Ms. Monica

Got a call this afternoon asking for the hubby... I said, sure may I ask who's calling? It's Monica Jones (or something) from Penthouse. As I start choking, I say come again?? Very excitedly she says this is Monica Jones calling from Penthouse regarding [insert name here] subscription. I then say is that right? She says, yes. At this point I am absolutley speechless. I had hubby the phone and this is all I hear...

Fine, thank you.
I wouldn't know how the service was since I do not get your magazine.
No ma'am, I have never had a subscription to Penthouse. (I know he's thinking all he had was PlayBoy)
Yes, ma'am I am serious.
Your welcome.
End of phone conversation...

The weird thing was she called at like 5PM on a Sunday?? Who calls for customer service on Sundays???

I bet these phone operators love hearing spousal support!