Trick or Treat!!

Well the evening went well... After going Trick or Treating for 1.5 hours with a 4 and 5 year old I was ready to go ballastic!! Brett and Emily were more concerned with ringing doorbells than getting the candy. I guess that's ok... At least they were running for their pre-consumed calories!

We went with the kids near my sister-in-law's... They have very nice and generous neighbors. The houses are spread a bit more apart and there aren't as many children on the street so it's nice if you don't want to deal with a zillion other children. We go to one door, a neighbor and holy crap! She sure gave a new definition to a nosey neighbor! She knew more than I did and I am family! Some people just don't have lives.

We go to another house and we are BS'ing with the people and I turn around and Emily is laying on the walk-way to the house wishing upon stars! How embarassing was that? I had my freak child lying on the ground... Yeah I am a good mom! (She was overly hyper is all-- or that is what I keep telling myself)

All I am wondering is when was it this warm when we went out for Halloween as children?? My guess is global warming has taken it's toll. The kids these days are lucky! It's warm 60 degrees warm to go Trick or Treating!!! I used to go in the rain and damn near snow!

So that was my evening... Now I am ready to turn it in as I am tuckered out as well!!

Brett with his scary face!! BOO! Posted by Picasa

Brett and Aunt Melissa! Posted by Picasa

More pics of Mom and Emily... She's so flippin' cute! Posted by Picasa

Mom and Emily... Doesn't it look like she just saw a ghost?! Posted by Picasa

DarthZoie(Brett) and ZoieDarth(Emily)... To keep things interesting the kids decided to swap head pieces... Good thing they are enjoying themselves!! Posted by Picasa

Here's another cute pose of Emily, all excited to go to school! Posted by Picasa

Here's my Rollie Pollie Zoie!! Posted by Picasa

Damn, I am a good cook... When I do cook!! :o) Posted by Picasa

Pumpkin Bars for Bruce's (co-workers) Birthday! Happy 48th!! Posted by Picasa

Bust Master or "Bust"

This morning while watching television in bed I saw the worst infomercial, EVER! Let me give you a clip...

You can accomplish in these results in as little as 30 days...


This is how the Bust Master works... Brace yourself here. It's pretty high tech!

These numbers are very impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to go out and buy one for work and one for home! I wonder what my boss would say? Oh pardon me... I am working on my bustline with my new Bust Master!! Hope you don't mind. It's oh... so practical! **Insert saracasim**

Now my other thought is... What about us bigger busted women?? We have nothing to make them get smaller unless it is with a scalpel, anesthesia and a long recovery period! It may pay off to be small breasted, in a sense. It's CHEAPER!

This is reminiscent of the old Punky Brewster (yes I am aging myself) show when Punky was trying to increase her bust size! Boy I should have got the patent on this product back then! I could be really rich at this moment!

There is a "Master" for everything!!!

Or how about Suzanne Sommers doing the infamous Thigh Master!! Who could forget how weird that thing was and how many of your mothers actually bought it to have those shapely thighs back. I mean "we" as children took them away from our mothers and now they need to work off the baby flab!

While in college I pondered the thought of marketing and creating commercials. But this is just simply ridiculous marketing and any woman or sick-o husband that would even think of buying this should be smacked. However, in the event you are sold on this product you can either click the link above or proceed to order from the information provided below.

Now that I am done with my post, I can now go change my pants as I have been laughing way too hard!!

I have an itch...

For a new tattoo that is... I have had this for awhile, but haven't done anything about it. I am thinking of getting this sometime in the "future". So I am not committing to a time or anything at the moment!

I would be getting this in all black on my back where no one would be able to see it!

The pic is below and it is of an Armenian cross which is part of my heritage!

White Sox Winning the World Series??????

What is up with happening??!? This is more surprising than the Boston Red Sox winning the Series last year!!

It's almost like the Milwaukee Brewers winning the Series... Highly unlikely!

But after all was said and done... The steriod abusing teams went to the wayside and left room for the teams who have worked their tails off the "right" way. Now that's a way to play ball boys!

Butterfly Kisses....

There's two things I know for sure
She was sent here from Heaven
And she's daddys little girl
As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes
And I thank God for all of the joy in my life
Oh but most of all

For butterlfy kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin little white flowers all up in her hair
Walk beside the pony dady
It's my first ride
I know the cake looks funny daddy
But i sure tried
Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deseve a hug every mornin
And butterfly kisses at night

Sweet 16 today
She's lookin like her mama
A little more every day
One part woman
The other part girl
To perfume and mke up
From ribbons and curls
Trying her wongs out in a great big world
But I remember

Butterlfy kisses after bedtime prayer
Stickin little white flowers all up in her hair
You know how much I love you dady
But if you don't mind
I'm only gonna kiss you on the check this time
Oh with all that I've done wrong
I muct have done something right
To deserve her love every mornin
And butterfly kisses at night

All the precious time
Like the wind the years go by
Precious Butterfly
Spread yuor wings and fly

She'll change her name today
She'll make a promise and I'll give her aways
Standing in the bride room just starin at her
She asked me what I'm thinkin
And I said I'm not sure
I just feel like I'm loosin my baby girl
And she leaned over

And gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there
Stickin little white flowers all up in her hair
Walk me down the isle daddy
It's just about time
Does my wedding gown look pretty daddy?
Daddys don't cry
Oh with all that I've done wrong
I must have done something right
To deserve her love every mornin and butterfly kisses
I couldn't ask God for more than this is what love is
I know I've got to let her go but I'll always remember
Every hug in the mornin and butterly kisses

--- Bob Carlisle


Here's to thinking about you dad... It's been over 23 years since I have seen you. I want you to know that I think of you every day and miss you more than you will ever imagine...

Much love,
Your daughter

"Nog" Way!!!

Tonight I went to Sam's Club, again. Twice in two days... The crazy Christmas shopping is already starting!! I thought I was going to lose my mind driving to get there let alone fighting to get through the store! I picked up some odds and ends light bulbs, fruits, veggies, and JetDry! See what I list I had! Well wandering the aisles I saw Egg Nog! WOW! It's hard to believe that's out so early!!

So here's to 'Tis the Season for being wasted on Egg Nog before Halloween!

I Am Only One-- UPDATED

Ok... Well after finding Jim Tressel's website I decided to write him about his poem... My question was selected for his weekly audio answers!! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?! I found it neat that he tripped on my question as it was late at night that I wrote it... Guess I should re-read before clicking send!!

Well his answer was finally posted on his site!! Here's the link!

So it turns out that I was wrong about the author but the poems are relatively the same... So now here's the real one from Edward Hale. Sorry for any confusions!!! And thanks Coach Tressel!! You are an amazing person!!

I Am Only One

I am only one, but I am one
I can't do everything, but I can do something;
And that I can do, I ought to do
And what I ought to do by the grace of God I shall do.


I Am Only One
by Helen Keller

I am only one, but still I am one.
I cannot do everything, but still I can do something;
And because I cannot do everything
I will not refuse to the the something I can can do.

This poem is recited prior to every Ohio State Buckeye game... I know this because I saw a seminar where Jim Tressel was a keynote speaker. I believe there are many truths to it, even though I am a Badger fan at heart.

this is an audio post - click to play

"Pick" On This!

I have never understood why people must pick their noses in their vehicles!!! Um, ok... You are surrounded by windows in broad daylight! Why don't you just do it in a glass box! Do you not think the other person is looking when you are tickling your brain?? Have you heard of travel tissues? Then the kicker is when you see someone make that disgusting trip to their... oh, I won't even go there! It's sick!

If you are going to do that crap, please do it in the dark where we can't see you!!

Freaky Friday

To preface my post... No I am not dying... I am ok.

So yesterday I had my normal monthly doctor's appointment... I went during my lunch hour as usual. I walk in and surprisingly Dr. B is running on time. Whoo-hoo! I can get in and out of here in less than an hour! I get the usual done, weight, blood pressure, medications (if any), are you in pain questions, then proceed to ask questions about the last month from my nurse. Once she's done doing her regime... she says Dr. B will be with you shortly.

Sure enough he comes in less than 5 minutes! I am always excited to see my doctor (yes I know I am a freak)... He walks through the door, shakes my hand and we exchange the whole it's good to see you again line. We then talk about the past month and discuss plans of "action" for this month. I then start talking to him about my experience with him and my sister-in-law during her cesarean section a few weeks ago. I told him it was amazing to see him in "action". I said I was surprised I didn't get sick from all of the blood. He then said, you should go to med school. Um, yeah right. I said I will "think about it".

After looking at my lab work from the past two Sundays he decides he doesn't like the results so he orders a urine sample, my favourite!! Being a woman and peeing into a cup is worse than launching a space shuttle... It takes sheer coordination which I don't have. Plus it'd be nice to just aim and fire!! And more blood to be drawn. Oh joy! More blood to give! I get lab work drawn at least twice a month so it's nothing new to me, but I'd be nice to give my poor old veins a break. He then leaves the room and his nurse comes back in and I give her my "bad" arm, which is my left. My right arm has nice "surface" veins so phlebotomists love my right arm. Me personally in my profession I enjoy a challenge. I don't do phlebotomy or am in the medical field, but still... You get my drift.

So my nurse puts the tourniquet on my arm and she asks me to make the usual fist... Ok. Done. She runs out of the room for a second then comes back and uses the open barrel needle to draw blood. Well she didn't have any luck puncturing the vein. Without hesitation she said that's ok... I will draw it from your hand. Immediately I know it's going to be pain because I have had surgeries before and know that IV's hurt like hell!! So I knew it'd only be a "pinch" and I'd get over it... So she moves the tourniquet a little lower and proceeds to draw blood from my hand. I watch her insert this seemingly huge needle into my hand. I see some blood come back up and I get nauseated! Me get nauseated from the sight of blood! Come ‘on! The feeling doesn't go away I tell the nurse that I am getting light-headed and everything goes black. I PASSED OUT! Just 5 minutes ago I am telling my doctor that I am ok with the sight of blood and guts. I come back to reality to my doctor coming in the room asking me if I am ok and his nurse giving me juice and pretzels. Talk about royal treatment!! I tell Dr. B that I am fine after a few minutes and he had asked me what happened. I told him and he asked me if I ate anything and I said no. He went on to tell me that if you have an empty stomach while getting labs drawn you can get a little sick. And that getting labs drawn from your hand is harder on the body as far as pain goes. I'll say he's right about that!! Normally I tolerate pain very, very well. Not in this case!

So we end up finishing our visit... I joke around with him about me being embarrassed about passing out with what I went through a few weeks ago and I then leave after 1 hour 40 minutes! So much for getting in and out of there within an hour! I now know why doctors work so many hours!! Because you can't make a lot of money seeing a patient for that long! (Bless whoever is reading in the medical field!!) So I muster it up to grab some lunch and go back to the office. The rest of the day my hand is sore as hell. I can barely function at all... But life goes on and I push through the pain. I never realized how much I used my left hand for things. Boy am I thankful it's there.

Come to find out the nurse should have used a butterfly cannula instead of the open barrel needle which would have been less harsh as far as pain goes. Anything could have felt better than that huge needle!

After all of this there is a moral to the story, and I realized it before going to bed last night thinking to myself... "If only I would have given her my right arm, If only I would have given her my right arm..." I now wish I gave up the arm with good veins. But if I didn't would there be such a good story that went along with it??

Blowing your nose "Farmer Style"

Ok... so Emily is coming down with a little cold or something, it's about the only thing that she has brought home for me in awhile. She goes to Pre-School three days a week for three hours a day. Every evening I get home from work, I ask Emily what she learned in school and she always tells me "Nothing mom!" Oh gee, so I am paying good money for you to go to school to learn nothing?? Um, ok! I threaten; you better tell me something you have learned otherwise you aren't going back to school!! She fesses up immediately. It is so nice having that kind of power!! What am I going to do when she goes to private school and it's mandatory?? I will milk it as long as I can, like Santa Claus in July! You better be good otherwise Santa isn't coming to our house this year! I love it!!

Ok, so this past Wednesday was picture day. You know how picture day went in school... Your mother always dressed you freakishly out of the norm, dolled your hair up in pigtails or whatever so you could have this embarrassing moment etched into your head for the rest of your waking life. You can show all of your friends that your mom "knew" how to dress you in the most popular of styles. Well, I had the option to dress her in her "clown outfit" of sorts, but chose not to. I decided to keep it simple and dress her in just "nicer" clothes. She still looked the same, no make up, no pig tails, just my little girl in all of her evilness or as angelic as she can be, take it as you will! So Emily wore, purple corduroy pants and a nice matching fall colored striped shirt. I had to put her hair like "half up" because about a week ago we decided to cut our hair, again!! I swear… my child will be a stripper, porn star or a beautician! These are traits that she has shown me she likes... What a great mom I am! She likes to be naked, dance on top of laundry baskets, and now cut her hair! I need to take her to the Science Museum, Library, Zoo or mall a little more often... She does have other interests... but those are the funny ones!

So I finish doing her hair; all the while she is sniffling... You know how kids "suck" their snot back in instead of blowing it out? That is so irritating! So I tell her, let's blow your nose! But mom I don't want to… I say, "Let’s do this! All you have to do is…" And I show her how to blow out of her nose by me doing it. *Insert sound effect now* Well there’s nothing in my nose so nothing came out, thankfully. Not thinking Emily does the same thing while I am showing her what to do. She tips her head back and mimics what I was/am doing. All the while, I thought I was going to end up with snot all over my chest as I had her standing on the “john” to help me out with the height difference. I grab a tissue and say, let’s try it again… Before I can even move my hand the whole inch, she’s trying it AGAIN-- head tipped back and all-- LET 'ER BLOW!!! I guess she learned something today… If she’s ever working out in a field harvesting crops she can always blow her nose like a pro.

Next is Lesson Number Two: Trying to blow your nose like a lady!!

Oh, and by the way... I didn't end up with snot anywhere on me, so it was a good day!

Sorry—a long tangent for a short story!!


Why is my imbedded videos still playing when I have deleted the link from my template??

I guess these imbedded videos are "really" imbedded!! Scary shit to think about!!

To those of you who have to wait for I Am Only One, I am sorry... I tried to get rid of it!!


Tripping on words...

Before I begin... Yes I know I have an obsession with music! I was a band geek in high school! I even played two instruments the clarinet and the oboe! Give me a break!

Ok... there is a popular song out right now with the following lyrics:

All of the things that I want to say
Just aren't coming out right
I'm tripping on words, you got my head spinning
I don't know where to go from here

Whenever I hear this verse of the song it sends curiosity throughout my brain
thinking about what it would be like to have a crush or a rekindled romance
with someone again... To have an endless amount of things to say… To never run out of a thought… To always want to say something… To never go with a pause in between sentences… To get parched while speaking… To studder over your words out of excitement… To have your head spinning at the thought of trying to tell a girl/guy what you are trying to say or feel…

It reminds me of seeing young loves enjoying themselves on their first few dates while dining out. Holding hands, groping one another, kissing and doing the disgusting stuff that all of us used to do while madly in love. Or seeing a newlywed couple.

Now the only words I trip over is well, all of them… Whether it be, take out the trash or hunny I am going to be late.

How does one get back to that verse?

Best I Ever Had...

Best I Ever Had

by Unkown

So you sailed away
into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had

So you stole my world
Now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl
leaves me down and lonely

Send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't need me back
You're just the best I ever had

And it may take some time to
patch me up inside
But I can't take it so I
run away and hide
And I may find in time that
you were always right
You're always right

So you sailed away
into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
love can be so boring

What was it you wanted?
Could it be I'm haunted?

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
I don't want you back
You're just the best I ever had

The best I ever had
Best I ever...

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**And this poem is to the likings of Vertical Horizon...**

Well... I did it!

Madison "Maddy" Nicole
October 10, 2005
7 pounds 6 ounces 21 inches

I am proud of myself... After waiting 9 agonizing months of being jealous of another pregnancy. I faced my fear of jealousy head on today. My niece was born today and I witnessed her birth and it was amazing!!! The day started off really slow at the hospital, but then all of a sudden the doctor came in and he was ready to go. I suited up in my surgical gear and away we went. I had to sit out until my sister-in-law was prepped for surgery with the spinal and all and I swear I was pacing like it was my own child being born. After waiting a good 20 minutes or more they called me in. What a rush... The nurse instructed me to not touch anything blue, when you are in an operating room, EVERYTHING is blue. So I couldn't touch anything. I was able to sit next to my sister-in-law and hold her hand and rub her head. She was so scared and I was awe struck by the entire experience. I kept peeking over the curtain to see what was going on. I saw the abdominal cavity, her uterus, and placenta. It was neat to see how the accounted for all of the instruments and supplies. They counted all of the gauze pads and scissors, etc. I swear they counted at least 20 times to make sure nothing was left behind. Finally, they break her water and they begin to push the baby out. Holy crap I thought they were going to break her ribs because the assisting doctor was bearing down on her so hard. After two long "pushes" my niece came out crying! My sister-in-law started to cry and I too began to cry out of happiness and joy of this miraculous occasion. I continue to hold my sister-in-laws hand for a few minutes and they tell me I can see the baby. I walk over to her and she's perfect! Ten fingers and ten toes! Amazing blue eyes and such cute cheeks! She was responding to my voice which was a rewarding feeling too. So after a few pictures I went back to see how my sister-in-law was doing and I showed her the digital pictures of her daughter. After my niece was born the tension in the OR decreased and I was able to watch them stitch my sister-in-law up. I should be a nurse or a doctor, because seeing what I saw was awesome!!

Here's me with my new favorite baby! I look like shit!!!

Well I am going to call it a night...

Green and Gold

Well what can I say... The Packers FINALLY won a game for a change yesterday!! I was able to wear my green and gold with pride for the first time in 4 weeks!

Brett, talk about spanking!

Facing a fear greater than me...

This is a little more personal than I normally get, I try not to let too many people in on my personal happenings... So here is a real taste of me...

Well this is a hard subject for me to even think or write about...

Yesterday while shopping I stopped in the infants department to pick up a gift for my niece that is going to be born tomorrow. While this was the second time I made any attempt to provide a gift for my unborn niece it has been an emotionally taxing on me. I left the infants department in tears yet again. I can't bring myself to look at clothing for babies for my niece. I have been able to buy gifts for my friends, but when it comes to family I am having a terrible time.

You see, I have wanted to have another child since the day my daughter was born and I have had secondary infertility and was later diagnosed with a reason for my secondary infertilty. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). As a result I have undergone some infertility treatments which has been a really rough road. For 2 years I have fed myself with hormone replacements, had surgery and have had invasive therapy to assist in achieving a pregnancy. I have given up all hope that I will be able to be a mother of any more than one child. And it kills me.

So tomorrow I am going to be in the delivery room with my sister-in-law witnessing the birth of my second niece. She is going to be having a cesarean section and I am the lucky one to watch since her husband is petrified of blood. When my nephew was born she delivered alone and I had offered to her that I would be there for her if she wanted me to be. She took me up on the offer. You may ask why I asked her? Well I didn't get to witness the birth of my daughter as I was unconcsious under general anesthetics and would like to know what happened.

I see my OB/GYN once a month to follow up on my labwork I have done twice a month. Our doctors are the same and the last time I was in the office I asked him if I could peek over the curtain and he said yes. So I am excited about that. I am hoping that me facing my fear head-on will make me realize that my maternal instincts have come to an end and that I have given up my dream of having a large family.

To be continued...

Plethora of Thoughts...

Well... today is your lucky day as I have a lot to talk about!!!

A little bit of me fading away...
I will start off with the easy stuff... I forgot to make mention that in my first week of my new diet program that I lost 9 pounds!! Yes! I was so proud of myself. Now I need to get back on track since life has been crazy the last week.

Fall Fun Fair...
This morning Emily had a Fall Fun Fair for her pre-school today. Ok, I realize that the things for kids are a little hokey, but come ‘on! I even showered for this! She was so excited to go. I woke up and she greeted me by shouting, "MOM, DON'T FORGET WE HAVE THE FALL FUN FAIR TODAY AT MY SCHOOL!!” Oh, how could I forget I am thinking? I figured that the teachers had this cutesy day planned which they did, to a 4 year old!! (I guess that is all that matters!!) So Em and I get ready for "school". We leave and we walk into her school, which I love. The murals in there are so amazing! I wish that I could be in pre-school again. There are about 20 people there collectively including teachers, parents and children. I pick up Em's envelope and read what is inside. We have to go to different stations to complete these perilous tasks! First one was getting a tattoo!! Ooohh!! Just what Emily wants. Which I know, because she told me when she gets older she wants a tattoo just like her momma! The next station was floating ducks. You pick a duck and on the bottom is a number and you get a cheesy prize respective to the number drawn. She got a silly pumpkin junky thing that will break within a day. Next we went to the bean bag toss which was hard as hell!! The holes were so small so we nursed them into each hole and for that, we got an eraser!! The excitement is building now! Following the bean bag toss we went to the Hula Toss where you stood on 3 disks reminiscent of the Bozo show. You threw the hoop around a pumpkin and if you got all three you won... A PENCIL!! Em did very well on that... She got all three in one shot each! That's my girl!! Then we went to the coloring station and colored a picture of an apple and left with a sticker!! Whoo-hoo! Lastly to end our exciting afternoon we did the Monster Bash where the kids walked in a circle and instead of stopping on a chair they stopped on a disk, again, and then they took away a disk until a child won. Emily won that one along with the other participants and she got a bendable monster toy. The toys were really junky, but I do understand that there is a budget. But all of this crap is going to end up in the garbage anyways. So I am not unappreciative... Just irritated that I have to throw away more shit!

After the Fall Fun Fair I decided since it's a crummy 50 degrees here and rainy that I should be a good mother and buy my child a coat. She had a nice hooded jacket or now they are called hoodies from Walt Disney World earlier this year.

So we went to Kohl's looking for a new winter coat! Holy crap are kids coats expensive!! The coat I got Em was $80! And she wanted 2 of them! I decided to foot the extra money for the combo coats so she could have the 4 in 1!

I then got her any my nephew flashlights for Trick-o-Treating... Aren't they cute?! When you hold the handle in the back their mouths open up and the Count says, "Bwhahahaha!" and the Ghost says, "Boo!" I couldn't pass them up.

My 900# phone sex voice...
Ok I get a call from a "special person" yesterday... "Herbie", is what he calls himself as joke name, he says, "Yabadaba doooo!!! Hi hot lips!!". What does one say to that? I then say thanks "Herbie". What can I do for you?? Well I want to get my $200,000 irrevocable letter of credit released from my bank. And calling me hot lips with get you farther I am thinking? All the while I am flattered that I could even be considered "Hot Lips"! I tell "Herbie" that I have to make a call to New York and go from there. Well try calling this guy and start F-Bombing him because I don't want to pay for this anymore! Um, ok I'd call, but he's not there today. I have tried to contact him once today and he will be back in the office on Monday. "Herbie" goes, oh ok... We then start to talk about the weather and how crummy it's starting to get out. I said that I don't like the winter because of the time change and you lose the sun. "Herbie" said you need to move inside to indoor sports then. I didn't even want to go there... Horny construction men!! I will tell ya!!

Well I think that is enough for now... Until next time!!

Thanks for getting through my entire post!!

Here by Me

Here By Me
by Unknown

I hope you’re doing fine out there without me
‘Cause I’m not doing so good without you
The things I thought you’d never know about me
Were the things I guess you always understood

So how could I have been so blind for all these years?
Guess I only see the truth through all this fear,
And living without you…

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

I can’t take another day without you
‘Cause baby, I could never make it on my own
I’ve been waiting so long, just to hold you
And to be back in your arms where I belong

Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
But everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love…

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

As the days grow long I see
That time is standing still for me
When you’re not here

Sorry I can’t always find the words to say
Everything I’ve ever known gets swept away
Inside of your love

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever be
It could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

And everything I had in this world
And all that I’ll ever beIt could all fall down around me.
Just as long as I have you,
Right here by me.

I feel a little better now... *sigh*

***And for those of you who enjoy the likings of Three Doors Down, you can thank them for this poem!***

Just for Elle...

I thought I'd follow suit with every other American and joke about attorney's!! So here goes it!

Q: Where do vampires learn to suck blood???
A: Law School!

Sorry... I had to!!!

From Readers Digest October 2005 and submitted by Marilyn Miller

Looming question of the day...

Why is it when you are asked for help and you try to help the person out they don't like your answer???

I pity the fool...!!

Well it's official... I pity my daughter’s future husband!! This morning was bad in my house!! I wake up on time, but fell back asleep. It's dark out in the morning so I am having a hard time with the new time change coming. The days are getting shorter, sigh. So I get up and take my shower and then try to wake up my daughter... Holy crap is she crabbier than thou in the morning. She almost starts to growl and hiss while waking her up. I am tired! It's dark out! I don't have school today. Um, yes these are the things she's telling me... I then call her by her first and middle name and tell her to get her rear out of bed before I toss some cold water on you... Thankfully that worked.

I am putting in my contacts and preparing for work and I am headed downstairs, as I do every day. She then throws her self on the stairs behind me and says I wanted to follow you mom!!!! I said I can't exactly stand here in front of the windows butt naked! Come on!! I can't mom, I wanted to follow you. For the love child! Let's move it! I finally say I have to iron my clothes and I will be downstairs. She eventually came down, but wasn't all that happy. She got dressed and I finished my hair and make-up and we left.

All I can say is that thankfully she will end up married to one lucky man who will have to put up with her in the morning. She puts my crabbiness in the morning to shame! Maybe I will have some advice to share with him as I learn to figure her out!

Gotta love America!

Well during my lunch excursion today I realized that as a nation we are forcing the whole holiday thing. I mean it's October 3rd and yes Christmas is around the corner, but let's get through Halloween and Thanksgiving. I mean we all take the seasons one at a time, but the holidays, no...... We have Christmas in July then it comes back again in September, October, November and December.

I went to the card store to pick up a few cards... I had to get a Thank You card for my client and a baby card for my sister-in-law who is going to have her baby next week Monday. I can't wait! I don't even get through the door and there are snowmen lined up side-by-side in the window saying buy me, buy me! Or wait, I heard one say... The sun is, out I am melting!!

So this is the order that I see the decorations in... As soon as you walk in there is a small display with fall type crap along with the Halloween stuff. Then all over the place is the Christmas stuff.

My big thing is around this time of year is enjoying each other and our families, not capitalizing your businesses. Christmas isn't about the gifts, it's about being with the ones you love. I could do without a single gift on Christmas as long as I am with family. As a result of this advertising in the stores so early we lose sight of Thanksgiving for example. We are too concerned with buying certian gifts. It's ridiculous anymore and I know I can't change the world... But my daughter tells me how much she loves Santa. Well I wonder why??? Because her father and her father's family spoils her rotten!! She gets everything she wants, plus a little more. I didn't grow up with Power Wheels and other motorized anything. I was lucky to have Barbies! So now we have built up an expectation level in our 4 year old daughter that she will be getting all sorts of things for Christmas.... Boy is she going to be surprised this year!

I guess I can officially end this rant... Thanks for making it through it!

Trip to the Court House

No, I am not a convict or anything! Although when you walk into a federal building you feel like a criminal!

I had to park like 3 blocks away, which I didn't expect because the last time I was there I got my ass chewed out by some groundskeeper because I parked where the City Officials are supposed to park. You can risk getting your vehicle towed... For the whole 5 minutes I am going to be in there I am not worried about it. This guy actually got so rude with me that I told him he doesn't have to be so rude that I am trying to ask for his help. He's says to me, "LADY LISTEN TO ME! YOU CAN'T PARK THERE!” I just left... I then pulled up to a van with a Deputy Sheriff inside and asked for her help. She told me to park right around the corner, end of story.

I was ok parking 3 blocks away just wasn't prepared for the walk in heels! That's all I need is to fall or trip and break my ass or something! I had noticed that while I was looking for parking spot that there were all kinds of news crews around. On my walk into the courthouse I was wondering what trial is going on in Lorain County that is SO important to be newsworthy? So I walked by the vans and wondered if I looked good enough to be one of those freak people who wave in the back round. I finally would have my 15 seconds of fame! How exciting is that? Well reality hit when I walked up the stairs and helped some lady in the door because the handicap feature was either broken or disabled. Now mind you, this building is maybe 6 months old. I had 2 of my clients that built this building... I thinking to myself, I hope there isn't anything else that could go wrong! She's trying to press the button and she's swearing because she can't get inside on crutches. So I walk clear up to the door and said, here let me help you. Boy was she relieved! There were about 5 other people near the doors that could have helped her, but none of them did. What happened to the decency of people to help others in need?? I mean, come on! How hard is it to open a door for someone. It wasn't beneath me to help her out and she was so happy. I made someone’s day today and thankfully it was early in the morning. So I have the potential to help another person out, maybe! So I proceed to walk in behind the lady on crutches, turns out she is an employee somewhere in the building so could breeze right through there. I go through the side where "civilians" go through to be checked out by the Sheriff’s Department. I put my purse and my sunglasses on the conveyer belt and I walk through the metal detector. I HATE THOSE THINGS!! I always get paranoid going through them and try not to dress in anything that may set it off. The only thing that could ever set them off is the metal on my clasp on my pants and my under wire on my bra. Normally that's not an issue. The detector goes off... I go to myself, damn! I didn't pass this test at all... Now I have to be patted down and wanded! I end up passing with flying colors and proceed on my way to get my Notary renewed. I walk in the door and it's always funny to see City or State employee’s work. It's such a different reality than working for a CEO or something. So I say that I am here for my renewal and I have to go through the same shit I did 5 years ago. Do you solemnly swear, blah, blah, blah... I say, "I do." Another 5-year marriage to the state of Ohio just remember, don't screw it up! I can hardly contain myself. I then am provided with more paper to keep on file! I even got an idiot card that has my new term on it. This is what are tax dollars are paying for is laminated cards with my new date on it! I found it all rather amusing. I then acted very excited because I am officially a Notary for another 5 years and I have all of my credentials to prove it! Then I leave and reality sets in... I am no different than I was before I walked in here.

The daily excitements and let downs... that's what it's seemingly all about anymore.

Mis-adventure Saturday!

Well today I took my daughter to Zanesville, Ohio today to visit a client of mine. Her and I went down there to go horseback riding.

We left around 9AM this morning, stopped at the bank and grabbed a little breakfast... We hopped on the Ohio Turnpike and on our way we went... Well after about 35 minutes into the drive I realize, that oh crap, I overshot my exit from my directions provided to me online... So I take a bypass to get me back to the correct highway. Then I get back on track with the directions provided... I seemingly follow them until I get lost! And really lost! What should have been a 2.5 hour drive lasted me oh, about 4!!!

I was so irritated because we were clear in the country. No cell phone service at all, and coming from a city girl that is total culture shock!! So with no cell service, it was back to the 1800's and using a map! So I end up at a gas station and bought a map. The chick in there was like at least you have a map if you ever want to come back "here". I said well I am from "here". We are just passing through! She was talking to me as a tourist because I had my Packers sweatshirt on... Boy does it annoy me when people jump to conclusions, but she was really trying to be nice. I was just irritated because I didn't have a clue where I was!!

So I finally figure out where I have to be headed... I then call my client, Betsy and tell her that I am running just a smidge behind. She's so docile and is fine with it all. As in my previous post, I don't like being late to anything and this was bothering me like no other. So I am practically in tears telling her if she has any other plans we can turn around and try this some other time. I had been stuck in the middle of Amish country with the Amish Buggies! When Amish Buggies are around they always have the right of way, so I am always afraid that something is going to happen. My guard is extra high down there. So Betsy essentially walks me through Amish Country, thank god! There would have been no way for me to figure that out... The roads down there are so ass-backwards it’s not even funny!

Finally we end up pulling into their driveway, what a sigh of relief!! I am just paying attention to the gravel road and I look up and see this HUGE house on top of the hill! The house was stunning... We park and grab what we need and go to the front door. Betsy opens up the front door and what a beautiful home inside. All the oak accents were so pretty... Lots of trees went into that house. I could go on and on...

Betsy and her daughter take us outside and we start our tour of their 65 acre lot that their house sits on! Holy grass mowing going on!! We hop on their MULE, not to be confused with a 4-legged creature and begin our tour. We begin by seeing 9 horses, a mule, and a camel. Then we see cows and buffalo, and then we see miniature horses, llamas, goats, and lastly, peacocks, chickens and roosters! Talk about a zoo! But it was very well kept and you'd never know!

Emily then saddled up on Missy the horse pictured below... The other lady in the picture is Betsy, my client. Emily was a pro at riding! Betsy could not believe her intuition with the horses and what she had to do with them. She had suggested we try doing a 4-H club deal with her. She has a natural talent and she doesn't want to see her lose it. So I will be looking into it. Emily started to kick the horse to get it to go and knew the reign had to be on without ever riding a horse before. It was all very stunning to see her interest in these beautiful animals. The whole time Emily was on the small horse she wanted to be riding the big horses! So we obliged and put her bare back on the big horse, Tuffy (in a different post).

We then went to their office to have an official tour... We got to see all of their equipment they use for the excavation and sitework on the jobs they do. Then we saw their mangled Ford F-350 Dually that Betsy and Ron, her husband, were in an accident about 3 weeks ago. Ok these vehicles are approximately $50,000 and it was totaled! I couldn't believe the pile of metal... but thankfully the both of them are walking.

So we sat outside and BS'd for the remainder of our trip playing with all of the animals... We named a new kitten, Sofie because she was cute and Emily held her like an infant practically the entire time we were there. It then became dark and rather chilly out and I decided that we should leave so we could get home before midnight!

On our way home it only took me 2.5 hours, so I was pleasantly pleased!! I slept in until after 9 today which was nice, all of the fresh air got to me and put me out like a light!

So until we go to West Virginia for another trip this is the end of this one... Until we go back in the spring!

Emily in the MULE... She knew she had to buckle up!

Little Miss Emily riding on Missy!

Emily and Besty with Missy the horse...

Here's Emily again, showing her stuff!!

Someone thinks she's really cute or something, I may be a little partial!

More pics...

Here's some of the buffalos, yes I know, I have seen these 100 times, but I was forced to take their pictures!!

Here's Emily with Abu, the camel... He's very cute and huge!!

Emily is feeding Abu an apple... He likes those!

Emily feeding Missy and Rosie some apples with Kendra in the picture

And Emily riding bareback on Tuffy, Kendra's show horse!