to do it well
Dedication to my community
To keep it safe...

Give me Lord, concern
For others who trust me
And compassion for those who need me...

And please Lord

Through it all
Be at my side...

--Author Unknown

To read more about Detective Schroeder, please click on the following links below...

Cleveland Police Patrolman's Association

Officer Down Memorial Page

National Law Officers Memorial Fund

Fratneral Order of Police

Friday Funny (v.36)

You sexy thing!

Every year with my Fraternal Order of Police Auxiliary (FOPA) Lodge we have a fundraiser. We call it our Annual Reverse Raffle. The tickets per couple are $85 and $60 for a single ticket. With these tickets you have a chance to win $3,000. Included in your night is a family style dinner including the following: dinner salad, chicken, ham, and beef as your meat(s). As sides there is a pasta dish, vegetable medley, potatoes, and desert. Also you have a partial bar all you can drink and dancing. It's not a bad deal for the price. Also during the night there are side-boards that you can bid on for $1-$5 and have different "jackpots" that are paid out.

As another way for the FOPA to raise money is to have gift baskets. As Vice President of FOPA Lodge I have been given the fun job of doing a fund raising basket(s) for our reverse raffle in November. I have had the second and third most profitable baskets in previous years being the sports basket I normally call the Browns Tailgating Basket. In the Tailgating basket, I had an autographed football, grill, chips, salsa, and Browns memorabilia. The other is a game basket with many board and card games you can think of. Those two have always been fun to do…

Now, this year I get to put together the most profitable basket. I am very excited. Some of you may ask the theme, and I will gladly share as it should be everyone’s guilty pleasure.

We call it the Sex Basket. In this basket in previous years have been the Karma Sutra book, boas, champagne glasses, wine/champagne, an evening at a hotel, body paint. This year I am going to step it up a notch. I want to include actual videos (and yes the fun kind), battery operated toys and sex games to name a few. I was thinking about putting some dirty magazines in there as well. I mean we are amongst company of police officers here. There is no need to be subtle about anything. We all know they talk like little “piggies”, no pun intended. I think I am going to rename my basket the Sultry Sex something or other. I want to make this the most profitable basket, ever. With my mind, I believe I will accomplish this quite easily.

I wonder if I should try to could collect donations?

Happy Birthday Jetting Through Life!!

Well it's been awhile... I just have been very busy at home and work and have had to put my relaxation vice to the side for a bit.

I did however want to wish my site a Happy Birthday as I have been blogging for over a year. And I still enjoy doing it!

Here's to many more birthdays! Cheers!!

Go Packers!!! Oops, I mean Browns...

Thursday afternoon my boss asked me what our family was doing on Friday night. I said nothing much. He then asked if we wanted to go to the Browns game. Um.... YEAH! Free tickets and free parking is a real good thing!! He told me he has to make a phone call and he would be back. About five minutes come by and he said you will be receiving a package from Bob via UPS with your tickets. My boss was telling me that they were really good tickets on the 45-50 yard line. BONUS!

I call my hubby and tell him our opportunity and he's all grumpy and says no. He doesn't want to go. I can take someone else with me. Well I had been to a game a few years ago with a friend and he was very jealous, so I knew that wasn't going to fly again. We hang up and I call back in an hour or so.

Hubby answers and he's a bit more receiving of my call this time. I begin to literally sell him already free tickets. I told him it's a once in a lifetime opportunity and there's no way in hell I will buy tickets to a game since you have to pay a licensing fee for seating called a PSL. I told him to let me know. I get a call back and he says he's going.

Then begins a fucking fiasco of finding someone to go with us. Granted it's short notice, but um.... It's free tickets to a sporting event. One of our friends found it more important to pick up his drumset. Other friends already had plans, which is totally understandable.... Prior engagements are respectible. We finally found one of the guys that he used to work with to come with us. Thankfully!! These tickets were $250 a piece! Next to the loges, these are the most expensive seats in the house. (Click here for a view from our seats -- Section 333 -- Pink area -- Click picture to make larger) Kinda made me wonder if I was actually handing out $250 cash. Ya know?

While I have the other half sold I am beginning to get resistance from Emily. She doesn't want to go. She's NOT a Browns fan. She likes the Packers and that's it, end of story. I guess I did a good job brainwashing her or something. I now have to sell my 5 year old to go to the game. I tell her mommy likes both and there's nothing "wrong" with that. Em is whining.... I finally put my foot down and say you are 5 and you are coming with me whether you like it or not! Ugh!!!!

I hadn't been to the luxury or club seating in the stadium since before it was completed. I worked for the general contractor Huber, Hunt and Nichols, now known as Hunt Construction Group, during part of the build of the project and was lucky enough to get a few tours.

We walk through the stadium head to the Club Seating section and it is a world in itself. There are full service bars, private restrooms at every section, gourmet food and beautiful view of the lake. Then we get to our section and walk to our seats. It was heaven! The seats we had were better than any big screen. And I could actually read the jerseys!!!!

During the game Em was very aggressive. She was yelling for the players to GO!! Then she started shouting GO PACKERS!! I wanted to slither onto the ground out of embarassment. The crowd was very well to do in our general area and I felt like a total moron. But after a dozen times or more telling her it is the Browns, she caught on.

We left with 8 minutes left in the 4th Quarter. "Chomps" the mascot came by and Em ran right up to him and she wanted her picture taken. Clearly you can see not only did Mom, Dad and our guest had a good time, but Emily did too!!!