Trip to the dreaded dentist

Last night I went to see the dentist for two more fillings. Pretty soon I am going to look like a rapper with as much silver as I have in my mouth. And I assure you it's not from bad hygiene, just bad genes!!

My dentist is a younger dude in his 40's and pretty nice. We were BS'ing about his son and the prestigious and very expensive high school he goes to around here. The high school is called St. Ignatius, they are known for their sports and academics. So as he's BS'ing with me he is numbing my mouth with bubble gum flavored something or other, um gross. I am slowly losing sensation in my mouth and then he puts that big freakin' needle in my check! Holy mother of Mary! It hurt like hell!! More so than other times I have had Novocaine injected in me. Turns out he hit one of two nerves in the area which made it feel like I was going to shoot some super powered electricity through my chin! Yes, I said my chin! It was a weird sensation, and just as weird feeling like my right bottom tooth was going to just jump clear out of the root. If the doctor would have hit the other nerve, my tongue would have shot clear out of my mouth, although attached to that weird thing under my tinge. I'd rather keep the chin super powers!! Don't mess with me!

Afterwards, I decide that I am in the mood for soup since I know I can't chew much of anything without totally biting my tongue off. So we went to Cracker Barrel... They have pretty good soup there. At this point I am numb from the top of my right ear all the way to my chin! Good drugs if you ask me!!

So we sit down, order our drinks and for those of you wondering if "she spoke Spanish", the waitress didn't!! The waitress brings our waters back and notifies me that they are clear out of straws!!! What am I going to do I think to myself??? How the heck am I going to drink this water without a straw? I don't have feeling in part of my face, but ahhh, ok... I will try! So I do pretty well and the table gets a bit wet along with the front-side of me, but I can deal with that. It's just water, cold water!! I finally figure out how to drink the water from the glass without spilling (a lot of) water, shove it in your mouth as far as it will go!

A new mis-adventure will be forthcoming soon, I am just sure of it!!