What a pansy!

This week a girl at work gave me the new Avon catalog, which is normal, but on the cover was Derek Jeter. Jeter had his mug shot with his new cologne scent, Driven. The first thing I thought to myself was what a freaking sell-out! (Now I must explain my meaning of sell-out since readers are flipping on me... The context I have used it in is he has followed the same suit as every other celebrity. He could do something different. IN MY OWN OPINION. That is what people fail to remember, this is my blog with my opinion. I do appreciate the comments, but keep that in mind.) Everyone (celebrities) has their own perfume or cologne scents nowadays. I think to myself why bother? Today's market is over saturated with scents from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, J.Lo, Sarah Jessica Parker, Priscillia Presley, Naomi Campbell and Hilliary Duff to name a few for women. For men, you have Sean John, Orange County Choppers- yes they have sunk to that level, Michael Jordan, Carlos Santana, Julio Iglesias and now Derek Jeter.

If you ask me, the celebrity market for scents is a "has been". I think the entire market for celebrities is insane. You have clothing lines, shoes, and now scents. Give me a break!

I do need to admit that our role models our capitalizing on our obsessions with today's celebrities making them richer and caring much less for the people who have made them famous today.

If it were me, I'd reconsider your spending habits. Unless you get a special thank you for each purchase. It's a waste of money.

A commenter recently said that Jeter is using the profits for his perfume/cologne for Turn 2 Foundation. Whilst I didn't know that, I don't keep up with Jeter as a professional ball player. But if he has a cause for what he is doing, albeit it is great! But still in my own opinion, he could have done something a bit different. For example, his own sporting line. It would attract his younger children for bats, gloves, balls, etc. It would parallel his career.

I appreciate the comment and I do stand corrected, but no need to be a jerk about it.