Holy weather!!!

Today in Greater Cleveland we received a decent "dusting" of snow. It was the first notable snow we have had this fall/winter season. Where I live, close to Lake Erie I had about 4 inches. Which is enough....

I had left early to drop Em off to school and headed off to work. None of the roads where plowed, therefore making the 4X4 rather handy.

What normally takes me 20-25 minutes tops to get to work took me 1.5 hours! It was insane. We really didn't get a sizeable "dusting" per se, but I will tell you in the 8-9 months since we have had snow motorists forgot how to drive in it.

Ironically, driving in a moving parking lot going 5-10MPH my entire commute to work there was not any crazy-psycho drivers. Everyone knew we were in it for the long haul and were relatively patient. I tried cranking some tunes and listening to the comedy channel to pass the time. Drivers were even grateful for lane changes. Waving their arms out of their respective windows in appreciation. It was nice... For a change people were appreciative. Granted we weren't going anywhere quick, but still the gesture is always, always appreciated.

This was a great way to start my day all things considered. I made sure to say aloud in my SUV "Merry Christmas". Not that anyone could hear me, but the efforts did not go unnoticed.

Here are some pictures of the beautiful views the motorists saw in Cleveland today, click on them to enlarge:

I am sure next week I will have a total opposite post of asshole drivers! Stay tuned!

All pictures courtesy of Fox 8 Cleveland News and Channel 5 News, News Net 5.