Trick or Treat!!

Well the evening went well... After going Trick or Treating for 1.5 hours with a 4 and 5 year old I was ready to go ballastic!! Brett and Emily were more concerned with ringing doorbells than getting the candy. I guess that's ok... At least they were running for their pre-consumed calories!

We went with the kids near my sister-in-law's... They have very nice and generous neighbors. The houses are spread a bit more apart and there aren't as many children on the street so it's nice if you don't want to deal with a zillion other children. We go to one door, a neighbor and holy crap! She sure gave a new definition to a nosey neighbor! She knew more than I did and I am family! Some people just don't have lives.

We go to another house and we are BS'ing with the people and I turn around and Emily is laying on the walk-way to the house wishing upon stars! How embarassing was that? I had my freak child lying on the ground... Yeah I am a good mom! (She was overly hyper is all-- or that is what I keep telling myself)

All I am wondering is when was it this warm when we went out for Halloween as children?? My guess is global warming has taken it's toll. The kids these days are lucky! It's warm 60 degrees warm to go Trick or Treating!!! I used to go in the rain and damn near snow!

So that was my evening... Now I am ready to turn it in as I am tuckered out as well!!