Don't stand so close to me...

Those words are from the popular British 80's band The Police.

I at Kohl's Department store the other night ironically at the return counter. I was standing in line the Monday after Thanksgiving. I happened to be last in line of about 10 people. After a long sigh I stood there ever-so-patiently waiting. After several minutes another woman and her daughter headed towards my direction and stood behind me. I think to myself... "COOL! I am not last in line anymore!"

Literally moments later I am thinking to myself with a several sudden racing feelings come over me. At first my body becomes very hot... Panic. Paranoid. Irritated. Annoyed. Freaked out. Pissed. Claustrophobia. Rage.

This beastly woman was standing so close to me I could feel her brushing against my back and breathing in my ear. The first moment I felt it, I moved up a bit. With utter panic in my mind. I can handle crowds, but not when one is standing on top of one another. I felt like her and I was sandwiched together. Almost as if we had no other room as to where we could go. After I move up discreetly, I then watch her move closer again to me. I started to get furious now. Obviously she doesn't get the point. Neither does this lady or her daughter realize the respect of ones personal space. I looked at the floor and I could tell the tiles were 12"x12". I figured my personal bubble, if you will, could be a nice comfy 12". One foot separating this woman and her twin spawn.

We end up playing this silent game of cat and mouse for nearly 10 minutes until I am the next person to be called. If I would have had to wait any longer I probably would have lost my cool with this woman. I was literally moments away from advising her of people etiquette. All I wanted to scream were the words of the ever so popular song in the 80's "DON'T STAND SO CLOSE TO ME!!!"

All I have to say is when you are in large groups and there is a way for you to avoid smooshing the person in front of you, please respect their personal space or personal bubble. For those of us with a problem with our space being invaded you could be taking your own ears in your hands for a serious tongue lashing... maybe more. I assure you, you will not move any faster in any sort of line you happen to be waiting in.