What is wrong with people??

Ok, as I sit here today wondering what the day will bring... I am totally annoyed!! I was supposed to have a Fraternal Order of Police meeting tonight and I call our President this morning as I do every time before a scheduled meeting, because she doesn't have her shit together... She goes on to tell me; oh we aren't having the meeting tonight or tomorrow at the lodge hall. Um, what the fuck? Do you realize that people have lives and families and set aside time to do things like this?? I could have had plans tonight other than the F.O.P., but nooooo! GRRR! That pisses me off. So now, we are supposed to meet Wednesday or Thursday next week. I hope I will be able to go because I have prior engagement for 7 weeks on Thursday nights. And I will be sure to speak my mind about contacting others in advance about schedule changes. Hell in the land of e-mail, voicemail, etc., there's no excuse!

I am totally anal when it comes to planning. I am not to the point of regimenting my schedule by the minute, but I just want to know what the hell I am doing is all!!!