Trip to the Court House

No, I am not a convict or anything! Although when you walk into a federal building you feel like a criminal!

I had to park like 3 blocks away, which I didn't expect because the last time I was there I got my ass chewed out by some groundskeeper because I parked where the City Officials are supposed to park. You can risk getting your vehicle towed... For the whole 5 minutes I am going to be in there I am not worried about it. This guy actually got so rude with me that I told him he doesn't have to be so rude that I am trying to ask for his help. He's says to me, "LADY LISTEN TO ME! YOU CAN'T PARK THERE!” I just left... I then pulled up to a van with a Deputy Sheriff inside and asked for her help. She told me to park right around the corner, end of story.

I was ok parking 3 blocks away just wasn't prepared for the walk in heels! That's all I need is to fall or trip and break my ass or something! I had noticed that while I was looking for parking spot that there were all kinds of news crews around. On my walk into the courthouse I was wondering what trial is going on in Lorain County that is SO important to be newsworthy? So I walked by the vans and wondered if I looked good enough to be one of those freak people who wave in the back round. I finally would have my 15 seconds of fame! How exciting is that? Well reality hit when I walked up the stairs and helped some lady in the door because the handicap feature was either broken or disabled. Now mind you, this building is maybe 6 months old. I had 2 of my clients that built this building... I thinking to myself, I hope there isn't anything else that could go wrong! She's trying to press the button and she's swearing because she can't get inside on crutches. So I walk clear up to the door and said, here let me help you. Boy was she relieved! There were about 5 other people near the doors that could have helped her, but none of them did. What happened to the decency of people to help others in need?? I mean, come on! How hard is it to open a door for someone. It wasn't beneath me to help her out and she was so happy. I made someone’s day today and thankfully it was early in the morning. So I have the potential to help another person out, maybe! So I proceed to walk in behind the lady on crutches, turns out she is an employee somewhere in the building so could breeze right through there. I go through the side where "civilians" go through to be checked out by the Sheriff’s Department. I put my purse and my sunglasses on the conveyer belt and I walk through the metal detector. I HATE THOSE THINGS!! I always get paranoid going through them and try not to dress in anything that may set it off. The only thing that could ever set them off is the metal on my clasp on my pants and my under wire on my bra. Normally that's not an issue. The detector goes off... I go to myself, damn! I didn't pass this test at all... Now I have to be patted down and wanded! I end up passing with flying colors and proceed on my way to get my Notary renewed. I walk in the door and it's always funny to see City or State employee’s work. It's such a different reality than working for a CEO or something. So I say that I am here for my renewal and I have to go through the same shit I did 5 years ago. Do you solemnly swear, blah, blah, blah... I say, "I do." Another 5-year marriage to the state of Ohio just remember, don't screw it up! I can hardly contain myself. I then am provided with more paper to keep on file! I even got an idiot card that has my new term on it. This is what are tax dollars are paying for is laminated cards with my new date on it! I found it all rather amusing. I then acted very excited because I am officially a Notary for another 5 years and I have all of my credentials to prove it! Then I leave and reality sets in... I am no different than I was before I walked in here.

The daily excitements and let downs... that's what it's seemingly all about anymore.