Rest in Peace Detective Schroeder

Today Cleveland buried a hero.... I mourned a man I have never met. I cried tears of literal pain for a family that I know nothing of or about. I feel absolute sorrow for a wife and mother of a slain officer that walked the fine blue line of being a police officer. The reality is, every man and woman who takes the oath to "serve and protect" could be the one in that casket.

I logged online to see some very touching photos which tore my heart apart. To see a community come together to grieve for A.J. was very touching. As I am one of the people who knew nothing of him other than he was a police officer.

A.J. was escorted buy one police car in front of his hearse and four motorcycle units surrounding his vehicle. There were motorcycles surrounding the families vehicles and the procession in a number rumored to be upwards of 500 police units. On the overpasses fire trucks draped the American flag down in honor of A.J. Officers on duty pulled on the side of the highway standing outside of their vehicle saluting Detective Schroeder for one last time. Firefighters were standing on their rigs paying their respects as well, saluting a brother in blue.

There was over 1,000 law enforcement officers in attendance for the privately held ceremony in downtown Cleveland. The church was packed and the service was held over loud speaker so the remaining attendees could listen to the two hour ceremony outside.

Detective Schroeder is headed to Pittsburgh were he will finally be put to rest on Friday.

Amy and Eric, I may not know you, but my heart goes out to you and your family. It is devastating news and your husband will be sorely missed. One day you will be reunited with your hero, our hero. May God bless you and yours.