I need(ed) a plumber!

One night this past week was an interesting one for me...

My hubby left early for work since he picked up some overtime... When he left I was finishing an all day long project I started... Organizing my office. To start I tore out all of the files I had in my 5 drawer filing cabinet. I haven't been the neatest person keeping all of it together because it was one of those, oh I will do it on a rainy day type deals. So the rainy days came and went and so did the paper.

I shredded two huge garbage bags of paper and overheated my shredder at least a dozen times. Yikes!

I sent the little one up to bed and the last time I overheated the shredder I went upstairs... I heard water running and I knew some little girl would be in a little trouble. Well I go in the bathroom and my shower faucet is running. I go to turn it off and it goes on even more! What the fuck is going on? I don't get it. I am no plumber by any stretch of the means and I can't figure out how to fix it. Next step... Frantically call the hubby. I call his cell and get voicemail. This story wouldn't be good unless I went through all means to reach him. I then call dispatch at the police department. Rule of thumb is, don't call unless you are dying. And in this case I was dying in the sense I couldn't figure out shit. He picks up the phone and I start hyperventilating and being able to get a word out... Studdering and all. Then he doesn't understand me and I begin to yell... He tells me to turn the water off to the house... All the while I just started a load of laundry for work the next morning and um, I don't know where the water thingy is to turn off. I begin a tantrum of yelling and crying because I am oblivious to my surroundings. You'd think living with a single mother she'd teach her two daughters to do the "manly" things, but noooooo! Why would she??

I am even more pissy as my lovely husband hung up on me and then calls back in about 5 minutes to tell me his father was on the way to our house. Well... I wanted him to come home, but dad will work! He's very smart and savvy in almost all home improvement stuff. It's nice to have him around as I never had my father here to help me with that sort of thing. So thanks dad for helping me cool it a bit.

Then the following night I clog my garbage disposal because a piece of onion got in there that I didn't know about!! UGGGGHHHHH! Calgon take me away!!

I seriously need to learn how to do more manly things in my house! Good thing I know how to use a screwdriver!