Mis-adventure Saturday!

Well today I took my daughter to Zanesville, Ohio today to visit a client of mine. Her and I went down there to go horseback riding.

We left around 9AM this morning, stopped at the bank and grabbed a little breakfast... We hopped on the Ohio Turnpike and on our way we went... Well after about 35 minutes into the drive I realize, that oh crap, I overshot my exit from my directions provided to me online... So I take a bypass to get me back to the correct highway. Then I get back on track with the directions provided... I seemingly follow them until I get lost! And really lost! What should have been a 2.5 hour drive lasted me oh, about 4!!!

I was so irritated because we were clear in the country. No cell phone service at all, and coming from a city girl that is total culture shock!! So with no cell service, it was back to the 1800's and using a map! So I end up at a gas station and bought a map. The chick in there was like at least you have a map if you ever want to come back "here". I said well I am from "here". We are just passing through! She was talking to me as a tourist because I had my Packers sweatshirt on... Boy does it annoy me when people jump to conclusions, but she was really trying to be nice. I was just irritated because I didn't have a clue where I was!!

So I finally figure out where I have to be headed... I then call my client, Betsy and tell her that I am running just a smidge behind. She's so docile and is fine with it all. As in my previous post, I don't like being late to anything and this was bothering me like no other. So I am practically in tears telling her if she has any other plans we can turn around and try this some other time. I had been stuck in the middle of Amish country with the Amish Buggies! When Amish Buggies are around they always have the right of way, so I am always afraid that something is going to happen. My guard is extra high down there. So Betsy essentially walks me through Amish Country, thank god! There would have been no way for me to figure that out... The roads down there are so ass-backwards it’s not even funny!

Finally we end up pulling into their driveway, what a sigh of relief!! I am just paying attention to the gravel road and I look up and see this HUGE house on top of the hill! The house was stunning... We park and grab what we need and go to the front door. Betsy opens up the front door and what a beautiful home inside. All the oak accents were so pretty... Lots of trees went into that house. I could go on and on...

Betsy and her daughter take us outside and we start our tour of their 65 acre lot that their house sits on! Holy grass mowing going on!! We hop on their MULE, not to be confused with a 4-legged creature and begin our tour. We begin by seeing 9 horses, a mule, and a camel. Then we see cows and buffalo, and then we see miniature horses, llamas, goats, and lastly, peacocks, chickens and roosters! Talk about a zoo! But it was very well kept and you'd never know!

Emily then saddled up on Missy the horse pictured below... The other lady in the picture is Betsy, my client. Emily was a pro at riding! Betsy could not believe her intuition with the horses and what she had to do with them. She had suggested we try doing a 4-H club deal with her. She has a natural talent and she doesn't want to see her lose it. So I will be looking into it. Emily started to kick the horse to get it to go and knew the reign had to be on without ever riding a horse before. It was all very stunning to see her interest in these beautiful animals. The whole time Emily was on the small horse she wanted to be riding the big horses! So we obliged and put her bare back on the big horse, Tuffy (in a different post).

We then went to their office to have an official tour... We got to see all of their equipment they use for the excavation and sitework on the jobs they do. Then we saw their mangled Ford F-350 Dually that Betsy and Ron, her husband, were in an accident about 3 weeks ago. Ok these vehicles are approximately $50,000 and it was totaled! I couldn't believe the pile of metal... but thankfully the both of them are walking.

So we sat outside and BS'd for the remainder of our trip playing with all of the animals... We named a new kitten, Sofie because she was cute and Emily held her like an infant practically the entire time we were there. It then became dark and rather chilly out and I decided that we should leave so we could get home before midnight!

On our way home it only took me 2.5 hours, so I was pleasantly pleased!! I slept in until after 9 today which was nice, all of the fresh air got to me and put me out like a light!

So until we go to West Virginia for another trip this is the end of this one... Until we go back in the spring!

Emily in the MULE... She knew she had to buckle up!

Little Miss Emily riding on Missy!

Emily and Besty with Missy the horse...

Here's Emily again, showing her stuff!!

Someone thinks she's really cute or something, I may be a little partial!