What a weekend...

Wow!! What a weekend I had!!

Thursday (Thanksgiving) we went to Kmart to get The Polar Express

and Madagascar movies for the little one...

Well after looking at Thursday's paper on Friday I saw that they were on sale cheaper at Target (Kmart does not pricematch, the bastards!)... So I venture back out to return the DVD's to Kmart...

It's Friday evening, I am on the highway headed towards Target and there was an accident on the same highways headed West-bound. I am going East-bound. There was a tow truck that made a U-turn in the birm from the West-bound traffic accident onto the East-bound lanes. Well this jackass decides to pull out in traffic and do oh... about 35-45mph. Who is prepared to stop/slow down to that speed while on the highway?? Not me! This dickhead ended up and caused an accident. The person that got into the accident chose to hit the cement median wall instead of me... Talk about having a guardian angel of some sorts watching over me.

In the end, it was worth it... I ended up and saved $15. I am such a cheap bastard!


On Saturday I took my daughter to see Chicken Little I really didn't like the movie... I almost fell asleep watching it. Granted there was your "classic" adult innuendos, but nothing like other movies I saw. My daughter thought it was funny because the catch phrase in the movie is the sky is falling, but it was pretty stupid. Please save your money and rent it. I really wanted to see Zathura, but lost... Oh, well maybe next time.

The one thing I couldn't believe is how damn expensive it was to see a matinee! $11.50 for admission, not bad... Then I sprung for popcorn and a soda $9.25!! Holy shit! I seldom go to the movies, and now I know why!!


Saturday night we finally mustered it up to go shopping for the house. We built our house 4 years ago and everything seems to be falling apart at once! I guess that is pride in ownership! You own your home and you have to be broke right before the holidays! So within the last month, my garage door opener and dishwasher has crapped out on me. Two necessities in my world. Who washes dishes by hand anymore?! Not me! We went to Lowe's to support Jimmy Johnson's racing team since my one of my favourite racers, Tony Stewart, won the NASCAR Cup for the Home Depot Racing Team!! So we go in the appliance area looking for a dishwasher... I am looking in my price range and see one on clearance, like I said... I am cheap! Then there was another one on sale not on clearance, both similar. I see three people chit-chatting away in the department, not paying attention to me what-so-ever. So I give one of the kids, the look, you know the look... Get your ass over here before I beat it look... Yeah... He came in a hurry. Can I help you Miss? Um, yeah... I want this dishwasher. I am sorry but we don't have any left. Ok, then why do you have this "sticker" (clearance one) here? Well we might get more in. Ok... Do you upgrade to the next model for the same price if you are out of a model a customer wants? Without hesitation, No. Hmmmm... I could go to your competitors and they'd gladly do it for me in a second. Do you want to sell a dishwasher or no? Yes, Miss... At this point he walks away because another customer needed help. What timing to leave when I am steaming as it is... So another punk kid comes over and I re-explain myself. Bad idea at this point! So I ask him... Do you know what you are talking about here? Are you willing to help me? He obliged and said Yes! Ok, maybe I have some luck here. I again ask about the whole upgrade thing... He got pissy with me and asked some dude that works in their cabinetry department. I can see the co-relation here... Cabinets--dishwashers... They do go hand-in-hand you know!! This guy is a bit older and not as cocky as the little punks helping me before. I had asked about the whole price tag being out if they don't have any left and the second punk kid said if it will make you feel better I will move it now. Oooh it was on then... I ended up and purchased it after being pissed. I knew once I was done in appliances that I would end up talking to a manager... The service provided was terrible and I won't stand for that. I am coming to spend a nice chunk of change and I want service damnit!

I head to the front of the store and end up talking to the store manager and guess what?? He gives me 10%, which is better than nothing, off of my entire purchase for
the evening. Well little did he know I had a nice list! We ended up and bought a nice Genie Garage Door opener, new Shower Head, and my dishwasher. We saved about $80 which is better than nothing!

Sorry this was soooo long... Just been a few days since I posted...