Grown men doing what?!

I have noticed a trend as of late on my way into work... Grown men driving with their lap animals, naming cats and dogs, in their vehicles.

A few weeks ago I am stuck in a traffic jam due to construction and oh my god, the orange thing in the sky, sun glare. Sunglasses people, sunglasses. Or how about your visor?? Just because the sun is out doesn't mean you need to slam on your brakes to see how well they work. I know mine work just fine and do not want to pay for a premature brake job, thank you.

Of course I digress, as usual!! So while stuck in traffic, I look over to the left. For a change I am in the middle lane and can look to both sides of me. I see a man late 20's to mid 30's in his BMW 5 Series, which means he has some sort of cash, sitting in his vehicle, normal you think?? NO! I look on his center console and there is a fucking cat! A CAT! On your way to work?!?!?! He had on a nice suit, black to match the cat, of course. So, as I am sitting there this freak is playing with his cat in a traffic jam. Petting it... What about cat hair all over your suit? That'd look nice in a meeting. What if someone is allergic to cat dander? And my last dying question is what do you do with the cat once you get into the office??

So all of you fellow readers don't think I am a cold-hearted bitch... I do own pets. I have a cat and a dog... My cat is a mutt, Shelby and my dog is a Weimaraner,
Greeley. I'd never bring them with me anywhere other than my dog to the park. But to bring my animals work or shopping or where ever? Come 'on!So this leads into the next guy I saw while on my way to drop my daughter off at my mother-in-laws before work. I turn this corner and I look over to my left, again and see a guy mid 30's to mid 40's with a fucking lap dog on his lap!! I thought men were always the "manly men" that don't have small yip dogs. I mean with all due respect, why have a dog??

I know everyone has their own preference and believe me I am not one to judge. But guys come off that they need their Mastiffs, Boxers, Pit Bulls, Shepards, and Labs to get through life. But if for you it takes that Toy Poodle, more power to you! I don't know where this guy was headed, and it doesn't matter.

So any of you male readers willing to elaborate on the weirdo dudes that bring their loved pets with them like a woman carries her purse??