Yazeed Essa -- Captured

I am pleased to announce one of America's Most Wanted, Yazeed Essa, was captured yesterday in Cypress. Essa is known globally for the alleged killing of his wife Rosie. Essa has been on the run from authorities for 18 long months. I had a feeling things were getting close to an end. I just knew that Essa would screw up and make a "simple" mistake and be caught red-handed. Essa got sloppy, and when he got sloppy is when authorities where hot on his trail.

His game of hide and seek lasted too long. Rosie's family deserve the closure the court system will provide her family. Finally, her family can move on. They can morn their daughter, mother, sister and know that Essa will be behind bars for many years to come. While I have never met Essa, I hope that they throw the book at him.

Yazeed, your options to end your marriage were abundant. Divorce. Separation. Counseling. You chose the extreme. And now you don't have anything to show for it other than a one way ticket back to Cleveland and handcuff. May you suffer dearly for your mistakes.

To Rosie and her family, may you seek solace in a chapter now closed and a new one to begin. A new future, a new outlook. Rosie, may you rest in peace. May you watch over your loved ones from above and those who care about you. You deserved so much more. May God bless you and your family.

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