It's times like these...

Saturday night while watching the news I bursted out in laughter... There was a clip about a man who killed his live-in girlfriend with a microwave!!! Yes, you read right, a fucking microwave!!!

Who would ever think that they would meet the Pearly Gates by being beat to death with a microwave? Um, not me! Well I guess this poor woman, Mary McCann, 58 from Uniontown, Pennsylvania succumbed to her boyfriend, Walter S. Fordyce, 58. The reason you may ask?? She would not heat up sandwiches for him. What is this guy 3?? Are you that damn stubborn you can't heat up your damn sandwich yourself?

Here's an excerpt of the article I read...

After throwing her to the floor, Fordyce threw a microwave oven onto McCann's chest after she refused to heat up sandwiches for him, he told police. Fordyce also said he stomped on McCann's chest repeatedly then banged her head on the floor until she lost consciousness - but that he also said he didn't mean to kill her, police said.

"It was an accident. I didn't do it on purpose," police quoted Fordyce as saying.

Fordyce ran to a neighbor's house for help, but couldn't find anyone there to call 911, police said. After returning home and checking McCann for a pulse - and finding none - he went downstairs and drank a beer before going to another neighbor's home and asking them to call 911, police said.
What was wrong with this man upstairs?! First to beat her with an appliance, a heavy one to say the least, but then to leave her laying there?? Then to say I didn't do it on purpose?! Come'on now... I mean we all get upset, but to think I am so pissed I am going to beat her, with a MICROWAVE! You have to have some "pipes" to whale that one someone regardless of the size of the thing.

Really I am not trying to poke fun at the poor woman who lost her life... It is a comical news story due to the unbelievable reality that a microwave can be now known as a deadly object, much like a pair of finger nail clippers or a finger nail file.

My biggest question now lies with how most men as a generalization heavily rely on their woman do everything shy of wiping their ass for them. Get me this! Do that! Wash laundry! Clean the bathroom(s)! The list goes on and on... And without knowing much more about this article or situation, that is what it sounds like to me. This man is in the perfect age range, 58 to have been spoiled by all of his women throughout his life expecting them to do everything. Nowadays the men are almost required to do more than their normal 40 hours a week. Women are working full time jobs along with keeping up their homes and dammnit we need a break on occasion. Chip in on the work load so it's not so one-sided. But I am preaching to the choir on this point. I am really not trying to get all women's rights on you, but there is an underlying point there.

And in closing, I just wonder who's going to be the asshole to beat their loved one with a toaster or their beloved remote control...