What a waste...

Tonight we went to a fellow co-workers housewarming party that I work with... It was actually "a show my $500,000** house off" party. Her name is Laurie, name changed to maintain privacy. Her and her husband both are very short people... Probably about 5'5" and I shit you not. Well they have 28' vaulted ceilings in their house! Talk about feeling like a munchkin!! I had seen Laurie's house during construction and didn't like the way it looked outside. Architecturally it could have looked better for the money, but I am not buying or building the house, so I really don't care. We walk in and there is a beautiful stairwell, that goes clear up and down the house (it's a sprial). Her flooring is super dark slate. The details were very nice, but after all was said and done, I wasn't too impressed. This 4,000 square foot home only has three bedrooms!! They need to have two furnaces and air conditioning units because of their ceilings! I am glad that is not my heating or cooling bill! Their only child's bedroom, was bigger than my bedroom! He had where he slept and a sitting room! He is a spoiled brat that is going to cost them a lot of money in bail in about 5 years. Good luck to them!

The whole night I was there I kept thinking to myself, come December I really need to start screwing around with the CEO of the company. Maybe I could build a nice house if I sleep with him or just go half-way with him so to speak!! The funny part is my other half mentioned it too! You see Laurie, slept with the CEO so I believe she has a nice paycheck as a result.

So there were some other people there that works in my office, obviously. Most of them are the clicky type that are totally bitchy that I can't stand!! So I put on my fake face and try to mingle sober. Tonight I didn't drink as I can't do the drinking thing weekly! I feel too damn old for that shit! So I left the other half to drink a bit tonight. He deserves it!

"Valley Girl" and her boyfriend I shit you not looks like Bruce Springsteen. All I could think of the entire night was BORN IN THE USA!!!! And I said that "Valley Girl" is his Courtney Cox... No pun intended, yeah right! This dude is the same one that she likes it when he does "push ups" on her. Emily fit right in with everyone, chit chatting away. It was nice to see her have fun with the others.

I run into a girl that used to work in my office and she moved on to better things and she's like you should try to get a job where I work!! HELL YEAH! So she's going to try to set me up with something if she can. Which would be nice. As I am talking to her the other half comes up to me complaining about some people along with her husband! How mortified was I?! Um, let's see! I wanted to crawl into a hole! She the asked if I would mind getting her another beer. I said sure. Emily comes flying by and I asked her to grab a Bud Lite, she did the good girl she is. (Yes, I know, mother of the year award will not be going to me!!)She grabbed it and gave it to my friend!

Emily also kicked my friends but in Air Hockey. She told me she won the championship. How cute was that??

All in all, I had an ok time, not impressed. Glad I didn't waste all day baking or cooking for the cheesy event. We just bought a veggie tray... nothing too exciting!

**In our region of the world you can buy a nice 4 bedroom with a basement in a good neighborhood for approx. $250,000. Just depends on where you move. I know in other areas the real estate market is a little rough to say the least!