I pity the fool...!!

Well it's official... I pity my daughter’s future husband!! This morning was bad in my house!! I wake up on time, but fell back asleep. It's dark out in the morning so I am having a hard time with the new time change coming. The days are getting shorter, sigh. So I get up and take my shower and then try to wake up my daughter... Holy crap is she crabbier than thou in the morning. She almost starts to growl and hiss while waking her up. I am tired! It's dark out! I don't have school today. Um, yes these are the things she's telling me... I then call her by her first and middle name and tell her to get her rear out of bed before I toss some cold water on you... Thankfully that worked.

I am putting in my contacts and preparing for work and I am headed downstairs, as I do every day. She then throws her self on the stairs behind me and says I wanted to follow you mom!!!! I said I can't exactly stand here in front of the windows butt naked! Come on!! I can't mom, I wanted to follow you. For the love child! Let's move it! I finally say I have to iron my clothes and I will be downstairs. She eventually came down, but wasn't all that happy. She got dressed and I finished my hair and make-up and we left.

All I can say is that thankfully she will end up married to one lucky man who will have to put up with her in the morning. She puts my crabbiness in the morning to shame! Maybe I will have some advice to share with him as I learn to figure her out!