Excitement anyone?!

Well my last 12 hours has been pretty interesting to say the least!! Last night on my way home I get off of the highway and head to my neighborhood and notice one of the streets is blocked by a local police department, not ours. Then I look further down the street and see another street was blocked off. So here I am thinking that hmmm… Maybe someone got busted for something. Who knows what goes on within the walls of people’s homes. Hell, it’s none of my business!

So I pass up that street and decide to go down my actual street. I make the turn and proceed towards my house. I look down and there are 4 police cruisers at my intersection. Holy hell! I just want to get home! I end up talking to two guys that work at a nearby dealership. I asked them what the heck is going on and they said that a nearby bank was robbed and they are chasing the 3 armed robbers by gun point. Apparently the robbers were carrying AK47’s! There is a Sheriff that shows up and I ask him if I can go to my house… I only live down the street in the new homes. He said no, we are looking for the armed robbers with guns. First thing that comes to mind is but, I HAVE TO PEEE!!! …Thinking that’s my excuse to just go home. So I talk to the guys a bit more and ask if they need a ride or anything, to be nice. Then I proceed on down my street weaving around the police cars. By then I am finally at my intersection to my street and there is another Sheriff standing in the middle of the street. He tells me to stop. In order for me to go to my part of the street I need my driver’s license, which was fine, and he also checked my vehicle. So I finally am able to pull into my driveway and be home! YEAH! I then realize there are 3 helicopters in total flying around the area. One from the neighboring police department and the other two were news stations. The funny thing is that none of them had their spot lights on to help the officers on foot in the wooded areas of my neighborhood! I was thinking that’s kinda mean!! My daughter finally came home and was able to see the helicopters. Boy did she enjoy that!! At this point all of the neighbors are outside. I figured we were done doing the hanging out thing for the summer. So it was nice to see some of the neighbors that hibernate for the winter season. While we were sitting outside with the neighbors officers were combing our street about 10-wide including a K-9 unit. It was interesting to see how lazy some of them where not realizing the threat they were facing with these hoodlums. The K-9 unit ended up going through every back yard to check for any lead. There were news trucks all over and camera men all over. I commented that I wanted to be “that” person that was interviewed that you ask, “where the hell do they find these people?!?!” You know how everything is exaggerated and all….

We had to leave and run an errand on the way there I stopped a Sergeant and told him that they should check one of the houses on our street that is vacant. The whole time he’s holding a shot-gun.

At the end of the night there were at least 5 different law enforcement agencies involved in this manhunt and all of the suspects were apprehended.

Here are 2 contradicting news articles...

The Chronicle Telegram
The Morning Journal

*We built our home in a nice neighborhood 4 years ago... It drives me crazy knowing that the crime came to us... GRRR!

**The K-9 Unit posted is not our police department... It was just a neat pic!


Then this morning at 6:40 my doorbell rings. I just got out of bed about 5 minutes ago. I am still in my jammies and I don’t know who it is… I am thinking did something else happen over the night in my area, which isn’t bad at all! So I am thinking it’s the cops or something. I run back upstairs and grab my robe. I hestitently go to the front door. I look out the front window and there is a kid with a backpack. I was thinking to myself I am not going to open this door, but there was a knock. So, I open it. As I am opening it, I am thinking I should have got butcher knife or something just in case. Well I am glad I didn’t. It was a mother and her son looking for a girl. I believe it’s my neighbors kid. So I nicely tell them they have the wrong house and close the door. *Heart attack over*