Volunteers... At times are a hindrance !

Well yesterday was an interesting day... I had to go to the hospital radiology department for an x-ray, again, I am ok... Not dying!I have only been to this particular hospital maybe a total of 3 times as I have my own area favourites. So I walk into the hospital and already I don't have a clue where I am going so I try to find the information desk. Ok, good, I found it. The volunteers tell me I have to go to Outpatient Services. I walk over to Outpatient Services and there is a sign to check in at the desk, which I would assume to be the desk behind the glass. So I lean around the glass and ask the lady is this where I sign in? She said no... Across the hall, the whole 3 feet, there is a desk, check in with the lady there. Ah... ok. So I walk across the hall and the lady is so old it's not even funny. She can't hear to save my own soul. So to go against all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) So she asks my name, Melissa, M-E-L-I-S-S-A. How many L's? One L two S's. What are you here for? I couldn't believe they asked me that in front of everyone else!!! I wanted to say I am here for my communicable disease testing. So I tried to be vague and say for Radiology which sufficed to say the least. So the volunteer said please have a seat and they will call you up in a minute. I don't even get my ass on the seat and the first lady behind the glass is calling me and telling me it's ok to come over. I sit down to pre-register and give the lady my social security number and she can't figure out why mine is so different... Mine starts with a 3 since I am not from the area originally. Most people in this area of Ohio start with a 2. So I essentially had to shout to her it's not 2 it's 3!! DAMN people, pay attention!! The lady behind the glass tells me that I am all set and I can go straight to Radiology.

I meander my way to the Radiology Department. I tried walking up to the window until I was greeted by another volunteer!! How many of them are there here! Holy shit! The lady gets into my face and asks me can I help you? Um, yeah... I am here for an x-ray. Well what's your name? Melissa *******. I shit you not she leans into the window to the lady asking if Melissa ******* was on the schedule. What are you here for Melissa? I then say I can't even enunciate it. She leans in again and says I don't know what it is! Don't these people realize that others want PRIVACY?! Once my appointment is confirmed, because I am lying about having this procedure done I am walked to another desk about 4 feet away this time to sign my consent forms. I sign the form and sit down. Approximately 5 minutes later the same lady comes to me and tells me my doctor is running late and it should be about an additional 15 minute wait time. Fifteen minutes for my doctor is nothing. So I was complacent and said I will take my cards as they fall.

The whole point of this post is why do they have volunteers doing all of the work?? Why aren't these hospital staff working and earning their money? I mean how do you keep track of what is going on when you aren't even thinking for yourself? How hard would it have been for me to lean into the glass and speak on my own behalf and maintain some dignity?It's nice that the elderly are trying to get out and keep their brains functioning and to still be involved in the community, but I don't want Grandma Mable knowing what is going on in my own personal life let alone anyone else waiting in the waiting room at the time. What happened to card games or shopping? You have already paid your debt to society... Let go, have fun, relax and enjoy your years!