Well... I did it!

Madison "Maddy" Nicole
October 10, 2005
7 pounds 6 ounces 21 inches

I am proud of myself... After waiting 9 agonizing months of being jealous of another pregnancy. I faced my fear of jealousy head on today. My niece was born today and I witnessed her birth and it was amazing!!! The day started off really slow at the hospital, but then all of a sudden the doctor came in and he was ready to go. I suited up in my surgical gear and away we went. I had to sit out until my sister-in-law was prepped for surgery with the spinal and all and I swear I was pacing like it was my own child being born. After waiting a good 20 minutes or more they called me in. What a rush... The nurse instructed me to not touch anything blue, when you are in an operating room, EVERYTHING is blue. So I couldn't touch anything. I was able to sit next to my sister-in-law and hold her hand and rub her head. She was so scared and I was awe struck by the entire experience. I kept peeking over the curtain to see what was going on. I saw the abdominal cavity, her uterus, and placenta. It was neat to see how the accounted for all of the instruments and supplies. They counted all of the gauze pads and scissors, etc. I swear they counted at least 20 times to make sure nothing was left behind. Finally, they break her water and they begin to push the baby out. Holy crap I thought they were going to break her ribs because the assisting doctor was bearing down on her so hard. After two long "pushes" my niece came out crying! My sister-in-law started to cry and I too began to cry out of happiness and joy of this miraculous occasion. I continue to hold my sister-in-laws hand for a few minutes and they tell me I can see the baby. I walk over to her and she's perfect! Ten fingers and ten toes! Amazing blue eyes and such cute cheeks! She was responding to my voice which was a rewarding feeling too. So after a few pictures I went back to see how my sister-in-law was doing and I showed her the digital pictures of her daughter. After my niece was born the tension in the OR decreased and I was able to watch them stitch my sister-in-law up. I should be a nurse or a doctor, because seeing what I saw was awesome!!

Here's me with my new favorite baby! I look like shit!!!

Well I am going to call it a night...