The future of our children...

I live about .5 miles away from Em's school. I drive her to school daily while risking being late to work. I have to drive in excess of speeds so I don't get fired. But I have to do what I have to do. I had asked the question if she could be bussed as she would have to cross two (2) highways to get there. The speed limits are in excess of 45MPH. I would have thought it would be a no brainer to make her an exception of the 2 mile radius rule since the highways have become a factor in her safety.

After speaking with the Superintendent (Super) of the school district, he denied her bussing. Saying we simply lived too close. I tried approaching her Principal and she sent a letter of recommendation along with my letter to her and both the Super and the Transportation guy denied her again. I am furious that there would be NO consideration for my child. The Super's resolution was to send her to his public elementary school. I said no. I pay taxes and pay for her private education. I said that the Super should be ashamed. If he cannot take into consideration our children why is he in that position? How can this man sleep with himself knowing he denied a child a safe means to get to school? I told them if I let her walk, just once, she'd never come home. I cried while saying it. It was hard for me to accept the ramifications of what they are suggesting to me. The Transportation director leveled with me for a moment and agreed he would not let his own children walk to school. I said did you tell the Super about that? Well kinda. WTF?

The high school children are left to find their own means to get to school. There is no bussing available to them either. Which is crap. I am sure the majority of these children are the ones in charge of finding an older student to befriend for a ride to school. I would imagine kids pack into their vehicles and they joyride to school. What would happen if a fatal accident occurred? It's simply bullshit that this system would deny our children, our future.

In light of all of this I have begun to make contact with local media to shed some light on the subject. With elections coming up, this could play a factor. I may have some extra pull, I hope. Normally I am a private person, but it is for my daughter, my family, and other children along with their families. I have to speak up, maybe more voices will be heard.

Wish me luck!