Gotta love America!

Well during my lunch excursion today I realized that as a nation we are forcing the whole holiday thing. I mean it's October 3rd and yes Christmas is around the corner, but let's get through Halloween and Thanksgiving. I mean we all take the seasons one at a time, but the holidays, no...... We have Christmas in July then it comes back again in September, October, November and December.

I went to the card store to pick up a few cards... I had to get a Thank You card for my client and a baby card for my sister-in-law who is going to have her baby next week Monday. I can't wait! I don't even get through the door and there are snowmen lined up side-by-side in the window saying buy me, buy me! Or wait, I heard one say... The sun is, out I am melting!!

So this is the order that I see the decorations in... As soon as you walk in there is a small display with fall type crap along with the Halloween stuff. Then all over the place is the Christmas stuff.

My big thing is around this time of year is enjoying each other and our families, not capitalizing your businesses. Christmas isn't about the gifts, it's about being with the ones you love. I could do without a single gift on Christmas as long as I am with family. As a result of this advertising in the stores so early we lose sight of Thanksgiving for example. We are too concerned with buying certian gifts. It's ridiculous anymore and I know I can't change the world... But my daughter tells me how much she loves Santa. Well I wonder why??? Because her father and her father's family spoils her rotten!! She gets everything she wants, plus a little more. I didn't grow up with Power Wheels and other motorized anything. I was lucky to have Barbies! So now we have built up an expectation level in our 4 year old daughter that she will be getting all sorts of things for Christmas.... Boy is she going to be surprised this year!

I guess I can officially end this rant... Thanks for making it through it!