An inspiration... A mission... Yazeed "Yaz" Essa

As many of my regular readers know I have been trying to put some of my efforts to get the word out about Yazeed "Yaz" Essa.

I have received two comments from people who actually knew either Rosie or Yaz of the Essa family. The last one I received was from Rosie's godson, "Johnny". When I read the brief comment from "Johnny" I broke out in tears. His comment hit me that this "story" you read in the newspaper was real. What I saw on television was real. The victims of Rosie's family are real people living real lives trying to move on and pick up the pieces without her as a daughter, sister, wife and mother. Living and breathing human beings...

I can honestly say I have overlooked stories on the news, newspaper and dismissed the thoughts and feelings of families experiencing a hardship. Whether it being a missing persons case, a murder, drowning, etc. I figured that they weren't close to me, this would never happen to me, why should I care, what can I do about it? Well a flood of emotions came over me while reading the court documents on this case. For whatever reason, the court documents along with reading news articles made this even more real to me. And how malice the accused actions were and their children...

Rosie and Yaz's kids are going to grow up without their parents. I grew up without my father and after almost 24 years it has been very enduring to me. He passed away of natural causes so he wasn't stripped from my life the way Rosie was from her children. Her kids will have to go through every single milestone without their mother or father because he is on the run and one day soon, hopefully he will be in prison. I know the feeling, of going to school as a young child with your parental holidays (Mother's Day and Father's Day). I never had a father to physically bring with me to school. I always felt left out. I was made fun of in school because my father wasn't around. Fast forward to my senior year in high school... I graduated walked and took my diploma, the first person on my father's side of the family. And unfortunately, my father had to watch in spirit. My wedding, the birth of my daughter, my first home... He missed it all in the physical sense. I never had that chance to say good-bye, I love you... And I would assume Rosie's children didn't either. They won't have that, ever. It kills me that these innocent children will have to go without their entire lives wondering "what if" and try to dig in bowels of their memory banks to remember the simplest memory of their mother twenty years from now... It's hard for me to remember everything about my father, you lose touch of reality in a sense. I have been told that Rosie's children are in good hands, I do not deny it at all. Her children are surrounded by a loving family, I am sure. But I will assure you they will subconsciously miss their mother for the rest of their waking lives. I hope that counseling is in order for this children. I wish it was available to me. To have some sort of hatred towards their father for the accusations facing him.

I know I have readers all over the world, if you see him, please call your local government agency to report his sighting. Or contact America's Most Wanted via, this link.

It not only would mean the world to Rosie's family, but maybe, just maybe would let me rest about this. Some how I was destined to be so passionate about this family whom I have never met and they know absolutely nothing about me. This story has touched me more so than any other... It'd be safe to say touching is an understatement, it has molested my mind, body and soul. I often find myself thinking about them when I have a lull in my day. I too, hope that you think of Rosie and her children for a split second to be more aware of your surroundings... Maybe the person sitting next to you at a bar, restaurant, street, highway could be Yazeed... It could make a difference in many lives.

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