40 Year Old Daughter...

I got a call from Em while she's away in Florida with her grandparents for the week...

Here's our conversation...

M- Hi kiddo! How are you?

E- Good mom...

E- We are at Disney!!

M- Is that right?? Wow, you are lucky!

E- It's 86 degrees here and sunny.

M- Wow... you are lucky!

M- It's very cold here and it's been snowing!

E- (In an enthusiastic voice) Like the North Pole?? (Sure...e are Polar Express bound!)

M- Something like that!!

M- How have you been feeling doll? (She has/had strep throat)

E- Good, Grandma gave me my cough medicine and she gave me some of my prescription.

E- We are going to have dinner with Mickey Mouse at the Disney Castle on Tuesday!!

M- How exciting!! You tell Mickey that mommy says hello!!

M- Oh and Em... tell Grandpa GO STEELERS!!!

Yes, my daughter enunciated prescription at 4 years of age! I am so proud!